Sunday, November 08, 2009

Getting Arboreal Part II

Sunday afternoon....the football game is on in the family room, HB is outside working on the patio, and I've been straightening up the studio. It's just a lazy kind of day. We're having beautiful weather....sunny and in the low 70's during the day but it gets chilly at night. Perfection!

I know in most parts of the country autumn colors are almost gone but ours are just beginning. Julie started the "Getting Arboreal: A Nature Collection" back in August. At that time I posted a photo of one of the trees in our backyard....

The photo above was taken on August 25th and here is the same tree today....

and a close-up....

You can just see the leaves are starting to turn color. This tree will be a gorgeous deep red/burgundy color and I can see it when I look out the sliding doors on the back of the house. I love this tree! It's a raywood ash.


It was just too pretty today to stay inside so after working in the studio for awhile I decided to do some spray painting. Just playing's where I was working....

I pulled my work table over under one of the apple trees so I could enjoy the sunshine. Not the best photo but I think you can see it ok. That box on the table holds some of my stencils and the blue box on the ground holds some of my spray paint. There was just a little breeze today so it was good for spraying. Here are a couple of the sample pages I did....

These are just backgrounds. I'll probably do more to them at a later time. Mostly I was just experimenting and enjoying the day.

I hope you're having good weather, too. Happy Sunday!!!


  1. It has been gorgeous today. Did the wash, made eggplant parmesan, and we walked around the neighborhood for about an hour. YeeHawww! Your backgrounds look grand.

  2. Experimenting and enjoying the day was in order here as well...I love how your tree is changing, Janet! Thank you again for playing along with us. xo

  3. Amazing how all the trees are at different cycles at the same time. Love the subtle change in color of your tree so far. And love the bold colors of your own backgrounds too!

  4. I am loving the colors of the journal pages. Looks like you had a lovely, semi-lazy day! It doesn't get better than that!

  5. Everything is full of colors today. Your tree, your artwork and the wonderful world. Love everyone's posts of their trees. You must take a picture when it's in full color bloom before she sheds her leaves!

  6. Your tree looks so pretty changing colors, and your pages look so pretty too! We had perfect weather this weekend. Painting under your apple tree sounds like the perfect thing to do in this weather. Enjoy!

  7. Yesterday was beautiful here too!
    Your tree is going to look gorgeous. Be sure to post another pic when it gets really red!

  8. What a wonderful week-end it was every where I think! Love to see how your tree is changing. Our trees have changed and are rapidly falling. I have battled the leaves all week-end. Love the pages that you stenciled. I am going to try the spray paint/stenciling next summer.
    Have a lovely Monday!

  9. I love your tree and especially love how you captured her top changing colors first! What a "frost job" the gal has! I bet she is beaufitul in full hues.

  10. Now that's a glorious work day! The backgrounds are wonderful. I'm a tad envious you still have leaves on the trees. We have a few. A very few!

  11. Great backgrounds, I love the colors. Glad you had some good painting weaher.I followed that link and found some neat looking classes coming up the first of the year.Hmmm?

  12. Your journal pages are really pretty. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with them. What a lovely place to do your art. I love the changing colors of your tree. Great view!!!
    Happy Monday, Mary
    Our leaves are on the almost all on the ground now.

  13. It has been wonderful here also.
    70's and nice..The color is just about gone here. Nice pages to start with.
    Take care,

  14. I love how your tree has the first blush of color!! Oh to have that weather to be outside spraying!!

  15. It is actually cool outside for the first day here in
    Florida. Great trees.

  16. I haven't been around for a while. The internet highway keeps sending me down new roads but I try not to forget my way to all the others I've been down. I really enjoyed seeing your backyard. It looks very California to me and I am always missing California. I don't really remember where you are but that's what it looks like. Your spray painting looks terrific! Wow. I want to do some of this. Are you using cans of spray paint or bottles of crafting spray paints? These are terrific pages.

  17. That tree is gorgeous! It's rare to see seasonal changes in trees here in South East Queensland.

    Your journal pages are gorgeous too, Janet, and what a beautiful spot to work on the purples!

  18. great job getting the same shot! i like how you included your journals...i, too, have enjoyed the collaboration...

  19. Hi Janet,
    Your tree photos are lovely. I am very jealous of your warm, sunny weather. We have had 50 degrees and a little sun. It's still pretty, but the days are so short.
    The backgrounds you have created are so full of color! It's like a feast for the eyes.
    Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.


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