Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Look Back at My Year....

Yesterday I saw Kate had looked back over the past year and listed her accomplishments. I thought it was a great idea so I decided to do the same thing. I have to admit that Kate had a lot more accomplishments than I have but here are some of mine....along with some art from each month. You've already seen all this art before so I hope it isn't boring to see it again.


1. Learned to use my new camera
2. Did a drawing every day
3. Participated in One World One Heart giveaway
4. My daughter moved away


1. Continued to do a drawing every day
2. My blog turned three years old
3. I "went" to the Academy Awards with Matt Damon (in my dreams!)
4. My son went back to Alaska after spending 2.5 months with us


1. Took a Prompt a Day art journal class with Kelly Kilmer
2. Created a page in my art journal every day of the month
3. Took the Texture and Layering class with Gary Reef
4. Carved stamps for the first time


1. Took the stencil/spray paint class with Mary Ann Moss
2. Continued doing a page in my art journal every day of the month
3. Made my own stencils for the first time


1. Took the 30 Day Art Challenge with Gary Reef and made art every day for 30 days
2. Took Graffiti Chic class with Alisa Burke
3. Continued doing a page in my art journal every day of the month (in addition to the 30 Day Art)
4. Took Layer Love class with Julie Prichard


1. Created a page in my art journal every day of the month
2. Changed the look of my blog and went from The Lavender Loft to Just Me and My Art
3. Began painting faces


1. Took a Prompt a Day art journal class with Kelly Kilmer
2. Created a page in my art journal every day of the month
3. I participated in a special commemorative book for Michelle Ward
4. Took Fantasy Altered Book class with Patty at River Bend Ranch


1. Took a Prompt a Day art journal class with Kelly Kilmer
2. Created a page in my art journal every day of the month
3. Participated in Getting Arboreal with Julie Prichard
4. Finally got around to doing the "I Am From" poem
5. Took Art Journaling Super Nova I with Julie Prichard
6. Took Stitched and Stenciled class with Mary Ann Moss


1. Turned 66 years young
2. Did my first "pulled art" paintings
3. Took Point and Shoot Journaling class with LK Ludwig
4. Took Art Journaling Super Nova II with Julie Prichard


1. Took Gut Art class with Mystele
2. Created several paintings and experimented with my style

1. Definitely fell off the art wagon this month!


1. Not much art again this month....I was sick for a couple of weeks
2. Began Remains of the Day scrappy journal class with Mary Ann Moss
3. Began the Painted Patterned Printed journal class with LK Ludwig
4. Joined SuziBlu's Angel group

It seems that I start out strong and then fizzle out near the end!! I hope that doesn't happen in 2010. I'm hoping to do art every single day in the new year.


  1. You put me to shame. You most certainly filled 2009 with so much creative and wonderful projects. I can hardly wait to see what 2010 has instore with you. Happy New Year friend. Sharon

  2. what a marvelous year full a beautiful go girl!!!

  3. Gosh Janet I am exhausted from just reading all of that you have done.
    You have grown so much this year in your art and 2010 will be even better I am sure.

  4. Wonderful look at your year! Beautiful art! Here's to 2010!

  5. Happy new year, Janet! You have a really nice list here...I loved reading it.

  6. Wow, Janet--I'd say that you've accomplised alot. I loved looking at all of your artwork, and it's very inspiring--looking forward to 2010!
    (I'm starting Suzi B.'s G. and Poet class :)

  7. I enjoyed your look at your year. I'm too lazy to do that.
    Happy New Year!

  8. WOW! Will you just look at all you've achieved and your art is looking fabulous, Janet. You should consider having your blog put into book form - did you know you can do that?
    Here's wishing you a happy, creative new year.xx

  9. Your productivity is prodigious. Wishing you all this and more in 2010.

  10. Janet,

    Oh I think you accomplished quite a bit this year It was fun traveling down memory lane with you.
    good to see you blogging again too!


  11. a very, very full year!
    and here's to a creative & JOY filled 2010 xo

  12. Your art blossomed this year! I always loved your drawings, but it was really a pleasure to see you playing with other mediums and working in your art journal daily. Loved this post! Happy, happy 2010!

  13. wow!! whata list! I'm impressed and your achiements are marlvelous and hope this new yr is filled with many more arty ones too!

    Happy New year Janet and I will certainly stayed tuned to your blog to see what this new yr will bring for you here!

  14. Janet, what a wonderful year-end wrap up! And looking at your art -- what growth I have seen since I started following your blog! I remain in awe and inspired by your commitment, growth and talent. Here's to another creative year in 2010! I see it coming for you!

  15. Janet, you've been a busy lady this last year! And look at all that pretty art you have to show for it! You have got an unbelievable amount of versatility, Wow! I should look up some of your teachers that you listed. All the best to you in 2010!

  16. Happy New Year Janet! That's an amazing list!!!
    I vow to be a better communicator this year...I do not take our friendship for granted.
    Heres' to a new year a creative HIGHS!!!

  17. Enjoyed seeing your art from the past year , it's great. Happy New Year , Hope it's a Blessed One !!

  18. That's so neat how you recorded everything you accomplished during the year Janet! You have been one busy ARTIST! Congrats!!!! I think you deserve to slow down a bit near the end of the year...:))
    Happy New Year!

  19. Wonderful art!
    Here's to more in 2010

  20. Taking the year as a whole, you had an extremely creative year! Perhaps I'll take a look back as well...


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