Sunday, December 06, 2009

My Computer is Back Home....

My desktop computer came home late yesterday afternoon. It was $335 for an "on" button! What a rip-off. Dell doesn't make a replacement for the on button so we had to buy a used shell and have everything transferred over. But at least I can now get out anything I need and we can look for another computer.

It's very windy again today and getting colder. I'm baking cookies to send to my son and my daughter. I might sneak one or two for myself!! HB is watching football so it's a nice quiet, lazy Sunday afternoon for me.

I told you I'd have some photos when I got the computer back. I'll start with this one showing my fall wreaths on the front doors....

I use these wreaths every year through the autumn season. I've got my Christmas wreaths out now but I haven't taken a photo of them yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I also took a photo of the tree in the backyard with it's carpet of leaves....

I think these photos are clickable to view larger.

I'm sure our gardener loves this time of year! He came the other day and had all the leaves cleaned up and just a few hours later you couldn't tell he'd been here!

The neighbors have this huge tree....

and it sends lots of leaves tumbling into our yard. It's a beautiful golden color right now and looks great against the blue sky. I love the colors at this time of year.

HB and I went to get our firewood the other day....

He and I loaded and unloaded all of this. Here he is stacking some of it....

Since he's somewhat picky about how it gets stacked I let him do the stacking and I did the unloading and carrying. Sounds like I got the worse end of the bargain but I don't think so! Here it is after we were finished....most of this is almond wood.

This photo was taken from just inside the garage looking out at the wood pile. We will probably use every bit of this during this winter. We like having our fireplace and use it often.

And just to remind you that we really do live in Southern California, I took this photo just one day before I took the firewood photos....

This rose and a few others are blooming just outside the front doors. If you're looking at the doors in the top photo the rose bush would be just to the left. They're still blooming today and they look so bright and pretty even though they sort of clash with the Christmas wreath!

Ok, I need to check on the cookies now. Maybe some art pictures soon. I hope you're having a great Sunday afternoon.


  1. Hi Janet
    Am glad your desktop computer is home now but boy what a lot of money for a ' on' button!
    Sounds like the weather is cooling down there. Love the shots of your garden, and your Christmas wreathes on your front door (very festive). Smiled at HB being so neat with the wood. Love his ' stack' :)
    Dot xx

  2. Glad the 'puter is back and you were able to recover what you needed. That's a lot of wood. Enjoy the fireplace!

  3. That is alot of wood! My husband would love it! I like your matching wreathes on the front door! Your so good to be doing baking too!!

  4. Hey what kind of cookies were you making. I just made some ginger cookies. No flowers in bloom here, the snow is really deep and the wind is howling. Love all that wood you have, almond wood, does it have a distinct smell. I love the smell of firewood

  5. Nice homey post Janet....sounds like lots of work in the mix. I bet the kids will love the cookies.It makes tradition and nostalgia so prevalent during the season!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I am glad you have your computer back..Now it is time to play catch up with all your photos...

  7. Crikey, Janet - I hope that ON button was gold-plated!
    I enjoyed your photos. Beautiful wreaths and trees. I love the idea of almond wood - not a type we get here in the UK. Is it fragrant when burning I wonder? We burn mostly oak in our woodburner - and yes, Keith has to be in charge of stacking. LOL.

  8. Glad to see you can post again, I checked the two sites you posted last, on the classes, the first one came through just fine but I was not able to pull up the second one, it kept saying,"web page not found"...I'll have two cookies and some tea please. (I wish)!HB stacks wood as neat as you fold towels!

  9. That rose is beautiful! We need to get our firewood too. Looks like your ready for some cozy winter nights!

  10. Love seeing your environment! It looks so Fallish...

  11. I am so glad your computer is back. Its kind of scary to be with out your computer even if you do have a back up. We have Dell computers at work too. They are pretty good. Your yard and your wreaths are so pretty. The roses are so pretty too.
    Stay warm, Janet!

  12. I'm glad you got it back! Everything is so expensive! EEEE! Love your trees and wreaths and the firewood looks like a work of art! Happy holidays!

  13. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Yikes...that's one expensive button! Glad you have it back...what kind of new computer are you looking at? Wow...almond wood...nice...We have a fireplace and we have lots of extra wood because of the ice storm last winter...lots of trees had to come down, plus branches of all kinds. Your front door looks very festive! Love it!

  14. As picturesque as fall is, it si one of the most tiresome season for gardeners everywhere! Good thing the blazing colors do well enough to soothe the senses after all the stress we go through raking up all those leaves!

  15. Anonymous4:33 PM

    My roses are blooming too - love that pink and I'm sure it has a delicous perfume too?


  16. Glad your computer is back. I always enjoy your photos. The pink rose is beautiful, and I think the neat stack of wood is just as pretty. One of my fond memories of childhood, is the gathering and stacking of the wood, and the happy face of my Mother when she admired the finished chore. We light our gas log here, and mostly for atmosphere. Your wreathes are lovely, I adore double doors.

  17. I am so glad your computer is home...they do make alot of money when your computer off! But we do what we must!!!
    Your tree pictures are really nice, we have tree's that fill our neighbors yards too. Veldon our one neighbor has a leaf blowere and you hear it almost daily.
    Cookies, yummmie!!!
    I love having wood stacked and ready for winter, yours looks much nicer than ours. We will use every piece. Roses in December...Lovely.
    Hugs, Mary

  18. I'm so sorry that you had to pay that much for such a simple, mechanical problem on the computer. If we disregard that - I could just steal your post and put it on my blog. I have similar trees/leaves, am going to bake cookies today, have roses blooming and will soon have a huge pile of almond wood... I can't get over the fact that we use our fireplace and have roses at the same time. Cool!

  19. So happy to hear that your computer is back and working…
    Ouch as far as the cost…

    Love the stacked wood, my dad use to stack our wood to perfection.
    I remember coming home and see the most wonderful stack, it was almost art.
    I miss him so this time of year…


  20. I’m glad to hear that your computer problems have been fixed! Very few computer brands actually sell their power buttons separately. But that’s because a switch problem can’t always be fixed by just changing the power button. I do hope that the new shell for the CPU is working fine, and that you didn’t have more problems with your computer since.

    Benita Bolland


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