Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Going Green....

Hi everyone! What's happening where you are? Not much here at Chez more kitchen disasters or any other kind. HB is working for a couple of weeks! It's just a little job but I think he was getting bored being home with me all the time! And it gives me some free time to spend in the studio.

Yesterday I painted a background in my art journal and all I could see were leaf shapes. I didn't feel like painting a lot of leaves so I just outlined them with white and layered on a few cut-outs from an old houseplant book I had in the studio. It isn't anything spectacular but I managed to do a page so that makes me happy.

January 26:

This page made me think about all the houseplants I've had in the past. I don't have any right now. For some reason this house isn't set up very good for plants. There really isn't a lot of room for them. At certain times in my life I have lived in a "jungle" of plants. I even kept a few plants while HB and I lived and traveled in our RV. That was a little challenging! I've tried all sorts of plants outside but none of them survive here. Do you have houseplants? Do you have a green thumb?

We had a little rain early this morning but now the sun is shining. Have a good day and remember to do something nice for yourself....


  1. Pretty page as usual Janet. I am a KILLER of houseplants. I have nary a one. I wouldn't dare inflicted my black thumb on a houseplant again. Oh the guilt, the guilt.

  2. I use to be drowning in houseplants. I only have a couple now. I have a Christmas Cactus that was my husband's grandmother's. One year (we always keep it outside in the summer) we forgot about it, and thought we killed it. But we cut it way back, and it's still alive, thriving, and has been blooming now for a month. It's definitely older than me, and I'm not young :)

  3. I think your page is simply cool. I love that you followed what you felt that you should do on it. Isn't art journalism great? No rules!
    I relate to your plant story. I used to have a ton of plants at one point. Now I have 1 1/2. Don't ask about the half plant... poor thing. :-)

  4. I think that is what an art journal is all about, going with whatever comes to mind.....that's a scary thought in it's self! I like the page and the idea.
    When we moved here in 2003 Karen gave me a houseplant, it's still going? I'm one of those people that HGTV says has "bad taste" I like "fake" flowers and have several.

  5. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Me and house plants do not get along. I bought a Christmas cactus and it is looking bad. Now give me something outside and I can usually grow it. Love the page. Love Hugs and Blessing

  6. You should scan this, print it out and hang it on the wall! I adore this!

    Oh and houseplants, I'm similar to you in that i really like them, but I've been known to forget to water them and then! Well, it wasn't good. Or I'd get a african violet and water it too much! Right now i only have one plant.....Its a sturdy little bugger and has handled my abuse in stride! Good thing!

  7. ooo your plant page looks really fantastic!!!

    I have a fresh basil plant on our windowsill that is just limping along. It really should be used up. Rabbit's Foot Ferns are beautiful and very easy to keep, I have two of those at present. If I had more room I would Love to have more plants.


  8. This is a really cute page! I'm getting caught up on your blog to see all your new art! ♥

  9. Hi Janet,

    I like how you used white pen on those leaves...really cool effects. :)

    I have a lot of plants...mostly because we don't have very many accessories...and they look nice. I can generally keep them up pretty well. I LOVE working on the plants I have outside too.


  10. I like this page..I love the plants. It is fun to watch you grow..Smile.

  11. This is a really....wait a minute, I just looked down and my nightie is on backwards...
    Any way, this makes me want to go out and buy some more plants..your color is fresh!
    I have a 20 year old house tree that I am trying to save. I put lights on it for Christmas and it lost all of it's here it sets bare and I keep telling it that I am so sorry!
    Big Hugs, Mary

  12. wow that page really caught my eye - I really like the way its outlined and it really captures those plants well!

  13. I love this page. The white outlining of your leaves brings out the white on the collaged plants and it all has the look of a rich silk painting somehow.
    I love gardening but I stopped having houseplants years ago. They get annoying, take up too much space, gather dust and don't really like central heating. LOL

  14. Janet, I have a green thumb but not with houseplants.. I have tried, but they always look so sad to me that they end up outside.
    love how you are so committed to your daily journal pages xoxo

  15. Sooooo, what's for dinner tonight?

    Seriously, I like the journal page with the leaves in the background very much. It's fresh and lovely greens. This time of year my proximity to the Atlantic Ocean is not a plus-all things green make me smile. You always make me smile too!
    I have had apartments in the past that were jungle-like with plants and I still have one jade plant that's nearly 50 years old. Our house is not a good place for plants though we have grow lights in the basement to winter-over some out door summer stuff.
    It's snowing again here...sigh

  16. Oh my, I do have a lot of houseplants - an' even have one that survived being dropped and crushed while we moved here to the was ugly when That happened..

    But what is NOT ugle is this wonderful page you made! ~ Oh janet, you did such a fine job with this! ~ Oh, and see, these plants on your page can be your new houseplants!! ~ Tah - Dah !!

  17. What a wonderful art page.
    I use to have houseplants but don’t anymore.
    Now that I think about it, I don’t know anyone that has houseplants…
    Maybe it was more of a trend back in the 70’s???


  18. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I really like what you did on this page. I love plants...I'm ready to see something green for real. We have snow in the forecast here for this evening(Th). We have plans for the weekend but may have to cancel.

  19. I kill plants on a daily basis. I have one that's managed to survive its impose drought and bad light. Someday I'll kill that one, too!

  20. I can only seem to keep succulents alive. Though this year, I did manage to keep an Aloe plant (it's even getting bigger!)
    I like your page.

  21. OOo, OOO, I LOVE the plant page! It is so very vibrant!...Super, one of my faves...

    Houseplants?...Have only two now, and they are pointing at the water love the outdoor plants better...I guess my houseplants "sense" that...*smile*

  22. no houseplants in this domain, I dont have a way with plants and they all die


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