Sunday, January 31, 2010

Using My Hands....

I had a great Saturday, and now today we're enjoying a quiet Sunday. HB and I just finished our exercises and I think we'll get out for a little bit. It's a beautiful day here....although I know a lot of you are dealing with ice and snow.

My journal page from yesterday was fun to do. I used my hand....I've always loved hands. They tell so much about someone.

January 30:

This one was tough to get a picture of because of the light colors I used. There are several layers of paint on this but they're all very transparent. I like buying the really cheapie craft paints when I want transparency because they are very thin. I also journaled some "hand" quotes on each hand using my white pen and they are very soft and you have to look closely to see them. I like how this page turned out....I just wish it showed better online.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here it is Saturday already. Do you have some fun things planned for the weekend? I'm watching videos on YouTube and playing in the studio. HB is working today so I have the house to myself. I got out first thing this morning to get my ink cartridge for the printer so I can just do my own thing for the rest of the day.

My page for yesterday was another fairly quick one. I applied paint with my palette knife, then I used an overall stencil for the background and a bird stencil for the main images. Also a bird stamp, the letter stamps, and some of those stick-on dots from the office supply. They're used to make filing that's going to happen!! I love circles and dots!

January 29:

After hearing a piece on the news last night about how people are buying Haitian children (!!!!!) and otherwise exploiting them, I added the words "for Haiti" to this page and wrote on the bird. I think this is a sick world when we allow such horrible things to happen to our children.


I also re-did the picture on the previous post....I scanned it and got a better image so I took off the old one and added the better one.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Quickie Journal Page....

Yesterday was one of those running around days. Once again I stopped at B&N (with my coupon) and left empty-handed! The book I wanted wasn't there (and since then I've changed my mind about it anyway!) and I looked at some others but I think I've finally reached "Full" when it comes to mixed media books! Every one I look at seems to have all the same information....or maybe I'm just getting bored! From there I looked around at Target....nothing caught my eye and I had wasted enough time so it was off to get groceries. It's one of my least favorite jobs.

Speaking of groceries, did any of you watch the Oprah show about Food 101? I loved it! I've been saying, for years, that it's our food that's making us sick! Or rather I should say our fake food! Most of what we eat is manufactured junk filled with who knows what! I ordered the DVD that Opera mentioned....Food, Inc. Amazon has a special deal until midnight can get it for $9.99. You have to go through to do it.

I'm sorry....I got a bit off-track there! Anyway after trudging around the grocery store, loading everything into the car, unloading it at home, putting it all away, washing all the veggies, etc I had very little time left in the day for art! With HB working for a few days I've been having to cook. I made sure all the smoke detectors were in good working order and that we have a fire extinguisher handy!! And thank goodness for left-overs cooked by HB.

By the time I got to the studio, I just slapped down some paint, grabbed a picture and glued it down, then stamped and embellished around it and that was that!

January 28:

This is much more golden looking in real life. I used azo gold as a wash over everything. I had to take a photo of the page because my printer ran out of ink this morning and it wouldn't scan. If the scanner is just "taking a picture" and not actually printing why does it need ink? Oh, well, whatever the reason it didn't work. The light wasn't all that good this morning so the page looks darker and washed out. I tried messing with it but I seemed to just make it worse! My on-going problems with color adjustment!!

So today I thought I would stay home and play in the studio but now I have to go buy ink cartridges for the printer. I have such a tough life!! :-)

NOTE: After I got the ink for my printer I scanned the page and added it. I removed the "bad" picture and this one now shows the colors more like they appear in real life.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paper Strips and Goof-Ups!

Yesterday I played with the sewing machine and some paper. You know I wouldn't want to use the sewing machine for something silly like fabric!! Everyone is making sewn paper strips. iHanna did a tutorial on it here and Kate showed some of her pages here so I decided to do a few to see if I liked it.

I have to warn you it's addictive! I won't show you all the ones I did because we'd be here all day but here are some of mine. These photos are not clickable....I forgot to size them right but I think you can see them ok.

Of course I had to do some with purples....I got them a little crooked but I guess that doesn't matter!

And I did some blues and greens (that one strip that looks white is actually a beige with a soft design but it doesn't show up on the scan)

and last some red....I already cut this page into postcard sizes....

I'll add more stuff to these but for now this is where I'm at with them. It was definitely fun and I used up some paper that has been around for awhile. I'll do more of these, for sure.

Then I managed to squeeze in some time for my art journal page.

January 27:

This picture is clickable.

Wouldn't you know....I did the entire page, added all the letters and on the very last letter I pressed too hard and got the edge of the stamp! I did all the others just great and then the last one I messed up!! Isn't that the way it goes?!

I'm off to run errands today. I hope whatever you're doing that you have fun and sunshine!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Going Green....

Hi everyone! What's happening where you are? Not much here at Chez more kitchen disasters or any other kind. HB is working for a couple of weeks! It's just a little job but I think he was getting bored being home with me all the time! And it gives me some free time to spend in the studio.

Yesterday I painted a background in my art journal and all I could see were leaf shapes. I didn't feel like painting a lot of leaves so I just outlined them with white and layered on a few cut-outs from an old houseplant book I had in the studio. It isn't anything spectacular but I managed to do a page so that makes me happy.

January 26:

This page made me think about all the houseplants I've had in the past. I don't have any right now. For some reason this house isn't set up very good for plants. There really isn't a lot of room for them. At certain times in my life I have lived in a "jungle" of plants. I even kept a few plants while HB and I lived and traveled in our RV. That was a little challenging! I've tried all sorts of plants outside but none of them survive here. Do you have houseplants? Do you have a green thumb?

We had a little rain early this morning but now the sun is shining. Have a good day and remember to do something nice for yourself....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oops!! Don't Let Me Near the Kitchen!

Not much happening here at Chez Art! Last night I decided to do something dangerous. I saw a delicious sounding recipe for Eggplant Parmesan over on Snap's blog so I thought I would make it for our dinner.

If you know me, you know I HATE cooking so just the idea of me in the kitchen is laughable. As it turns out, it was almost cryable!! I followed the recipe, popped it into the oven, set the timer and waited for perfection. After the allotted time HB and I both decided it needed just a bit more time. WRONG!!!

I ended up with a torched topping on my eggplant and the clear message that I should not be allowed into the kitchen except to bake something (like cake or cookies which I love to do!) Underneath it all the eggplant was delicious and I would highly recommend this recipe....just don't burn your cheese topping!!

One thing I didn't mess up was my daily journal page!

January 25:

At first glance I think this has a quilty look. I painted the background, glued down an old book page, added some stamping, cut strips from a magazine, added circles and squares from wallpaper, and stamped the text. Easy peasy! (Sorry....the scan is a little crooked!)

I hope wherever you are the sun is shining and be happy! And don't burn anything!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday!

No one who knows me is going to believe this! Remember I told you I was going to B&N yesterday and I'd let you know what I bought? Would you believe, the book addict (!) walked out of the store empty handed!!!! And I still have my 15% off coupon for another day. For one thing the store was busy....too many people milling about in the area where I wanted to browse. I had read about a book online that I thought I'd get but after looking at it I decided it didn't have anything new to offer me. Don't get me wrong, it's a perfectly good book. Just not one I need. So I passed on it. Besides, I have books in the studio I haven't even read yet!

I brought myself home, sequestered myself in the studio while football reigned in the family room and worked on some postcards and then finished my journal page.

January 24:

This one started with some leftover paint smeared on the page and a couple of scraps torn from a magazine. The borders are from a children's book and I used a couple of stamps, did some doodling and lettering and it was finished. If you look closely(clickable) you can see where the magazine drawing is and where I've extended it a little bit.

Sadly I didn't do any more on the face but I'll get to it soon. Today is a library day and grocery shopping. I don't like doing groceries on the weekend if I can help it. Mondays are much easier with less people! I sound as if I don't like people which is NOT true. I think what it is, is I don't like shopping!

Have a fun day and do something creative. You'll feel better if you do!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's a B&N Kind of Day!!

Are you having a good Sunday?? I'm playing in the studio and making some big messes! Later I'm going to B&N for a little "me" time while HB watches a football game. I have a 15% off coupon so I'm armed and dangerous!

I'm still keeping up with my daily journal pages. They say if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit and you will continue with it. I hope that's true. Here are the latest ones....

January 22:

HB gave me the words to put along the bottom.

January 23:

I haven't written anything on this one yet. I thought about "the road less traveled...." or something along those lines, or something about detours leading to unexpected things. I haven't got anything yet so it's wordless at the moment.

I'm working on my page for today but it isn't finished. I usually do most of it during the day and then sit down in the evening and put the finishing touches on it. Yesterday's page is pretty simple because I didn't do that. Instead last night I worked on a face drawing....

She isn't finished either! I just started shading her but I like her so far.

Today the sun is shining and it's about 50º....a great day to browse the bookstore! See ya tomorrow!! I'll tell you what I bought.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Back to Basics....

I have been sketching again. There for awhile I sketched every day then I quit but now I'm trying to do a small sketch each day. So far I'm not doing too bad. These are just quickie things....I have more but I'm only scanning these two pages from my moleskine journal....

I might use some of these ideas for some future paintings. I recently signed up for Suzi Blu's Goddess and Poet class so I'll be learning about painting faces. I haven't done much in the class as yet but I did begin the pencil work....

This is difficult to see but I did the gradation from white to black. It looks pretty good in real life. I am just beginning this class and will be going slowly so I'll post things as I can.

And I'm continuing with my art journal pages.

January 21:

Since I finished the small handmade journal I'm now beginning another art journal. This one is an old book about country decorating! I picked it for its size....about 9" x 11.5". I like working in a larger size and this seems just about right.

I'm really late getting this posted and my page for today is almost finished but I have some things to add to it so I'll show you tomorrow.

Have a good evening!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finding Time for It All....

Whew! A little break in the weather and a few minutes to myself! I don't know where the time goes anymore. Can you believe that in another week or so January will be over!? We've been busy around here. Nothing exciting. Just all the normal things that have to be done....eye exams, grocery shopping, errands of all kinds, just one thing after another that seems to conspire to keep me out of the studio and off the computer.

I know I owe a ton of replies to comments made here and I apologize for not getting them done. Is it just me or do you all have trouble keeping up with everything? I love getting comments and feel that when it's possible (when an email is given) that I should respond. When I don't get it done I feel if I'm just ignoring someone and that is NOT what I want to do. I read and appreciate every comment that comes to my blogs. Some days I just need more hours in the day to get to them all. So if I haven't responded to your comment or an email please accept my apologies and give me another chance.

We've had some crazy weather out here in Southern California! Luckily for us we aren't in the middle of anything too bad. Some rain, some wind, and a little bit of snow yesterday late in the afternoon. Somehow I've managed to eek out a little time each day to do my journal pages.

January 18:

I used a lot of gold on this spread so it doesn't do good in a photo but I love how it looks in real life. Also my words kind of got close at the bottom of the two pages but I hope you can read it ok.

January 19:

January 20:

I used some of my new packaging tape along the side of the page (left side of photo) in this one. And I love this quote! Remember that most of these pictures are clickable if you want to see them a bit larger.

OK, I'm off to do some exercises with HB and then get ready for more wild and crazy weather. This fourth big storm is supposed to be the worst one of them all. We'll see.

I hope you're having a wonderful, sunny, warm day and having some fun whatever you're doing....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Almost Jericho!!!!

We're getting rain today....and wind. It's a very intense storm that's moving through Southern California with several more stacked up and waiting, and many areas (not us) are in danger from mudslides. We had our own little drama take place yesterday.

You may remember that I posted this....

picture of a cottonwood tree in our neighbor's yard. It is a huge tree with roots spreading out into various yards and causing a lot of problems. The owners of the tree decided to have it trimmed and a work crew arrived on January 2nd to do the trimming. The only problem is, the crew was not a professional tree trimming crew and apparently didn't know anything about trees because this....

is what the tree looks like now. You may also notice a huge gaping section of the fence is missing from our backyard! When they trimmed the tree several large branches fell into our yard, damaging our sprinkler system and breaking two significant limbs on one of our apple trees....and the fence was leaning with parts of it broken. Yesterday afternoon the wind took care of the fence! It came down in one loud crash....

falling into another neighbor's yard. Since they have two small dogs he put up a temporary fence right away....

Isn't that lovely!!! And to top it all, the neighbor who set this whole thing in motion, the owner of the tree, is just today getting his wife out of the hospital where she had heart surgery and this tree was her favorite!


We spent Saturday with family....had a cookout and enjoyed the day. Lots of fun and laughter and good times. I didn't have a lot of time to create my art journal pages so this is all I managed....

January 16:

and here's the one I did for Sunday....

January 17:

So far today I haven't had time to do any art but this evening I'm sure I'll be able to spend some time creating.

How was your weekend? I hope you had some fun.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Little Bit of Pink!....

This will be a quickie post today. I have my page from yesterday to show you but the one for today is only partially finished and I won't get it done....maybe until tomorrow morning.

January 15:

When HB saw this one he said it reminded him of watermelon and summer. I know many of you are in the depths of a cold, snowy winter so maybe this bit of pink will make you smile. I hope so. It's no fun to be surrounded by gray days and snow everywhere. When it first falls it's so beautiful, white, and clean but it doesn't stay that way very long! Then it gets all dirty and gray and depressing. So find something bright and cheerful and try to forget what's outside the window! If you're enjoying summer right now then just think about sunshine, blue skies, and a juicy slice of watermelon! Yum!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Have You Said Thank You?.....

I don't know about you but for the past couple of days I've been going around saying "thank you" more than ever before. I sat in my warm, comfortable family room last night surrounded by so much and watched the reports coming out of Haiti where they are left with nothing and I said thanks. Thank you for clean water at my fingertips not to mention ice whenever I want it. Thank you for clean bathrooms....three in my own home. Thank you for food....more than I can or should eat! Thank you for safety. I can lock my door and feel secure. Thank you for the leisure I have to do whatever I play in the studio. Thank you for too many things to list here. Have you said thank you recently?

There are so many places to make donations. I hope you pick one and donate whatever you can to help the people of Haiti.


My page for yesterday started out in one direction and then turned and went in a completely different direction. Sometimes that happens and when it does I just go with the flow. I'm not sure what this page represents so I haven't put any words on it and it doesn't have a name but here it is....

January 14:

I tried playing with this photo in Photoshop and also in Picture It but it didn't do much good! I'm beginning to think it might just be the photographer at fault!! The edges aren't quite so dark in real life and they have a lot more orange than it shows here.

HB said at first he thought of The Jetsons but then he said there was a certain Native American look, too. What do you see?

Have a fun day and remember those less fortunate....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Snowing....In My Art Journal!!!!

How is everyone today?? Are you happy and do you feel good? Did you create some art yesterday? I always seem to feel better when I'm creative, and I guess that's why the Creative Every Day projects are so successful. This year I didn't officially sign up but one of my own personal goals is to do something creative each and every day.

So yesterday I decided to participate in Michelle Ward's "Brave the Elements" challenge. If you aren't familiar with Michelle then proceed immediately to her website here and be prepared for gorgeousness to overwhelm you!!! (There are two links here; one for the challenge which is on a separate site and the other is her blog.)

So without further ado here is what I did for the challenge....

January 13:

This was all about snowflakes. I cut the first one and it was HUGE! So then I had to make them smaller and that was the tricky part! My journal pages are only about 6" x 9" each so the snowflakes had to be small. Trying to fold and cut such small bits was not the easiest thing I've done lately! But I finally got a of them is glued in the upper corner. I also used some snowflake stamps and then it seemed too bare so I drew on the tree, painted it white, and wrote a couple of quotes about snowflakes along the trunk and lower limbs of the tree. I also used some scraps of blue around the edges for my border. I hope you like it. It's kind of difficult to get inspired by snowflakes when it's sunny and fairly warm outside!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to My Comfort Zone....

No fires or excitement was just one of those mellow days where everything went along the way it should and I got some time to myself. I know I'm a little behind on blog visits but I didn't sit at the computer much yesterday. Instead I played in the studio and in the afternoon I curled up with a good book. Ah, I lead such an exciting life!!!

After the almost-fire with the previous spread, I decided to just do a page like I'm used to....I didn't try anything fancy....just stuck with the tried and true. That could border on boring but it felt right at the time.

January 12:

Speaking of borders, I think I got carried away with the borders on this page! They're a little bit too much but that's how it is.

I found a quote by Winston Churchill that I thought about using but then there didn't seem to be much room to write (!!) so I didn't....but here it is "we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." I like the red building and the sort of technical picture on the left. And the colors all worked together....if you don't pay attention to the border! Oh, well, I had fun with it and that's what counts.

You'll all be happy to hear that today it's cloudy and there were about 10 raindrops on the window early this morning! The temperature hasn't dropped much but I think it will later in the day. Maybe some of our warmer temps are heading back East. I hope so....we shouldn't hog all of them!

Smile today and give someone a hug....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Almost a Fire in the Studio!!!

I worked on my journal page yesterday morning and almost set the studio on fire!! Not really....but it was not a fun experiment! I have been watching Milliande's art journaling videos over the last couple of days and in one of them she burned the edges of some paper to use on her page. I liked the way it looked so I decided to give it a try. I used a candle just like she did but when I just barely touched the paper to the flame it ignited and began burning the entire piece right there in in my hand! Luckily I had a tub of water on the work table so I just dropped it in there. Needless to say the edges didn't get burned on my page....and maybe never will be!

I liked how the background on this page was going but then I just couldn't pull it together. It's an ok page and that's about all I can say. At least I'm keeping to my goal of one page a day.

January 11:

I used ink pads to get the darkened edges on the small pages and I think it looks a little like they were burned. Probably ink pads are a safer bet with me!! I scanned this page and some of the smudginess on the edges doesn't show but it does go all around the pages.

My page for today is only halfway finished so it will be tomorrow before I can upload it.

Stay warm if you're in the cold, freezing weather....and stay cool if you're in the Southern hemisphere....and have some fun today.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Look What I Found!....

Did everyone have a fun weekend? Or was it too cold to get out and do anything? I played in the studio part of the time, decided to catch up on some reading, and actually did a little baking last night....I made some focaccia bread. We were out and about on Saturday and it was a beautiful day....sorry!

Yesterday morning I headed out early to get a couple of things at Michael's and look what I found for $1 each....

They're packaging tape with a design. The white background is just a wrapper to show you what the design looks like. I thought they would be fun to use in my art journal....kind of like a transfer only not. And they will also jazz up any package you mail out. I think there were a couple other designs but I liked these four. I didn't see any other colors though....just red and green.

Remember back last year when I made an art journal and had the cover design paper upside down? That's the journal I've been using this month and I hate to admit it but I didn't do a very good job of sewing it together! It's beginning to come apart as you'll see in my first picture....

January 9:

For this one I was inspired by several YouTube videos by Sarah Whitmire. I had the butterfly clipping from a magazine and had been saving it for just the right time. I really like how this one turned out....not my usual bright colors! In case you're wondering that's masking tape on the page. I just tore off pieces and stuck them down. At one point I thought it looked like some kind of Asian writing.

January 10:

When HB saw this one he said it reminded him of jazz music! Not sure why, but I decided to go with that and found a quote (I used part of it) about jazz that seemed appropriate. This one is just a cool magazine page cut into strips and glued down. Then I added swirls and lines with a paint pen. Easy peasy!!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I Need Spelling Lessons!

Before I explain the heading of this post I thought I'd make everyone feel really bad and show you the local forecast for the L.A. area. This is one of our weathermen, Dallas Raines. If you're interested you can learn more about him here. He's my favorite weather guy!

These are the temps for the next few days....but where I live it will be about 8 - 10 degrees cooler. And look! There's rain in the forecast! In never rains in Southern California!!

Ok, now that I've made you feel bad about all the snow and freezing temperatures where you are just remember that in a few more months I'll be in 100º+ temperatures while you are in much more pleasant ones! It all evens out in the long run.

Now to my spelling problems. This is the spread I did in my art journal and I goofed up at the very end!

January 8:

Apparently I can't spell "yourself"!!! Just ignore that little (BIG) mistake and also try to imagine the colors a little more intense....lots of blues and lavenders in the background but they seem to wash out in the photo. I tried adjusting them (once again!) and I just can't get them to show the way they look in person. I promise not to keep whining about that but it really irritates me to have a vibrant page in my hands and a washed out photo on the screen! I'll blame it on my camera!!

Now go out there and create some happiness for yorself....uh, make that yourself!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Sunshine and Art....

I've been reading blogs this morning and hearing about all the freezing cold weather everywhere....well, at least in the UK and most of this country. I wish I could send you all some sunshine and a little bit of warmth from sunny Southern California. Here where we live it has been getting into the 60's during the day (not all that warm!) and dropping down into the 30's at night so it isn't exactly beach weather but I must say it's warmer than many other places! And the sun shines almost every day. That's what I like best.

I took this picture of the windows reflected in a picture that hangs on the wall in the dining room....

I have those crappy vertical blinds on the big window in the dining room. I really don't like them but the window is huge and I don't know what else to do with it! I do like how the sunlight plays through them though. And you can see the big arched window above which we cover in the summer to keep the sun out....otherwise we would bake!

Ok, enough of this weather/house report. I am keeping up with my art journal so far this year. This is the spread I did yesterday....

I painted the background with some Golden liquid acrylics then added a border of strips cut from various magazines and papers. The colored squares are cut from scrapbooking paper, too. I added some text from an old book, some stamped images, including some writing and then added the elephant picture. I thought it was so cute....I like elephants. I did some circles with paint and Neocolors II, printed out some day and month letters to use, doodled around the edges, and then found a quote I like and wrote that on the page with a Sharpie poster paint pen and that was it.

I still can't seem to get the colors to show true when I photograph them but if I scan the pages it cuts off the border. So this is the best I can do.

Have you played today? Made any art? Do'll feel better!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Doing Art the Old Fashioned Way!

After yesterday's fiasco with PhotoShop I had to sit down and do some art! The kind I do with paint, paper, and a pen. The kind I'm familiar with....the art that relaxes me.

Here is the page I did....

January 6:

This photo came out darker than it is in real life but when I tried to lighten it, it looked worse. So this is the best I could do....and I used darker colors on it to begin with. This was a background I had painted earlier so I just tweaked it a little and added some other layers.

I'm off to play in the studio again. It feels good to be creating again and I want to keep the momentum going as long as I can. Are you doing something fun today??

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Yikes! Am I Really This Dumb???

Today I've been working on the Photoshop class I'm taking with DJ Pettitt and this is how I feel....

It isn't DJ or the format of the class....those are both very's just trying to remember all the different layers and things you have to do! Remind me again....why did I want to learn this???!!!

Maybe I'll just stick to plain old art done by hand! I haven't even done a page for today yet and I feel like I just want to crawl in bed and pull the blanket over my head. I did do a page in my art journal yesterday....not a very exciting page but here it is....

January 5:

Since most of the people who commented liked the pages laying flat I tried scanning this one. It cuts off a little of the border when I use the scanner but I guess that's ok. As I said, not too exciting. I've been in a "doodle" mood lately so that's what I did here. I do like the colors though.

Now I guess I'll tackle the Photoshop stuff again. Send brain cells! I may need extras to get through this class!!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

You Won't Believe It...

OK, are you sitting down? Take a deep breath....relax. Are you ready? I actually have some art to show you!!! It felt like years since I had done anything artsy but actually I did an art journal page way back on December 8, 2009....nothing since then until this year. When I say it like that it sounds like a much longer time!

Without further ado here are the pages I've done so far in 2010....

January 2:


No, you're not seeing double! It's the same page, in the first photo it's just open on the desk and in the second it's standing up. Which do you prefer? I'll do all of these that way and you can decide.

January 3:


January 4:


I have my page for today started but it isn't finished yet. Oh, and by the way, I think all these photos are clickable so you can see them larger.

It was fun to finally get paint on my hands (and some other places, too!) and create something bright and colorful and happy. Now I have to get busy on some of my classes! I'm way behind and the teachers might flunk me!! Just kidding about the teachers 'cause they're all very nice.

Remember to smile and have some fun today....and thanks for stopping by all those times when I had nothing to show you.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Viewing Day....

As HB would say, it's January the twoth, and we had a little adventure. Today was one of those days here in Southern California that makes the rest of the country hate us! Beautiful blue skies and temps in the mid to high 70' January!!

We got up early, ran a couple of errands, and then headed to Pasadena. We went to view the Rose Parade floats. After the parade is over they're on display for a couple of days. We parked at The Rose Bowl and then the fun began! I stood in the line for the shuttle bus while HB stood in the line to purchase tickets. This is just a small part of the line....

It snaked back and forth and we were advised there was at least an hour's wait for the shuttle. And they were right! But finally it arrived and after another 20 minute ride we arrived at the viewing area. This big guy greeted us....

These images are clickable to view larger.

The crowds were overwhelming! And it was almost impossible to get good photos.

But we plowed through and were able to get close to a few of the floats. I'll just post some of the photos here and put the rest on my flickr page.

We missed the most popular floats because we just couldn't get close to them. There were people just jam-packed in that area and by that time were were both tired and had been pushed and poked and shoved enough for one day! The overall area was about a 2.5 mile walk. And then when we were all finished looking at everything we had to get in another looooong line waiting for the buses to take us back to The Rose Bowl where we parked.

When we got home we both just sank down on the couch and sat there for awhile! The peace and quiet was wonderful! But I'd do it again because the floats are beautiful. And to see them up close makes you appreciate all the work that goes into them.

It was a good day....but one without any art created by me! I think I'll work in my art journal tonight.

How did you spend your Saturday? I hope it was fun....