Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finding Time for It All....

Whew! A little break in the weather and a few minutes to myself! I don't know where the time goes anymore. Can you believe that in another week or so January will be over!? We've been busy around here. Nothing exciting. Just all the normal things that have to be done....eye exams, grocery shopping, errands of all kinds, just one thing after another that seems to conspire to keep me out of the studio and off the computer.

I know I owe a ton of replies to comments made here and I apologize for not getting them done. Is it just me or do you all have trouble keeping up with everything? I love getting comments and feel that when it's possible (when an email is given) that I should respond. When I don't get it done I feel if I'm just ignoring someone and that is NOT what I want to do. I read and appreciate every comment that comes to my blogs. Some days I just need more hours in the day to get to them all. So if I haven't responded to your comment or an email please accept my apologies and give me another chance.

We've had some crazy weather out here in Southern California! Luckily for us we aren't in the middle of anything too bad. Some rain, some wind, and a little bit of snow yesterday late in the afternoon. Somehow I've managed to eek out a little time each day to do my journal pages.

January 18:

I used a lot of gold on this spread so it doesn't do good in a photo but I love how it looks in real life. Also my words kind of got close at the bottom of the two pages but I hope you can read it ok.

January 19:

January 20:

I used some of my new packaging tape along the side of the page (left side of photo) in this one. And I love this quote! Remember that most of these pictures are clickable if you want to see them a bit larger.

OK, I'm off to do some exercises with HB and then get ready for more wild and crazy weather. This fourth big storm is supposed to be the worst one of them all. We'll see.

I hope you're having a wonderful, sunny, warm day and having some fun whatever you're doing....


  1. I have been thinking about you so much, that darn tree keeps coming to mind. Arney has gone to Costco this morning to get me more fruit...he works nights this week, so my evening belongs to me.
    Wind, we have had some bad wind, everything is turned over or at the neighbores. Rain,cold wind off the mountains and sun...just depends on the time of day.
    I do know what you mean about time, it is flying..never enough time for it all. I love these pages. I have started my journal, I hope to start the pages today...I did get the cover done and put it on my blog.
    Question: Have you heard anything from MaryEllen (Merry)?
    my house needs me today!!! Love, Mary

  2. I'm really liking your pages ... it's been a pleasure to see where your art is taking you ... brava!

    (Don't worry -- no one has the time to do everything!)

  3. Hey been watching the LA news and keeping up todate on the weather in California....lots of rain in a short span of time. I hear what you saying, life happens and then you cant get what you want done in the Studio. I have been playing around a little bit here and there. Loving those journal pages they are inspiring me.

  4. Janet, sorry for your bad weather. It is cold here but still just rain and wind, no snow on the valley floor yet and we could use some more in the mountains. Weird weather. Don't worry about replying to every comment, it is okay!

  5. Loven these pages...I really like the blue and purple colors, and the ladies face, and your new tape.
    GREAT stuff going on here.
    TIME ? I get up before dawn, stay up till 11:00 p.m. and still
    NEVER get done all I would like to do. Please do not feel bad about getting back to everyone.

  6. There is never enough time in the day to do the things I want to do but I'm trying...that's all we can don't you go stressing over comments. I understand totally.

    Loveley journal pages! I find myself drawn to the one in the middle....nice work, Janet!

    We've had very hot and humid weather this past week....wouldn't mind some rain to cool things down. Stay safe in those storms.

  7. I love that each page has a color theme, and yes I like that quote too on the red one. I know what you mean about not having enough time. I actually went out today, and everything I had planned to do at home --wel forget about it. It's like that for everyone--so don't ever feel bad. I wish I had taken my camera with me today at the mall--just extreme mountains of dirty snow-yuck!

  8. It is good to know you have busy.
    I know there are not enough hours and when I have a few I need to relax and close my eyes..LOL.
    Your journal pages look great.
    Take care,

  9. Stay safe, warm, and dry!

    Love your pages, wish I was that talented.

    Safe travels!

  10. I feel the same way about comments. Even worse when there is no email and I can't reply. But I've learned to let it go... there really is not enough time for everything. I think your (mine) readers are fine with that. I LOVE the pages and looked at each one enlarged. I still can't believe that you are keeping an art journal and creating beautiful pages daily. Eye candy! xo

  11. Anonymous8:54 PM

    You are doing such a great job of doing an art journal page every day...I hope the rain has tapered off. We have been getting some rain the past few days here, too.

  12. So much fun to see your art pages!I especailly like the red pages!
    take care and get plenty of exercise...I need to do that myself!
    I hope your storms don't cause any serious problems for you!

  13. You have the best way of expressing your thanks for your Blog comments! I think you do a wonderful job at getting about and commenting on others blogs! You word your appreciation so well! I like your pages, wonderful quotes. Take care in your neck of the words :D

  14. Beautiful work, Janet. I think the apples spread is my favourite - great quote too.
    Just for a change you're getting worse weather than we are. That's what I call balance! ^_~

  15. Yes it is hard to keep up with the blogging! Yuo sure have been busy1 and creative too! I a mworking on my journal ...

  16. Lovin those pages, you still manage to do them and I have not done a journal page all week. Oh well I have other irons in the fire I guess.

    Its snowing here, I have friends coming from Utah so I hope they make it through the storm ok.

    I am going to do art today, its on my list... just have to stick with the list.


  17. Janet, I "hear" you on the keeping up with the blogs, the emails, the phone calls, the Twitter, ---on and on...Then there is that small window that we squeeze in the artistic part of our brains and create!!....Your Journal pages are always bright, vibrant, and the writing is always key on your work!
    Love the birds and the red....Don't worry, we ALL will come to see your blog, no matter what~!!...

  18. Slow but sure catching up to you -- and of course, you have been busy! And beautiful! Nice to be back!

  19. I believe your red pages are just eye-popping ~ Love this work you're doing.

    And the time goes the 13 Dimension or something ~ I sure don't know just Where.

    Have a Great Weekend - I'm going to go check out a van this weekend..whee...


  20. Oh we got some of that weather over here too time to myself though.I'm working full time and when I'm home Lee (still unemployed) follows me around the house. ARGH
    Awesome art as usual.

  21. I love your journal pages! especially Jan 19...
    as to emailing etc... don't worry too much, I only email if I feel that I have something to say back :) xo

  22. Hi Janet,
    I so look forward to when you post journal page pictures! Your work is so very inspiring to me. The way you combine colors and put everything together on your pages is amazing. You are a very talented artist. I love each and every one..but sometimes I do have one that stands out a tiny bit more than the others, although I usually can't pick a favorite because I love them all. The red one really reached out and grabbed me today. Not only the quote, but the color, the shapes and just overall how it is put together.
    As far as getting back to all the comments goes, you shouldn't feel bad in anyway about that. None of us has time to respond to each and every one, I don't think anyone really expects that because we are all in the same boat. The important thing is that you do visit our blogs and leave comments here and there. I remember the first comment I got from you, you were so encouraging and it did so much for my confidence! As for me? Stop in when you can, leave a little comment if you have time and if not I know you will when you can and that's good enough for me!

  23. Fabulous journal pages!!! I popped over from Jeanie's bbb post

    It is challenging to try and be everywhere and do everything ... isn't it :)



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