Thursday, October 22, 2009

So Many Classes, So Little Time!

You'll all love to hear that I've made peace with myself over finding my style. Hopefully I won't be whining anymore about all of that! I realized that to box myself into a style was not going to help me so I'm going to paint in whatever style I feel like at the moment. You may see me doing all kinds of crazy things but that's ok because it will be how I'm feeling at the moment.

As for techniques, several of you have sent me help along those lines so I'll be practicing and practicing and trying to get better at painting.

All the classes I'm taking this month are moving right along. Julie's Super Nova journaling class is almost finished and I've learned some very cool techniques from her. One of these days I'll get back to journaling and I'll be able to "amaze" you with my pages!

I'm also taking (not participating in!) the photo journaling class with Lori Kay Ludwig. Since I wanted to take this class but don't really have the time right now, I'm making lots of notes so that later I can go back and actually do the lessons.

And then there's Gut Art with Mystele....that class seems to be taking most of my time right now simply because I'm learning so MUCH from her and the other members. The field trips are really a fantastic way to learn about myself and what I like, and it's also a bit surprising, too.

Yesterday I worked on a background using various prompts that I had written out for myself....and I saw the necklace and her neck first....

This afternoon I put some light washes of color on her. Do you think she needs more color? I sort of like how the background still shows through especially on her face....

So that's what I've been up to the past couple of days. I also want to say thank you to everyone who left me such amazing comments lately! A couple of them almost made me cry they were so nice. I know I'm still behind in visiting and I keep saying I'm going to catch up but I haven't yet! This month is proving to me almost more than I can handle especially with the added part of having HB home all the time. Please, please, please don't give up on me! I promise when these classes are over I'll have more time to visit. I know I don't deserve to have all you wonderful friends dropping by to see me when I'm not doing the same. If you can tell me how to add more hours to each day I'd love to hear it....until then I'm doing my best to drop in from time to time.


  1. Oh WOW! I love the colors and how they show through her face. Is that a stencil that you used for the circle necklace? You really do need to think about making some prints of all these lovely faces you have been doing. I can't even seem to get a journal page done if hubby is around, and here you keep getting stuff done even with HB home more. You are a wonder woman, I swear!

  2. Janet I love your style in what ever creativity you are involved in. I love your heart and thank you for sending the card! Love and light aNNa xo

  3. I love her and I like how the background shows ... I like layers upon layers. Fun!

  4. I think painting and doing art according to your mood makes perfect sense, almost all of us have more than one person living inside us and how you paint or journal will depend on which one of us is in charge that day. The great thing is to enjoy your art and have fun.
    PS Your crow card is still sitting on my sideboard, I love it so much:)

  5. Way to go JanetI knew you would getit eventually.
    I love the background showing through her face as well.
    You don't have to drop by my blog every day 'cos I'll still love you anyway.

  6. She's beautiful. It is amazing how she seems to just appear from no place. And as for your 'style,' I love all that you do and if you just have to put a label on it, then I'd say it the Janet Style!

  7. I love her just the way she is, personally! You keep on amazing me with all the wonderful juicy creativness you have! are an incredible artist and as I always will inspiration to me. You got me started on a brand new path of art. Love and Peace..Pam I have been painting up a storm!

  8. Janet, your style is great! In any way you express it. YOu have a masterful use of color -- and I'm glad you've come to terms!

  9. you have an interesting way with color and texture! -Jayne

  10. One more comment (maybe lol, I'm catching up!) I love the background showing through. She is wonderful. I really, really want to take this class. Mystele is so awesome as a person and as an artist. I'm going to watch for her to offer it again. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying watching you all take it.

  11. I am just loving how creative you are right now. It totally amazes me. As I look at your paintings I am thinking "She needs to check into getting into a gallery." I truly think your Art would sell!


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