Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to My Comfort Zone....

No fires or excitement was just one of those mellow days where everything went along the way it should and I got some time to myself. I know I'm a little behind on blog visits but I didn't sit at the computer much yesterday. Instead I played in the studio and in the afternoon I curled up with a good book. Ah, I lead such an exciting life!!!

After the almost-fire with the previous spread, I decided to just do a page like I'm used to....I didn't try anything fancy....just stuck with the tried and true. That could border on boring but it felt right at the time.

January 12:

Speaking of borders, I think I got carried away with the borders on this page! They're a little bit too much but that's how it is.

I found a quote by Winston Churchill that I thought about using but then there didn't seem to be much room to write (!!) so I didn't....but here it is "we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." I like the red building and the sort of technical picture on the left. And the colors all worked together....if you don't pay attention to the border! Oh, well, I had fun with it and that's what counts.

You'll all be happy to hear that today it's cloudy and there were about 10 raindrops on the window early this morning! The temperature hasn't dropped much but I think it will later in the day. Maybe some of our warmer temps are heading back East. I hope so....we shouldn't hog all of them!

Smile today and give someone a hug....


  1. Fire is so scary. I had my (industrial) iron catch fire once. Of course it ruined the iron and I had to buy a new one and those suckers are not cheap! I'm glad you were easily able to put your little fire out.

    Love your page.


  2. I'm am glad to hear you are okay, I must have missed a post as I didn't know you had a fire experience,I will check older posts. Your journal is shaping up to be awesome!

  3. What are we going to do about you! First we must take any matches, candles and combustables away from you.LOL. I can just picture you and that bucket of water (thank heaven)! I can see you are well into another very creative year. Love the red building. Take care!!!

  4. I love the page and the borders are great. It is full of such great color.


  5. I like the border--I say more is more. And I love that quote too. We actually are going to get warmer temps for the next few days--in the mid 30's, that's warm for us, so stop laughing.

  6. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Hi...I agree with Sharon...back away from the matches very slowly :) It was 41 degrees here today, it was almost a heat wave, so much better. I like the borders on your journal pages. I'm trying to salvage two pages in my Moleskine I got for Suzi's class...Later,

  7. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I like the border you did :)

    Which book did you sit down and read then?
    I love curling up with a good book - especially with all this snow outside!

  8. Love the pages! But it is fun to long as it is safe and there are no disasters! Be careful!

  9. I like the quote and the page. Glad nothing caught on fire today! (I just read your prev. post - I had something like that happen a couple of years ago - I stick to "ink burning" now too! :)


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