Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday!

No one who knows me is going to believe this! Remember I told you I was going to B&N yesterday and I'd let you know what I bought? Would you believe, the book addict (!) walked out of the store empty handed!!!! And I still have my 15% off coupon for another day. For one thing the store was busy....too many people milling about in the area where I wanted to browse. I had read about a book online that I thought I'd get but after looking at it I decided it didn't have anything new to offer me. Don't get me wrong, it's a perfectly good book. Just not one I need. So I passed on it. Besides, I have books in the studio I haven't even read yet!

I brought myself home, sequestered myself in the studio while football reigned in the family room and worked on some postcards and then finished my journal page.

January 24:

This one started with some leftover paint smeared on the page and a couple of scraps torn from a magazine. The borders are from a children's book and I used a couple of stamps, did some doodling and lettering and it was finished. If you look closely(clickable) you can see where the magazine drawing is and where I've extended it a little bit.

Sadly I didn't do any more on the face but I'll get to it soon. Today is a library day and grocery shopping. I don't like doing groceries on the weekend if I can help it. Mondays are much easier with less people! I sound as if I don't like people which is NOT true. I think what it is, is I don't like shopping!

Have a fun day and do something creative. You'll feel better if you do!


  1. Hi Janet. Laughing all the way to the parking lot with you. I too have had the shocking experience of going into a bookstore and walking out empty-handed. Not too often, of course, but when it DOES happen, it's a memorable moment and like you, I tell my friends about it.

  2. Janet sounds to me you have a great deal of respect for your energy these days. Reserving it for art. I am the exact same way and often wonder why I didn't realize years ago how a simple thing such as a crowded room could drain me!

    I refuse to shop in big box stores unless I have a helper....Costco and such. Much prefer to go on the off days or hours to local stores, and produce stands. Even then I have to psych myself up for it!!

    Love your journal page, looks like energy in the right places. I am so amazed at how far your art has come....just love the colors and composition....I can see you too have been inspired by amusing muses!!

  3. Janet I love this page. It "speaks" to me. After a quick trip to Costco yesterday, I vowed to never go there on a Sunday again. I too like people but not when they run you over with their carts and let their kids run wild and I mean wild. I am not a crotchity old woman either. I also retreat to the quiet studio when I got home. LOL

  4. the journal page. You go girl!! Great work.

    I know exactly what you're talking about. Last week I went to our B&N and it was so crowded, people were even sitting on the floor reading. I had to step over them just to get around. So...I too walk out empty handed.

  5. Well, I need to hang with you! I have a very hard time leaving B&N empty handed!

  6. You are right. I don't believe you left B&N without a book! Love the page.

  7. Yes, I see where you extended the magazine images--very good--keep em coming!! And now you can go back another day to B&N, because you have to use that 15% coupon!

  8. Oh what willpower to walk out empty handed!!!! Don't know that I could have done that, especially with a coupon.

    Wonderful journal page!!

  9. I love that page so colorful and love what you wrote..
    I have been splurging on art supplies lately...bought a few books too...I almost went to B&N son gave me a gift cert. for my b-day...but my dentist appt. went too long. UGH
    I avoid malls and grocery stores on weekends too!

  10. Good advice about the creating, Janet. I've been crashed on my couch all evening, wiped out, after school, but I'm going to go up to my studio and do just one thing. Then, I know I'll feel better! Thanks for the kick in the pants. Your journal page is very pretty too, btw. Remember when we both started blogging two years ago? I think we've both come along way, and I look forward to even more creative growth along with you!


  11. I commented on this over at the journal site...the colors and images it!!! Note: if this comment goes through, I'll be surprised, I have had problems all day with blogger...I keep getting error messages.

  12. Janet,
    I just enjoyed a nice visit on your blog. I like the work that you are doing and how much you are committed to your work. I enjoyed seeing your simple sketches. The work that I've seen from the Suzi Blue class has inspired me to join.

    I also enjoyed the journal pages. I love color but was particularly drawn to the green page with the simple black images.

  13. I prefer to shop in the middle of the week myself.

    Your choice of colors certiantly brings out the pictures in a very inpirational style.

  14. Janet, this journal page could be an affirmation card. it is beautiful.. just looking at it and reading the words each day would be fantastic!

  15. Love this page, it is such a good combination of color, drawing, and cut outs...the words are perfect for the picture. Did HB faint when you came home empty handed?

  16. I hear you about going to the stores when they are crowded and noisy. It's very distracting, and sometimes I leave empty handed because I just can't think in all that turmoil. Lately your journal pages look like they should be transferred to fabric and put on wearables...they remind me of the designs from Blue Fish clothes. Gorgeous.

  17. I can hardly believe you made it to the B&N door without a book...
    I love this page, it is just filled with energy...
    Thank you for the sweet words about my toddler picture. I often wish I could talk to her.
    Love, Mary

  18. I am in love with this is beautiful

  19. I have done that...Gone into Michaels or Book Store and come out with just ideas!
    I have never seen a journal page of yours that I did not like..I like them all...Your eye for colors and brightness is priceless..Love to come here!


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