Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here it is Saturday already. Do you have some fun things planned for the weekend? I'm watching videos on YouTube and playing in the studio. HB is working today so I have the house to myself. I got out first thing this morning to get my ink cartridge for the printer so I can just do my own thing for the rest of the day.

My page for yesterday was another fairly quick one. I applied paint with my palette knife, then I used an overall stencil for the background and a bird stencil for the main images. Also a bird stamp, the letter stamps, and some of those stick-on dots from the office supply. They're used to make filing that's going to happen!! I love circles and dots!

January 29:

After hearing a piece on the news last night about how people are buying Haitian children (!!!!!) and otherwise exploiting them, I added the words "for Haiti" to this page and wrote on the bird. I think this is a sick world when we allow such horrible things to happen to our children.


I also re-did the picture on the previous post....I scanned it and got a better image so I took off the old one and added the better one.


  1. Such a horrible situation...

  2. Love your Haiti piece :) very nice!

  3. Great page and great sentiments. It is horrible that there are those that will use such a sad event to there advantage.

  4. Great page Janet--it could be a poster!!

  5. I enjoy seeing your journal page each day. What size are the pages? I'm thinking about one...But I have to continue to think since I can't even get to my written one every day!

  6. Beautiful page and sentiment! I don't think I'll ever understand why people do the (bad) things they do.

    Enjoy your alone time!

  7. Another wonderful page Janet--my heart aches when I hear of such horrible thing that go on in times of disaster.

  8. You have made a good art piece to remind us of hope even in terrible situations!
    The little bird is perfect for this!

  9. It really is going from one tragedy to the next.

  10. Anonymous6:37 PM

    What the people of Haiti have been enduring must be horrible...And, the people trying to traffic the poor orphans! Unreal!
    Your Haiti page is dynamic, Janet, as always...A pleasure to visit!

  11. I love this Janet, sorry I am so late, I have been busy with family.
    I love what you said, we have people from a town near us in jail right now for either doing something really wrong, or they are very is sad.
    Your, Mary


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