Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Almost a Fire in the Studio!!!

I worked on my journal page yesterday morning and almost set the studio on fire!! Not really....but it was not a fun experiment! I have been watching Milliande's art journaling videos over the last couple of days and in one of them she burned the edges of some paper to use on her page. I liked the way it looked so I decided to give it a try. I used a candle just like she did but when I just barely touched the paper to the flame it ignited and began burning the entire piece right there in in my hand! Luckily I had a tub of water on the work table so I just dropped it in there. Needless to say the edges didn't get burned on my page....and maybe never will be!

I liked how the background on this page was going but then I just couldn't pull it together. It's an ok page and that's about all I can say. At least I'm keeping to my goal of one page a day.

January 11:

I used ink pads to get the darkened edges on the small pages and I think it looks a little like they were burned. Probably ink pads are a safer bet with me!! I scanned this page and some of the smudginess on the edges doesn't show but it does go all around the pages.

My page for today is only halfway finished so it will be tomorrow before I can upload it.

Stay warm if you're in the cold, freezing weather....and stay cool if you're in the Southern hemisphere....and have some fun today.


  1. Nice page and I know exactly what you mean. I helped Aaron with a school project and I aged the paper by burning the edges. I had to quickly blow out the edge because the paper caught light very quickly. So, it was a process of lighting and quickly blowing out sections all the way around the edges. Unfortunately, I managed to inhale too much of the smoke and ended up with chest congestion as I'm prone to asthma. :(

  2. Janet, Janet, Janet :D But you know what, you still achieved the look with the ink anyway.

  3. I have been watching her videos as well and liking everything everything she does. I like your page it turned out great.

  4. I like the look of this page. I haven't tried burning the edges on paper to age it yet. But last week I did have a small fire myself in the kitchen. Sometimes you wonder where you lost your mind. I had placed a bunch of herbs on a paper plate. And for some reason put the plate on the back burner of my stove while I was making soup. I turned on what I thought was the front burner...wrong, it was the back and went back to whatever I was doing when I saw the flash of fire. The paper plate was burned pretty much, and the herbs were brown around the edges...What was I thinking???? Firefly, Mary

  5. You made it sound funny... I'm glad that it didn't turn into something serious. Ink is definitely safer, and the look is great.

  6. Good thing you had that bowl of water nearby! I think the page turned out very nice and good for you for thinking of a different way to achieve the look you were after.

  7. I like this page, it is very thoughtful…

    I am glad that you didn’t burn the house down.
    I think I would stick with inking the edges…

    Have fun today,

  8. That edge-burning stuff is so hard! I think the ink look is just as good! Way to keep your art journaling up with a flair! Oops sorry about the pun :D :D

  9. I like the muted tones of this. The inked edges work very well and I see no need to become an arsonist to get the look! LOL

  10. I really like these pages, I am in a yellow, brown mode right now so the colores really speak to me. I guess a "paper burn test" might be good as some types of paper are hard to ignite while others (as in your case) go up fast...I think it is safe enough if you have your pan of water handy.

  11. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Janet~!!! Woohoo! Burnin' edges, huh?...I did that for a project once, and almost lost the whole "ball of wax"!..lol
    I love the "aged" look of the whole page!
    Bravo....ONE day, I will begin, as I promised you with a journal page...(((Hopefully)))

  12. Oh my Janet that could have been scary but you handled it well. Oh I think I will have to go watch those vid's. I know she has a whole bunch for January. I was saying to myself use ink but them you did so now I don't have to say anything more. You did great. All this journal talk makes me want to go play in mine. I think I will.

  13. thank goodness you have the water close by !! if I did that G would take my candles away from me lol.

  14. That sounds like my luck, Janet!
    Love the pages though!!! Keep that fire extinguisher handy,,lol.

  15. You little devil you playing with fire.
    Janet when I burn edges I use one of those little gas gun things that I have to light the barbecue.
    It has a finger trigger switch that ignites the flame and when you release your finger the flame goes out.
    This way you just have to touch the paper lightly and release your finger and the flame goes out.
    Do you have the same type of thing over there.
    I get them in the dollar shops and I think the supermarket has them also.


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