Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Painting and Enjoying the Autumn Weather....

Did you think I fell in a hole?!! I didn't think it had been very long since I posted but when I looked I was surprised. So here I am checking in with you....and telling you that I wish I could say I've spent the entire time doing art but I haven't!

The past few days have been interesting. HB got a lay-off from the job he was on so for all intents and purposes he is retired! So having him home sort of curtailed my art. We were running around and he did some work in the yard while I did some inside. It's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out!

Today I went to the studio and it is a MESS....but I decided to paint anyway. I've been a little bit stuck on our last assignment from Mystele so I thought if I did something, anything, that maybe it would help.

Here's what I did....I'm calling it "Sunday Best"....

I was trying to work from a different perspective. This isn't exactly what I had in mind but I like it.


The weather has changed and it's finally cool. You may have heard on the news that some areas are bracing for mudslides but we aren't in any danger from that. They are most concerned with the mountainous areas that burned recently. Yesterday when I went out this is what it looked like....

Pretty much the same today. Sorry about the weird angle....I was driving and trying to snap a picture! Luckily there weren't many cars on the road!!!!


  1. Hi!
    I just stopped by to catch up, and as usual, I love what you've been doing. I think we're always more critical of our own work. Your ladies are lovely!

    I hope you don't take photos while driving very often! Enjoy your husband's retirement.

  2. Love this lady Janet there is something special about her.

  3. I love your lady also, she reminds me of so ladies I saw on a sunday afternoon in a restaurant here and you just knew they had come from church. Don't see hats on women near enough these days.

  4. I love your Sunday Best painting! Great colour choices too.

    I hope all will pan out okay with your hubby's early retirement.

    A cool change would be nice. We are just getting hotter and hotter here with a dust haze expected later today. I'm so not looking forward to that because I'm still dealing with bronchial asthma after the last dust storm three weeks ago. :(

  5. Love your new painting. The hat is fabulous! And those red lips. Oooh, your landscape is so pretty. We're raining here too. I love it!

  6. Oh, this is one of my favorites! I love the hat and the way you have her posed! Very classy!

  7. Oh, I like her! And she's wearing my favorite turquoise! Are you doing these on canvas or W.C. paper, can't remember if you said. You need to move into a loft so you can display all your lovely things of late.

    We've had so much rain here in TX. that some folks are sick of it, but not me. I'd rather be wet from rain than sweat! I found mushrooms in the yard yesterday. No of course I am not going to eat them...just take photos.

  8. Perhaps hubby can take up painting, too! I like your latest creation. It's very Kentucky Derby or Del Mar-ish. Glad your weather has cooled off. Same here, though no rain to speak of has fallen.

  9. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I commented on the other site but to say it again...this is lady is great!!!

  10. hi, janet. Good for you for overcoming being "stuck." beautiful painting. thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Janet, I need to know when you will be out on the road...so I can avoid the area LOL LOL!
    I think this is my most favorite of all your paintings. YupI love it. Sharon

  12. Sunday Best! excellent.....I love her. Was this one pulled? gosh..I am chomping at the proverbial bit to take Mystele's class haha! We are supposed to get a bit of rain and a cool front coming this weekend. Yeeehaw, a cool front. so it will only be in the 80s instead of 90s and 100s.

  13. I really like this painting, Janet. The colors and the perspective are fresh and happy, she looks like she should be in a Madeline book!

  14. Your post was so interesting. The same thing happens to me every week. My husband is retired, although he does some volunteer safety training and umpiring. Well, umpiring just ended last night, but the safety training will continue. There are days when I am blissfully alone, left to do the things I love. Then other days, I never get to my art because we have outings and adventures together (or I just can't get going.)
    It's nice to have the variety. I just have to be flexible.
    I love your latest painting; it's very "refined" looking - a tribute to another era.

  15. Bad girl. I drive and shoot too. LOL.

    Love your little painting. Very Madeline. Sweet.

  16. Looking a bit gloomy outdoors in your neck of the woods. Well, your colorful paintings brighten things up! I'm a tad envious of your time to practice and play!

  17. Hi Janet - I am playing catch-up - I'm sorry HB got laid off - I hope you're borh enjoying his retirement. I've wondered before how that will play out someday in our own house - I'm not too worried, since I got used to K being home after his surgery, and then had to readjust when he went back to work...
    I LOVE this painting! There is something so peacefully wistful about it - or is it wistfully peaceful? Either way I love the colors, all of it!


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