Friday, January 01, 2010

The First Day of 2010....

My first post of 2010! HB and I had a leisurely day....very enjoyable. I played a bit in the studio but nothing to show for it yet. I think it might take me a couple of days to actually create something that I can show. I'm so out of touch with my art right now!

We had our traditional dinner....cooked by HB. And we toasted in the New Year with a little bubbly....


HB chopped up all the ingredients for some collard greens and cabbage....

He also made some cole slaw. We watched as the black-eyed peas and ham cooked on the stove....

When everything was ready he filled his plate....

And dug in! My contribution to the meal was the cornbread. I thinly sliced some onion and browned it in a little olive oil. When they were all browned I added about 1/2 cup of sour cream, then spread it over the cornbread batter and baked it. Yum!!

We always have this same dinner every New Year's day. We ate dinner at our new table again and lingered after the meal, just talking and reminiscing.

I hope you all had a nice day, too. I'm going to try to post each day this month. I haven't signed up for NaBloPoMo yet but I might. I didn't make any resolutions but I do have goals for this year. Namely I want to be a better person, I want to get healthier, to do more art, and to do better with my blog. I would also like to revive my photography blog but that's lower on my list. We'll see how things go. I'm behind on the two classes I'm taking right now and another one is starting on Monday! So I might be a touch busy!!

Here's wishing 2010 is a spectacular year for all of us.


  1. Your dinner sounds absolutely delicious...I love black eye peas.
    We had a lazy day also, had a nice dinner then played some Rock Band. I get out all my frustrations playing the drums...LOL.

  2. Glad to see you in the year 2010..
    Wow...Yes we had the black eyes peas also..
    I am going to have to try one of those classes.

  3. It sounds like you had a nice, lazy day with HB and started the year off just right! Good for you.


  4. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Happy New Year!!!
    Yum...I must try cornbread done that way...never heard of that version. I've been sewing today...I have the biggest mess!!
    Other than that...I seem to be at a standstill...can't get anything finished or anything going...hopefully that will change...Cheers!

  5. Thank you for your nice comments at my blog. You certainly do have alot on your plate too and I'm not talking dinner plate. That, however, looks very yummy and very traditional. Good for you.
    I don't know how you are able to handle so many different classes and still stay focused. As you saw on my blog, I have alot of interests too, but I sometimes have difficulty focusind in on just one thing at a time. I just want to do so much and like my new years resolution says, finish projects started first then I can do something else. Hum.... hope I can stick to it.
    I really enjoyed the fact that you have a traditional dinner each New Years Day.

  6. Your dinner sounds delicious, can you two fix us dinner :) I love food, but I hate to cook!

  7. The dinner sounds delicious but I must try that cornbread - it sounds divine.

  8. Happy, Happy New Year!

  9. YUM! great dinner. I remember your photography blog. Photography sure is fun. we just need longer days to do all the fun stuff. HAPPY NEW YEAR JANET !

  10. Happy New Year to you, too! We had a little bubbly and enjoyed bringing in the New Year! I'll have to post about it! lol Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Janet,

    Maybe you should choose the word Busy since that what you'll be or perhaps Accomplished because you'll be that too!

    Your new years day sounded lovely. The art will come just have no expectations and you will be fine.


  12. I love cornbread! I must try your way sometime, that sounds delicious. We always have black-eyed peas, collards & cornbread too - though this year we had them at my YDD's -- being newlyweds they've been anxious to host a holiday at their house. As a bonus (for me, at least!), my new SIL worked on my laptop some for me, so the keyboard's working a little better still, and (I think, 'cause I haven't actually tried yet) - I think I can upload photos to it again now (keep your fingers crossed for me!)
    Here's to a happier, healthier, more fun and creative year for us all! Happy New Year, Janet!

  13. Hi, Janet. I seem to be blog hopping this morning and happened upon yours. How nice your New Year's meal sounds -- I LOVE collards and of course, we had to have black eyed peas, too. I agree with all who have said they must try that cornbread recipe... sounds so yummy. (Oh, would the class that starts Monday be DJ Pettitt's Image Editing class? If so, I'll see ya there.)

    Happy New Year -- Hope you do lots of art!

  14. the dinner sounds delicious, .We did not do much but also had a nice dinner, though cooked by me, I think I need your husband over at my house. Cant wait for the course we are both in to begin

  15. Yum! We had ham too. I made the dinner though...hb didn't cook anything...count your lucky stars! :)
    Everything looked so good!

  16. What a perfectly lovely meal for two. You will laugh at will! We had a hamburger patty with boiled potato's and white corn. Watched a little TV, wished each other a happy New Year and fell asleep...boring!
    It gets better as we go into the month. Hugs, Mary

  17. All the very best to you and HB for 2010, Janet. Your traditional New Year's Eve meal looked divine....minus the ham part, of course ~ ;) I don't think I've ever had cornbread but it sounds delicious.


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