Friday, January 15, 2010

Have You Said Thank You?.....

I don't know about you but for the past couple of days I've been going around saying "thank you" more than ever before. I sat in my warm, comfortable family room last night surrounded by so much and watched the reports coming out of Haiti where they are left with nothing and I said thanks. Thank you for clean water at my fingertips not to mention ice whenever I want it. Thank you for clean bathrooms....three in my own home. Thank you for food....more than I can or should eat! Thank you for safety. I can lock my door and feel secure. Thank you for the leisure I have to do whatever I play in the studio. Thank you for too many things to list here. Have you said thank you recently?

There are so many places to make donations. I hope you pick one and donate whatever you can to help the people of Haiti.


My page for yesterday started out in one direction and then turned and went in a completely different direction. Sometimes that happens and when it does I just go with the flow. I'm not sure what this page represents so I haven't put any words on it and it doesn't have a name but here it is....

January 14:

I tried playing with this photo in Photoshop and also in Picture It but it didn't do much good! I'm beginning to think it might just be the photographer at fault!! The edges aren't quite so dark in real life and they have a lot more orange than it shows here.

HB said at first he thought of The Jetsons but then he said there was a certain Native American look, too. What do you see?

Have a fun day and remember those less fortunate....


  1. I see a hall of mirrors!

    As for saying Thank You, I say it all day long, every day.


  2. Janet, it is so hard to think that this has happened to people that already had so little. Arney is giving a donation from us this evening. Today is our payday and he wanted to give enough to matter.
    This was a very different art from you and I really like it. You seem to find new places to go, a new adventure. It reminded me of the
    60's for some reason.
    We are blessed, Mary

  3. I know what you mean about being thankful--sometimes I feel guilty, because of everything that's available to us and how much we take it for granted. I don't know what you want to call your page, but, of course, it's wonderful. I really like the different things that you're trying out.

  4. this year, I have chosen to say thankyou every single day.. as you know by finding the Sacred in my ordinary moments.. and since I have started doing this, my life or rather I, am so much more at peace

    ( I made a button you can take it off my blog if you wish, no rules, just a button xo)

    as to your art today.. I can see ancient mandalas and wisdom.. like the circle of life.. kinda.. xo

  5. Hi Janet, I'm visiting from Snap because (and I hope this will make you smile)- my hair is somewhat like yours! (Also, you do have a lovely smile.) I've been practicing thankfulness this week, so your thoughts are very timely. I enjoyed looking at your art. This piece reminds me of a meditation path with places along the way to reflect. I like the colors.

  6. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Well said, Janet! Yes, the tragedy has reminded me how much I do have to be thankful for. I like this journal page very much...I like the mix of colors.

  7. Always thankful, say it daily, feel it daily all day long! Nice reminder in light of all the tragedy!

    As for your page....I see the centre as a girl with pigtails, her face has
    a what looks to be fridge and hot water heater..... the bottom right corner I see an older woman, her mouth cover with a brown square... seems like things are being stifled.....all the brown squares randomly placed.... I do absolutely love it though, the color, the beauty, the squares, with the swirls, all my favorite things.... just a few things I see when I look at it! I'd probably name the page " Hush " if it were mine.... don't ask me why....just seems like it's not finished....waiting for the mind to quiet or something!

    Big hugs Giggles

  8. Your page is very interesting. At first I see it as Native American like a mask and I also see the girl with pigtails too. I am sure there is even more hidden in there. I try to be thankful everyday.

  9. it looks very art nouveau to me Janet... the circle in the middle looks like a nouveau plate its very art deco!

    ps thanks for kind words on my blog - cheered me up!!

  10. One can never be to thankful....we are such blessed people.
    Of course I saw this page in the light of a scrapbooker, each little place for a photo, also thought it would be good to put all of the things you said you were thankful for in the squares and different spaces.

  11. Yes Always a prayer of Thanks in my heart. I really like your page design Janet. I think it'll be very cool when you write on it.

  12. We have so much to be grateful for in our daily lives and, a lot of times, we take it for granted until a tragic situation like Haiti puts things into perspective.

    Beautiful journal page, as always, Janet. I love that orange circle against the pinks. At first glance, I saw a plate with cutlery sitting just under the rim...bear in mind, I haven't long been out of bed and haven't had my breakfast yet...hehehehe


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