Friday, January 22, 2010

Back to Basics....

I have been sketching again. There for awhile I sketched every day then I quit but now I'm trying to do a small sketch each day. So far I'm not doing too bad. These are just quickie things....I have more but I'm only scanning these two pages from my moleskine journal....

I might use some of these ideas for some future paintings. I recently signed up for Suzi Blu's Goddess and Poet class so I'll be learning about painting faces. I haven't done much in the class as yet but I did begin the pencil work....

This is difficult to see but I did the gradation from white to black. It looks pretty good in real life. I am just beginning this class and will be going slowly so I'll post things as I can.

And I'm continuing with my art journal pages.

January 21:

Since I finished the small handmade journal I'm now beginning another art journal. This one is an old book about country decorating! I picked it for its size....about 9" x 11.5". I like working in a larger size and this seems just about right.

I'm really late getting this posted and my page for today is almost finished but I have some things to add to it so I'll show you tomorrow.

Have a good evening!


  1. I really like those faces, Janet. I could see them being really cool Suzi faces with color and some mixed media embellishing. I've just started using the Prisma pencils--I'm not real used to them, but I like the variety of colors they come in--lots of different possibilities!

  2. All wonderful, but the girl with the building block face is particularly stunning!.

  3. Good for you to get back to sketching. I love all the girls -- especially Picasso girl on the bottom (second from the left). Too cool!

  4. Hi sweet Janet!!!
    Thank-you so so much for my birthday card!!!! You are so thoughtful!!! I love your faces and your journal page too...I can bearly keep up with things and even though I don't work outside my home, I never seem to have enough time to do art. I crave it though and my mind is always working on it even if my hands aren't....You inspire me every time I visit! xoxo Betzie

  5. Love your girls, and your page. You definitely are a busy one. I can't seem to get inspired lately. I have some valentine ones to do, one is a swap that I have to finish, and I have one of my embroidery ones to finish. Maybe I'll work on that today.

  6. Good Saturday Morning! There is a blog award awaiting you at The Marmelade Gypsy!

    Three cheers for getting on a regular routine sketching. I'm feeling the lack of a routine lately.

  7. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Hi Janet...I had the same thought as Diane about your sketches. I really like that journal page below the sketches. Is that torn stips of masking tape on that...I love that look.

  8. Just dropped by for a quick look before dinner and a movie with the hubster. I love seeing your sketches, I like the blockhead gal the best, that is how I feel my face looks! The journal page is gorgeous, those colors, and the black stencil or stamp. Wow.

  9. I love your sketches, Janet! Nice gradual shading chart too.

  10. Love the faces.
    The portrait workshop looks interesting, maybe I will take that, I'm a pretty clean slate when it comes to drawing, all be it I'm a little self conscious about my lack of talent/experience.

  11. Janet, what a "shot in the arm" you are for bringing us your talent and encouraging others to participate!!
    Your face sketches are fabulous!
    Lovin' that Yellow flower page and I admire your "stick-to-it-ness"~!!
    Love your colours!

  12. Fun, fun sketches. I'm in love with the 'block-faced' girl. I wonder what is it about her that has us all commenting?

  13. I signed up for the class too, hence I'm thinking of moving blog at least for my "drawings" ;-)


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