Friday, November 06, 2009

Waiting For Junk Mail to Arrive!!!

Do you get excited when the mail arrives? Do you look for letters, cards, and packages or are you like me and rush to see what kind of great junk mail you've received! I love when we get junk mail! It used to irritate me like crazy but now that I've discovered that I can USE it in my art....well, it can't come fast enough for me!

Yesterday we received a wonderful pamphlet from our local college....8" x 10", printed on fairly thick paper, a total of eight pages. I grabbed it quick as a wink and ran upstairs to the studio.

Slapped on some paint, glued down some papers along the edges and I'm on my way with another art journal! And it was free....the best kind. I also like any kind of junk mail that folds out, or is a large postcard size. I keep them all!

Here are some of the pages I've done so far....they aren't finished yet, only the backgrounds but they will be fun to work on....

I'll probably add more to the yellow pages but they're off to a good start.

I like the brighter, darker colors on these two pages.

The blue pages might get some more layers, too but for now I'm stopping. I like to work on something for a little bit and then stop and think about something else. Then when I go back it's with fresh eyes and I can see what I need to do next.

Of course, after working on these, plus a few other things, my studio looks like this now....

And this is my work table!

You can see that I have one clear area on the floor that goes between the two tables. I keep that clear so I can move back and forth and don't fall over something and break my neck! The rest of the floor is usually covered with stuff I've pulled out to use. Soon I'll have to take a day and put it all away so I can start all over again.


On a completely different subject, have you tried these....

I saw these recently on Oprah and had to try them. They are meat-free and delicious! If I didn't know better I'd think they were chicken....even the texture! The bbq skewers were my least favorite only because they have more of a beef texture and flavor but they were still pretty good. If you don't eat meat these are a wonderful substitute. They are made by Gardein and you can find out more here.


  1. I to look forward to junk mail, just to see what I can do with it. I am loving the backgrounds

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I know what you mean about junk mail...I'm getting to be a fanatic about it...saving those security envelopes with the windows, all kinds of cardstock weight advertisments, etc. There is usually something everyday that can be used. I like your art journal pages...think I'm going to get back to working in mine too.

  3. I love how you ran with that junk mail.

  4. I am always looking for something I can use when the mail comes. Have we all become JUNK MAIL JUNKIES...I know I have. And like
    joyfulploys, I keep the envelopes with the windows. I call it being green....TEE HEE!
    Love your background pages, I am still thinking about the journal making. But for now I have Christmas stuff to start working on.....But this year I will have fun from my girls.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  5. I can see plenty of space on your floor Janet--my Stephen stands at the door and hands me in a cuppa he reckons it's not worth the danger to step inside the room.

  6. Hi Janet, I too love some junk mail. I like the way you put this pamphlet to work. It looks like a fun way to create your journals.

  7. You're not only talented but you are smart, too! I'll look of the dinners, too. Sounds good.

  8. Well Janet another idea I had not thought of, I am going to look at my mail with different eyes from now on, thanks. I have gotten so many great ideas from reading your blog.

  9. I love the junk mail too, and glean several things to use each day. Finally got hubby trained to save his envelopes for me as well, by opening them more carefully. I would be very happy if my studio stacks looked like yours after fact I'd be happy if mine looked like that BEFORE working. LOL Love the way you painted over that booklet.

  10. Hi Janet. I'm glad you stopped by. I just started back up about a week ago. It's good to be back :). I never thought of re-using junk mail. It puts a whole new perspective on it. Now I will definitely take a more selective look at it.

  11. Now I've heard everything! I never thought I'd find anyone who enjoyed getting junk mail but I suppose it all depends, as do so many things, on how you look at it:):)
    Haven't been commenting much lately, life has been busy, hope you and HB are both enjoying his retirement.

  12. Three cheers for junk mail! Well done!

  13. Oh YES Bring on the holiday catalogs!

  14. Oh my gosh Janet! You have opened my eyes to a whole new artscape! Now I know what to do with those "books" I get from Geico, AAA's Going Places, and even Blue from BCBS. Books, Books, Books!!! I'll just let these big companies provide me with journals. Question: they are glossy. Will they hold paint well or do I need to do something first...gesso maybe? I will be waiting for the mailman now. Um...I get lots of other junk mail too. Want me to forward it to you? LOL xoxoxoxo

  15. I will never look at junk mail in the same way again! Too bad I can't somehow use it with what I do. If you'd like, I can mail mine to you!

    I'll look for those Gardein meals. I remember the first time I ate a Boca burger and it made me sick because, though it didn't really taste like beef, it looked like it. I got over it though and now love them.

    Love all you are doing with your junk mail!


  16. Oh BOY OH Boyo ! yuo are full of good stuff today! Love your junk mail recycle! and I am going t o look for the veggis meals because I a ma veggie head!

  17. Woo Hoo your junk mail art is fab!
    So funny how alot of us save junk mail. Usually it is on good quality paper. Save the planet!
    Reuse and recycle!

  18. I laughed when I saw your studio. The floor of mine is covered with knitted items being blocked with just enough room for me to get to my desk without stepping on them (or pins).

    Love the junk mail idea!

  19. I had to laugh at your studio mess. Mine looks like that most of the time too. But I always say, I don't think I could create if my studio was too clean. Great idea for the junk mail. You make me look at it alot differently,,thanks!

  20. I SO wish my studio and work table were as neat as yours. I don't see how you do it? You're more productive than I am, you have a "messier art" than I do. But you're so tidy!

  21. Oh noooo, I just can't go saving or collecting anything else...NOOOOO...that said, it is a great idea and pretty inexpensive too. I put so much mail into recycling, but my studio just can't take much more! Yours looks more organized than mine...but the messier they are the more creative we who cares?!

  22. I will never look at junk mail the same again, Janet. What a creative way to use it! Btw, I LOVE those blue pages just as they are.

    Thanks for the food tip! I'm vegetarian so I can only hope this brand finds its way to Australia. :)


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