Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday!

No one who knows me is going to believe this! Remember I told you I was going to B&N yesterday and I'd let you know what I bought? Would you believe, the book addict (!) walked out of the store empty handed!!!! And I still have my 15% off coupon for another day. For one thing the store was busy....too many people milling about in the area where I wanted to browse. I had read about a book online that I thought I'd get but after looking at it I decided it didn't have anything new to offer me. Don't get me wrong, it's a perfectly good book. Just not one I need. So I passed on it. Besides, I have books in the studio I haven't even read yet!

I brought myself home, sequestered myself in the studio while football reigned in the family room and worked on some postcards and then finished my journal page.

January 24:

This one started with some leftover paint smeared on the page and a couple of scraps torn from a magazine. The borders are from a children's book and I used a couple of stamps, did some doodling and lettering and it was finished. If you look closely(clickable) you can see where the magazine drawing is and where I've extended it a little bit.

Sadly I didn't do any more on the face but I'll get to it soon. Today is a library day and grocery shopping. I don't like doing groceries on the weekend if I can help it. Mondays are much easier with less people! I sound as if I don't like people which is NOT true. I think what it is, is I don't like shopping!

Have a fun day and do something creative. You'll feel better if you do!