Thursday, January 07, 2010

Doing Art the Old Fashioned Way!

After yesterday's fiasco with PhotoShop I had to sit down and do some art! The kind I do with paint, paper, and a pen. The kind I'm familiar with....the art that relaxes me.

Here is the page I did....

January 6:

This photo came out darker than it is in real life but when I tried to lighten it, it looked worse. So this is the best I could do....and I used darker colors on it to begin with. This was a background I had painted earlier so I just tweaked it a little and added some other layers.

I'm off to play in the studio again. It feels good to be creating again and I want to keep the momentum going as long as I can. Are you doing something fun today??


  1. Doing something fun every day..that's retirement!!Lovely the moment you get to call yourself and artist or better still someone else does!
    Photoshop is so distinguishable, it all looks the same in the end.

  2. Art is what you love to do and you do it so wlll. I think learning is a good thing, but not at the cost of feeling lost. I love what you do with your tools of are one of a kind, and I love all your art.
    Have Fun!!! Mary
    Right now I am very busy working on me...calling it a make-over is kinda fun, like taking a clup of clay and making something fun.

  3. These are quite nice - an' no, I don't think their too dark. And isn't it funny how much better one feels when they go back to something their comfortable with? ~ I would have lost my mind trying to figure out anything Computer for my art..eeks...


  4. I agree with Von--what comes out of you--no one can duplicate.

  5. Fun-no--necessaary-yes.
    I am rearranging the stuff on the shelves in my craft room.
    A bit like shifting the deck chairs on the Titanic really - but hopefully with a better result.

  6. artist at work! Does feel good doesn't it to settle into or snuggle into something that makes us feel relaxed and ready to create! I have missed coming by your blog, and I hope that now that I have a little more time, that I shall get to be a regular visitor! Still need that "shot in the arm" for painting/sketching, but have been crocheting for a while...Love the pages, and I feel that laying flat or standing up is fine either way...
    I have a new Blogspot blog about "Diet is a four-lettered word!", if time allows, stop in...

  7. Beautiful, muy bonito blog, felicidades!!, quizás no me entiendas, pero el arte que hay aquí es simplemente maravilloso.

  8. Love your hand, Janet!!! I think the "old" way of doing art is so much more satisfying! Photoshop for me is an "enhancer". The fun stuff I did today some art supplies and doodle a bit. Please keep inspiring us :D

  9. Fun today? OH YES....finally got a hair cut and color...I feel recharged!

  10. Anonymous6:02 PM

    I had fun today...I hope you conquer photoshop...I have trouble using my new digital camera much less using photoshop...maybe someday I'll tackle it. Keep it going...

  11. This looks like you enjoyed your self. Ok I have been thinking about buying photoshop..What are you thinking about it?

  12. loving the pages, what fun thing am I doing avoiding photoshop

  13. Janet,

    Great page, i think you are back in the groove now.


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  15. I also like to mention I also do not think the picture came out too dark, the best way to find out is to print it to see if it comes all too dark.

  16. I LOVE this journal spread, Janet! Well done!


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