Tuesday, December 01, 2009

How I Named My Blog Day....

Another post without art! Pretty darn boring, huh! So today I'll tell you a little story. Jeanie wrote a post about how she named her blog. She is participating in How I Named My Blog Day, started by Ruth. After reading her story I decided to play along.

If you've been a long-time reader of my blog you know it has had more than one name. When I first began blogging it was named "Just Bee-cause" I chose that name because my little blog was created mostly so I could go around and comment on other blogs I liked. Since my initials are JKB I decided to use Bee-cause as the spelling. I never dreamed that I would actually get readers! It remained "Just Bee-cause" for almost two years.

Then I decided that it didn't say anything about me so I tried to think of another name. I ended up using "The Lavender Loft" but I was never happy with that one. I used Lavender because you all know my love of anything purple. Then I tried to think of something "artsy" to go with that and Loft was the only thing I could come up with....like an artist's loft. That name hung around for almost another year.

Then I finally came to the conclusion that since "The Lavender Loft" really didn't fit either I would name it again! This time I simply called it "Just Me and My Art" which is what my blog is all about....well, most of the time. It's plain and simple like me; straight and to the point which is how I like things; and it's easy to remember. I'm probably going to stick with this name....at least for now!

Names are interesting in all forms. I've written about my name here and then again here. I've often tried to come up with another name for myself but nothing seems to fit....not even Janet! I don't have much in common with this Janet....

Or with this one....

(I was able to add some photos from online so this post isn't completely naked!!)

If you could change your name, would you? And if so, what would it be?


  1. Oh Janet - The pictures are just too clever. Now you have me thinking of why the name on my blog came about...hmmm......


  2. I was supposed to be named Katie, so I would probably change it to that.

  3. NO...I wouldn't change my name.I was named after a nurse who took care of my father when he was shot with a machine gun in WWII. So I feel kind of honored to share her name.

  4. Janet, I'm so glad I read your post! Because on my blog roll, I think I still have you listed as "Lavender Loft" and of course I've seen the change, but never processed I had to, too!

    Thanks for playing along! I'll tell Ruth!

  5. It has taken me 66 years to finally like the name Werna so I guess I would never change it. I was suppose to be a boy and mother wanted to name me Waren????
    I must add here I like your blog name,I do think you are "to the point" but never plain or simple...
    not to bring back bad memories or anything but I think "Jake" fits you. Ok, are we still friends?

  6. Funny photos, esp. love the Psycho one. Well, growing up as Barbara Anne, what do you think? Yikes...those Beach Boys ruined my teen-age years and beyond. My Dad is named Bernard and Mom wanted to name me Bernadette, but Pop said no,cause he didn't like his name. He named me Barbara, my grandma's name was Anne, so there came the middle name. Who knew there would always be 3 Barbara Annes in every room I ever walked into for the rest of my life. Ha Ha

  7. Fun reading about your blog name's history, Janet. As for mine - a co-worker/friend nicknamed me tinker several years ago, 'cause I was always tinkering around with stuff, trying to get it to work or look right. So when it came to the blog name, I thought - what I really want is to tinker around with my art till it looks the way I want it too. I should have - but didn't - realize at the time, that other people would think of that other Tinker. Doh! I changed its name to 'tinkerings,' hoping that would make it more clear - that it was mainly about stuff - art or whatever - I was messing around with - but I don't know if that suits it better or not. It feels right most of the time - I don't know what else I'd call it at this point. As for my everyday name, I'd really have to ponder that...

  8. Anonymous3:19 PM

    My blog is a play on on words...I was thinking about what to name it and this just popped into my brain..."make a joyful noise unto the Lord" and then the thought..."joyful ploys", not noise. As far as my name goes, think I'll stick with it, it was one of my grandmother's name.

  9. Loved the entry - glad I found you through Ruth.

    I mentioned in the comments to my post that I once considered a change in my blog name - I varnish boats for a living and write, so I thought "Varnished Wood and Unvarnished Words". Clever, but I decided to stay with "The Task at Hand" - it fits, and I'm happy with it. Clever doesn't always last.

    We're nearly the same age - I'm 63. Isn't it wonderful to find what we love doing, and do it?

    Now I'm off to see your other blog.

  10. Anonymous6:59 PM

    This is a very intersting topic - blog naming and like yours mine to has gone thru a few name changes, I was actually thinking of doing a rename in the new year... I will see. Great post even if there was no arty treat to go with it!

    Krissie @ Winterwood blog

  11. I love your ever-changing blog and its name. I don't think I would ever change my name. I've always loved it. :-P

  12. I think this one fits perfect.
    I would also like to rework my blog and do some changes. Be glad when you get your computer, so we can see some of your art.

  13. hmmm... I never really like my name all that much. I jst wish my name was..Aries!

  14. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Well, Janet, even if you change the name again, I would come by! When I began following you, it was Lavendar Loft...I like the title to my blog.."Time for a Bucket List", as that is just what is happening in my life...I am doing the things that I earmarked for later...*smile*...Again, thanks for stopping by...

  15. I've had other blogs...first one being Hand of Enchantment....it never felt like it fit. I then started a whole new one Heart of the Nest which would have been a good name if it was all about the home I think. Imagination Cafe was my art blog and if truth be told I kind of wish I'd kept it- but oh well. Names are funny things, especially for a blog or a business because you may become known for the name all the while knowing you'd like to change it. I am so fickle that way.
    As for my own name...I often wished it was something else but hey, after all these years I can't imagine answering to anything else.
    Interesting to think about though.
    I've been very scarce around blogland...just know it's nothing ever personal!

  16. Janet, this is one remarkable thing about blogs, we get to do just about anything we want. Such freedom! Such fun! Such pressure!

    I still like my blog name, but sometimes I wish my URL was different. "synchronizing.blogspot.com" wasn't available, so I used my name and my birthdate. Only my family called me "Ruthie" before, but now that it's in my URL, blog friends call me that too, and it makes me feel cozy and close.

    Thank you for participating in How I Named My Blog! It's fun to see the ripples go out around the blogosphere.

  17. The whole time growing up I use to want to be named Brenda,,ha! I don't know why now as I like my name better. My real name is Elizabeth, after my Nanny and Aunt and several decades of women on my Mom's side of the family. Fun post, Janet!

  18. I love the name LuLu! lol but I don't think I would change it! I love lavender and bathe with that scent and I remember my dreams every day of my life...that's how I came up with my blog name. Oh, and I live in a purple house! heehee! You would love it!

  19. I used to hate my name when I was in primary school but, after high school, I came to really like my name which is quite uncommon here in Australia so no, I don't think I'd change it. I tend to like uncommon or unusual names now.

    I enjoyed your post, Janet, and I think your latest blog name is very apt. :)

  20. Hi Janet! This is Diane Salter from Mystele's class. I didn't know you had a blog--I'm so glad. I'm going to follow you now :)

  21. This was fun, I can't believe I came into your life so long ago.
    I will have to think about how I came to be.
    Happy everyday, Mary
    I sleep!

  22. I love my name! I think it sounds pretty and looks pretty on paper. It is not too common but also not too rare. And I was named after a very special lady, my Grandma. As for my blog name, I knew it would have to have the word Celtic in it, because I feel such a connection to my Celtic ancestors. It started out as Celtic Woman but I was always getting confused with the women's singing group of the same name.


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