Saturday, December 05, 2009

It's Beginning to Feel a Little Like Christmas....

Gee, didn't you just know when I said the computer was supposed to be back by Tuesday that I was dreaming! Here it is Saturday and still no I fear the bill is going to be about $500!!

I could have bought a new one for that but I had to fix the old one because there's stuff on there that we need....and it's the "on" button that's broken. Technology is such fun especially when you haven't got a clue about things and people take advantage of your ignorance.

So today we're trying to get in the Christmas spirit. We're putting up the tree in the living room....maybe the one in the family room too.

The wind is howling today but it's sunny and bright. I think we may get some rain next week so yesterday HB and I went to get our firewood. We loaded it, brought it home, unloaded it and stacked it all very neatly. I have photos but can't show you yet. Look out when I get my other computer will get sick of seeing all the photos I have stored up!

Not much going on in the studio. Still just making lots of backgrounds. I have a couple of classes coming up mid-month. I signed up for this class and also for this one.

Hopefully my computer will be back by then so I can share the photos along the way.

Ok, HB is almost finished setting up the tree so my job begins....the decorating of it. Guess I better get busy. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll have my computer back by the time I post again.


  1. Waiting can be hard,our computers are so important to us. Blogging of course, but also keeping in touch with family. My sister Sharon lives in Missiour. I am on Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family all the way to Germany.
    Tonight we are going to a Christmas party. It's the first of many gatherings. Last year we didn't go to anything because Arney's leg was hurting so far this year we are both good. I finished the big stockings, the mittens, the angels, and now to bag candy and so on that will also go on the tree. I feel really good to have these things done. We will have 20 here for Christmas eve. Hugs, Mary

  2. Hi Janet!
    Have fun decorating your tree. My hb is getting ours tomorrow.
    Hope you computer gets home soon. Have to check out the classes you are taking. Cold and rainy here today!

  3. Janet,

    I hope you get your computer soon. More classes huh. I think I have to take a break from that for awhile.


  4. Anonymous4:39 PM

    yep, decorating the tree is MY job too!

    Krissie @ Winterwood

  5. Waiting is always hard! Hope your computer is home soon. I've signed up for Lori's paper class and I've taken all her photo classes...just haven't been able to do much with them -- too much going on here. But I go to class, take notes and do a lot of printing! I'm fascinated by the *sewing* class you've signed up for and trying to decide -- oh my! If I can't get anything done now, I surely wouldn't get anything done if I added another class!

  6. oh shoot, Janet- get the computer back pronto! xo

  7. Can't wait to see the photos! I just this week bought a laptop for my artroom--I love it already!

  8. Hope your up and running soon. The classes sound fun. I am going to try and keep myself from committing to anything new and get some of my dozens of half finished projects done - I have about 4 watercolors I have yet to finish and I have to get my favs matted.

  9. Fingers crossed. Can't wait to see all the pics when you get it back!

  10. i stop on your post and like what you talk about.
    we dont do any christmas tree because we live into hot island. so for christmas eve, it will be a pic nic at the beach

  11. its just starting to be festive here~all the villages around the forest have their lights up and the forestry commission are selling trees~we shall go down in a week or two to buy ours.

  12. Hi Janet just a little tip for next time. Get a power bar and turn your computer off at the bar, it will save all your on/off buttons....

    Must run, like you doing holiday stuff!!

    Hugs Sherrie

  13. Sorry to read about the computer bill Janet!
    Fortunately I only use mine for fun, so if necessary I can replace it without losing anything.
    Have fun decorating the tree, I shall be back late to see photos.
    big hugs


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