Monday, January 18, 2010

Almost Jericho!!!!

We're getting rain today....and wind. It's a very intense storm that's moving through Southern California with several more stacked up and waiting, and many areas (not us) are in danger from mudslides. We had our own little drama take place yesterday.

You may remember that I posted this....

picture of a cottonwood tree in our neighbor's yard. It is a huge tree with roots spreading out into various yards and causing a lot of problems. The owners of the tree decided to have it trimmed and a work crew arrived on January 2nd to do the trimming. The only problem is, the crew was not a professional tree trimming crew and apparently didn't know anything about trees because this....

is what the tree looks like now. You may also notice a huge gaping section of the fence is missing from our backyard! When they trimmed the tree several large branches fell into our yard, damaging our sprinkler system and breaking two significant limbs on one of our apple trees....and the fence was leaning with parts of it broken. Yesterday afternoon the wind took care of the fence! It came down in one loud crash....

falling into another neighbor's yard. Since they have two small dogs he put up a temporary fence right away....

Isn't that lovely!!! And to top it all, the neighbor who set this whole thing in motion, the owner of the tree, is just today getting his wife out of the hospital where she had heart surgery and this tree was her favorite!


We spent Saturday with family....had a cookout and enjoyed the day. Lots of fun and laughter and good times. I didn't have a lot of time to create my art journal pages so this is all I managed....

January 16:

and here's the one I did for Sunday....

January 17:

So far today I haven't had time to do any art but this evening I'm sure I'll be able to spend some time creating.

How was your weekend? I hope you had some fun.


  1. Goodness -- art and excitement! I think you could probably do without the excitement!

  2. Janet, the home pages should be put on canvas--it would make a great wall piece!! I hope everything will be okay with all the rain coming--see we all have our weather-related problems, no matter where we are. BTW--what's a cookout--I don't remember what that is :)

  3. That's horrible but at least no one got hurt.
    Stay safe.

  4. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Sorry about your fence and the tree job does look WAS a beautiful Cottonwood tree.
    I did a journal page and spent a good part of my day on it...hated it...painted over it. I think I'll go work on it again :)

  5. What a mess Janet.
    And to think some people call themselves professionals.

  6. Wow that was quite the bipolar thing to do and not have it cleaned up! I love trees too.... have bought houses purposely because of where the trees were placed.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the art journal pages, the colors are phenomenal!!!

    Hugs Sherrie

  7. Question is - who pays for the repairs? Your neighbour or the tree-lopping crew? Such a shame for the looks all lop-sided now and I doubt his wife will be too happy to see her favourite tree in that condition.

    Stay safe through the storms.

    LOVE your journal pages as always. 'Home is where the Heart is' is especially cute!

  8. I am loving the colors you have been using lately with your journal pages. So pretty!

    Oh, yes, we are getting rain. If the predictions are correct we will get between 6" and 8" in the next 5 days. Gad! There, of course, will not be mud slide in
    Coronado as there are no hills or mud for that matter. Still, it's an awful lot of rain and the streets are full. I have a small car and driving through those dips with water overflowing is kind of scary! I could get lost, or at the very least, stall. No thanks. I think I'll just stay home until it's gone.

    I do think that people who do tree work but have clue what they are doing should be punished. I had my tangerine tree cut 2 years ago and the guys who did it were horrible. The tree has not produced a very good crop ever since. I think it's still mad at me for letting incompetents near it. Anyway, I am glad no one was hurt and, hopefully, the cottonwood will recover in time.

    Stay dry!


  9. More pages with a different flair! I REALLY love the Home is where the heart is! What a beautiful design with pretty color!

  10. Your journal is s o inspiring..would you believe I just started on my new 2010 journal TODAY. I gessoed a few pages as well as the cover and hope to finish a page tomorrow. I a mnot home so cannot post any pictures. Oh man..that tree! A lesson to use professionals, people!

  11. That is so sad about the tree, I hate when they do that. We have areas in our town where they cut down trees and I always feel sad now when I pass and see stumps.

    Your journal Pages are both wonderful I especially like the one with the tree.

  12. Your tree page is lovely.....Home is where the heart is.
    This is so sad about the tree. Our lady next door who is almost 90 hired some guys that made a mess out of her tree, so branches keep falling, thank goodness it is just falling in our orchard. We love our big old tree next to our house, but it does scare me some when we have a big wind.
    I am so glad you are okay.
    It was 53 here today...that is not normal. It was windy too.
    Stay safe, Mary

  13. goodness, lucky it did not land on any houses, your pages are great. I spent time in the studio cleaning and getting inspired, maybe tommorow.

  14. Oh no, that poor lady and her poor tree!
    The husband will have hell to pay!

  15. Oh my goodness, there's a lesson to be learnt there. That poor tree! I hope your neighbour is well insured because he's certainly liable for all that damage. I bet his 'tree surgeon' doesn't have insurance!

  16. Anonymous2:51 AM

    janet - I LOVE!!!!!!!!! the pages... just wondering whichI prefer... hmm its a toss, but probably the top green one just by a whisker. How did you make that green on? did you use stamps?

    Krissie at Winterwood

  17. Sorry for the excitement in your backyard, I don't suppose the tree trimmers are going to try and make any of this right are they. On the up side your journal pages are terrific.

  18. I love, love, love the Abundance one especially~!! Just gorgeous..((I wish that I could get it in gear~!!))...
    Now that tree trimmer should be "fined" and "flogged" for what the butcher did to the tree~!! And, to crunch down the fence is just unacceptable~!! What a moron!
    I am hoping that the person coming from the hospital is OK~!!

  19. Seems no matter where you live, a lot of "fly-by-nighters" go to Home Depot and buy a chain saw and hang a sign on their truck saying tree trimming, with no experience whatsoever. Yikes! Looks like that is what hit that tree. It looks awful,not to mention the other damage.

    Love your journal pages of late, I really like the way you are bordering them.

  20. It pains me to see the destruction that they caused. We've had some similar things happen around here as we have many very old oaks in places that are nearly impossible to get to. The last one that they took down was estimated to be 150 years old. We had professionals in since it grew out over the power lines. It was fascinating to watch. I felt bad for the squirrels that had made a home in the large hole on one side.
    It's really awful that the woman has to come home to see that mess but I imagine she's just happy to be anywhere at this point. I hope things get fixed pretty soon. That's a hell of a mess to look at.
    I'm off to sushi for lunch(vegetarian-no raw fish)Yum! Futomaki.

  21. I forgot to say, you should get some gallery wrapped canvas and make those journal pieces into hangable(is that a word) art. Beautiful.

  22. Thanking of you...we are having winds, and rain, so far everything is in tacked.
    I hope you are okay.
    I wanted to share with you that I got my front cover done on the journal I am doing. Now for page number 1...OH NO!
    Big Hugs, Mary

  23. Anonymous11:20 PM

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  24. Oh wow - so sorry about the tree and the fence and all! Hope you're doing ok in these storms. It's been wacky weather here, that's for sure. K was working where they had one of the tornado warnings (he didn't see any, thankfully). Our kids in the high desert got snow last night - did you guys get some too? All's we've gotten is rain, thunder & lightning & wind - oh and hail, the first storm aft.
    Stay warm and dry!

  25. I've heard about all that rain. I hope by now it has stopped and that you and yours are safe and undamaged.


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