Thursday, December 17, 2009

She Lives!!!

Hi Everyone,

I think I've finally turned the corner on this thing....whatever I had, cold or flu, it set me on my butt for a few days. I'm never a good patient....I hate being in bed for long periods of time but I can tell you I slept for at least two straight days. HB has been a very good nurse!!

Today during the afternoon I began to feel human again but I'm still not rushing into anything. I intend to take it easy and not over-do for a couple of days so I don't have a set-back. Thank you to everyone who sent me emails and comments wishing me helped me to feel better just knowing that someone cared. I say it often but the people I've met here in Blogland are THE BEST EVER!!!!


Wouldn't you know that two of the classes I've signed up for began this week....and I haven't been able to participate. Just in case you don't know (and might be interested) I'm taking LK Ludwig's Printed-Patterned-Painted Journal Making class which began on Monday and I'm also taking the Remains of the Day class offered by Mary Ann Moss which began on Tuesday.

I haven't even started on those latest two classes and I'm already lining up classes for 2010! If you don't already know about it, DJ Pettitt is offering a great class beginning in January. It's called Memories and Manipulations and will be a Photoshop class. This is something I have been trying to learn without much success so I'm thrilled about this class. If you're interested HERE is the link to read about it.


If you remember, my word for this year was GROW. Looking back over the art I've completed I think I can safely say I lived up to that word. When I look back at my flickr pages (which is one way I keep track of my progress) or go back to the beginning of this year on Artopia I can tell a big difference in what I've accomplished.

This ATC was the first artsy thing I posted this year! Pretty basic, uninteresting stuff!

Most of my growth is due to all the great classes I took this year....a few of them are listed over there along the right side of this blog. I recently went back and made a list of all the classes I took this year and it surprised even me!

I haven't definitely picked a word for 2010 but I might want to use LEARN because that seems to be my main focus. I want to learn as much as I possibly can. I don't ever want to stop learning. I want to learn new art techniques and new ways to use the tools that I already have. I want to learn about all kinds of art mediums and try them out. I want to expand my abilities and create better art. For now though I think I'll just concentrate on getting back to 100% so I can participate in the classes I'm taking right now. Stay tuned for some progress and hopefully some show and tell!