Saturday, January 09, 2010

I Need Spelling Lessons!

Before I explain the heading of this post I thought I'd make everyone feel really bad and show you the local forecast for the L.A. area. This is one of our weathermen, Dallas Raines. If you're interested you can learn more about him here. He's my favorite weather guy!

These are the temps for the next few days....but where I live it will be about 8 - 10 degrees cooler. And look! There's rain in the forecast! In never rains in Southern California!!

Ok, now that I've made you feel bad about all the snow and freezing temperatures where you are just remember that in a few more months I'll be in 100ยบ+ temperatures while you are in much more pleasant ones! It all evens out in the long run.

Now to my spelling problems. This is the spread I did in my art journal and I goofed up at the very end!

January 8:

Apparently I can't spell "yourself"!!! Just ignore that little (BIG) mistake and also try to imagine the colors a little more intense....lots of blues and lavenders in the background but they seem to wash out in the photo. I tried adjusting them (once again!) and I just can't get them to show the way they look in person. I promise not to keep whining about that but it really irritates me to have a vibrant page in my hands and a washed out photo on the screen! I'll blame it on my camera!!

Now go out there and create some happiness for yorself....uh, make that yourself!


  1. I remember this weather when we lived in Cypress, Orange county. We would drive up to my mother and father's in Phelan and there would be snow, we loved it. Jenny learned how to ski in Wrightwood.Then go home and put on her shorts.
    I really love the four seasons of Idaho. But I do miss the beach. I would take my kids out of school for a day at the beach. I am a redhead so while they ran around in little bathing suits, I would hide under lots of clothes, but I loved it all. The sand, the hot dogs, the air off the water.
    We are in the 30's daytime and teens at night, we are doing good right now. Now Snow.
    Love these pages, and I can't spell for real!!!!
    to my sweet Janet, Love

  2. I knew you would like the camera, it is a shade of purple.
    Love it, Mary

  3. Just think, Janet, this piece could become a unique collectible art piece of your collection because of the misspelled word! I know what you mean about showing your work on the internet--how everything never looks as vibrant. Sometimes it takes me an hour just to get the picture right, and I never can. BTW, it's sunny here today :) and it's warming up to 20 degrees

  4. Golly, rub in the good weather !!!!!! It is COLD here. My poor tropicals! You are having a good time! Spelling? What spelling? !!!

  5. Your lows are higher than our highs! Love the page misspelling and all...I never can get blue to show right on the computer always washed out, I think it is just the color blue, Yellow on the other hand shows on the net way more vibrant that it is in person to the point of being gaudy!

  6. This is a FAVORITE!!! I LOVE IT!!! It represents that there really is no perfection!!! I would love to buy a copy to frame for my house.....I know it's a journal page but could it be made into a 5 x7 or larger?

    It would be perfect in my powder room!!! Probably invoke a bit of conversation....some one exits the bathroom....did you know the u is I can think of a million come backs for that!!!

    Hugs Sherrie

  7. I was taking photos of the weather channel this morning, too! lol Looks like you're in for a beautiful week ahead! I love your art today, too!

  8. I think it's lovely, spelling error and all! Pssssssst....know that you are not alone when it comes to spelling errors ;)

    Re. your journal pages - Try playing with the Brightness and Contrast settings in your Graphics program. I find these settings invaluable when it comes to getting photographed artwork close to the true tones. For instance, in your Graphics program...bring up a photo of your journal page, then try -5 Brightness with 20 Contrast just to get an idea of what I mean. Of course, these settings will vary with every photo as it all depends on how dark or bright the original photo is. Colour Balance is another tool I like to use sometimes. Also, the HSL adjustment tool, though I rarely need to use that one.

  9. You left U out of your art work,Oh no!
    At least you were smart enough not to try and "FIX" it. I usually make a big mess trying to fix my mistakes.Like on this I would have turned the r into a u and then tried to squeeze in the r somewhere
    It is a great piece even without the u.

  10. Hi Janet,
    I am stuck in the doldrums as far as my creativity goes. I have ten thousand idea rushing around in my mind but my New Years resolution in hanging me up. As far as my cross stitch goes, living in a rural community has its draw backs, I ran out of a particular color floss and so I am waiting till I get it in the mail. I have to order online for many of my supplies, but on the other hand, no traffic jams and very low crime element here. Anyway, I still need to finish sewing the backing on the Italian spread and the Nautical Christmas tree skirt has to be completed. Then there is the perverbeal Buffalo Gourd. Then I can start doing some other fun stuff. Meanwhile, I have all these fun things racing through my mind just dying to get out and I am struggling to keep control. HELP!!!! What to do.
    Then you have this lovely SoCal weather that I grew up in and is far away from me now. I would give anything to be able to recharge my solar batteries for just a week. I would give my husband for just a week. heheheh
    Now the big problem is beginning to haunt me and that is even bigger then my New Years resolution. I am going to have to have surgery on my left wrist and forearm. I broke it a year ago last October and now there is a major tear in one of the ligaments and they have to do agressive surgery wnich means I won't be able to work on anything for even longer.AHGGGGGGGGG
    Hugs my friend. I have taken up a big enough space to do me in for several posting comments. Sorry.
    OH YEA, Spelling???????? who cares

  11. jaent now youve got me humming - it never rains in sunny california!! love the pages too!

  12. It is 25 here this morning!!! I have messed up on speling before! see?!

  13. Going to Disneyland tomorrow...looking good! Don't worry about spelling..that happens to me all the time to.

  14. I am so sorry for writting such a long comment prior to this one.
    I was just looking at your profile and it is absolutely amazing that we both have almost the same identical interests. No wonder we found each others blogs.
    Have a great day and let me know what you think about the sandwich. Vegie style of course. heheh

  15. Well, Janet, that isn't very nice telling me that....actually bragging....when I am down here in, uh. "sunny" FLORIDA IN 29 degree temps overnight...even here on the coast where it is usually warmer, and totally grey skies. And think of poor Pammie, moving to SOUTH Florida, only to freeze her narrow butt! So, you should really be ashamed of YORSELF. Probably you are glad we might lose our strawberry crops so we will have to have them shipped in from California! Hmmmmmm???? Well, ok, I love you anyway. And your journal pages are awesome!!! :) xoxoxo

  16. "Oh that is just so mean of you to rub it in on them freezing folks in snow land" However on the other hand it was nice today, nice enough to wear shorts and go about barefooting on the nice warm ground.

    I also have a bit of problem with snapping pictures of my art, sometimes I spend awhile trying to correct the colors, other times I just don't feel like fooling with it at all. And if I think about it I then take my art outside and snap a picture of them under the sunlight which tends to do the trick.

  17. A weather forecast like that is a distant dream for us at the moment! I must admit I'd rather have these temps and the snow than your 100 degrees plus in the summer. I know what you mean about colour leaching out of some photos, it's annoying.

  18. Oh, I Love it, who cares about spelling? I use to spell good but the older I get the worse my spelling gets.
    Your temps look heavenly. We have been below freezing for 10 days now. The snow is still on the ground but it is suppose to warm up here later this week. I will feel like a heat wave.
    Have you started the other DJ stuff? I am still on excercise 1.
    Have a creative day, Janet!

  19. Oh Janet...the page is beautiful, even if you did leave out a letter... When I am stamping my alphabet stamps I sometimes miss a letter, and it makes me so mad, because I too know how to spell. Seems the older I get, sometimes I look at a word that is spelled correctly and it doesn't look right. Don't know why that is.
    Oh I remember Dallas Raines from years ago...He was so darn cute, my favorite weatherman too. Freezing my fanny off here in Texas. It's been colder here than in Idaho where my sister lives.

  20. Hey - I thought you Americans always left out the U in words! ^_~

    I like to see mistakes anyway. It adds humanity to artwork. It's a pretty page too. Nice coloUrs. LOL


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