Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's a B&N Kind of Day!!

Are you having a good Sunday?? I'm playing in the studio and making some big messes! Later I'm going to B&N for a little "me" time while HB watches a football game. I have a 15% off coupon so I'm armed and dangerous!

I'm still keeping up with my daily journal pages. They say if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit and you will continue with it. I hope that's true. Here are the latest ones....

January 22:

HB gave me the words to put along the bottom.

January 23:

I haven't written anything on this one yet. I thought about "the road less traveled...." or something along those lines, or something about detours leading to unexpected things. I haven't got anything yet so it's wordless at the moment.

I'm working on my page for today but it isn't finished. I usually do most of it during the day and then sit down in the evening and put the finishing touches on it. Yesterday's page is pretty simple because I didn't do that. Instead last night I worked on a face drawing....

She isn't finished either! I just started shading her but I like her so far.

Today the sun is shining and it's about 50ยบ....a great day to browse the bookstore! See ya tomorrow!! I'll tell you what I bought.