Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Gift to Ourselves....

Just when I thought I was over it....I started feeling bad again! So for now I'm just going to take it very slow and easy and not do much until I feel 100% again.

HB and I aren't exchanging gifts this year. It seems a bit ridiculous when we both buy whatever we need or want whenever the need arises. Neither of us has a lot of things on our wish list so we decided to buy something we could use in the house. We bought new dining room furniture for ourselves....still has the tags on it!

Any of my family reading this will appreciate that next year on Thanksgiving they will have comfortable chairs to sit on!! We were going to buy something in time for Thanksgiving but then we heard there was going to be a big sale the day after so we waited for that.

It's difficult to get a good picture because there are mirrors on the back of the china cabinet plus a lot of windows/light in the room. I don't think that little plant will stay on top but HB wanted to see what it looked like.

So this is our Merry Christmas to each other this year. In fact there is not one single wrapped package under either one of our trees! It does look a bit bare but that's the way it is this year. We've sent off gift cards and money to all our kids and grandkids so there's nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy the lights, the fire in the fireplace, a few Christmas carols, and some eggnog.

Wishing you the best holiday season ever! (Now I'm going to take a little nap and hope I can get rid of this "bug"....)