Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oops!! Don't Let Me Near the Kitchen!

Not much happening here at Chez Art! Last night I decided to do something dangerous. I saw a delicious sounding recipe for Eggplant Parmesan over on Snap's blog so I thought I would make it for our dinner.

If you know me, you know I HATE cooking so just the idea of me in the kitchen is laughable. As it turns out, it was almost cryable!! I followed the recipe, popped it into the oven, set the timer and waited for perfection. After the allotted time HB and I both decided it needed just a bit more time. WRONG!!!

I ended up with a torched topping on my eggplant and the clear message that I should not be allowed into the kitchen except to bake something (like cake or cookies which I love to do!) Underneath it all the eggplant was delicious and I would highly recommend this recipe....just don't burn your cheese topping!!

One thing I didn't mess up was my daily journal page!

January 25:

At first glance I think this has a quilty look. I painted the background, glued down an old book page, added some stamping, cut strips from a magazine, added circles and squares from wallpaper, and stamped the text. Easy peasy! (Sorry....the scan is a little crooked!)

I hope wherever you are the sun is shining today....smile and be happy! And don't burn anything!!


  1. Cooking is always a severe strain on my psyche. Note my Facebook post from the weekend.

    love the new journal page. You are so productive and creative in this area.

  2. I was only looking at a recipe for baked eggplant yesterday..lol At least the part below the topping was edible so not a total loss.

    Lovely journal page, Janet, and I really like the message. :)

  3. I always love to see what you write in your journal pages--and you're right--have fun! And your my kind of girl--I hate to cook too, but I sure do like to eat!

  4. This is another great page...so cute!
    I am NOT a good cook either, but I do love to watch the Food Network channel these days. I'm especially bad at cakes, have yet to make one that didn't flop.

  5. This reminded me of a time....I had dinner guests and I was doing some garlic bread. I checked it and turned to do something with one of the kids and the next thing I knew they were black and smoking.
    No bread for dinner!!!
    Arney likes the kitchen more than I do, we seem to balance it. I love this page too, it is fun, and I think the words are so true.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  6. You certainly DIDN'T mess up your journal page -- I think that may be one of my most recent favorites. As for the eggplant -- I think we've all had that experience in one form or another. Glad the main taste was still good! Worth trying again, I think!

  7. I'll give you a hint ... do everything on the top of the stove! I don't bake mine -- it's just to melt the cheese -- I put a cover over it and let it simmer on the stove top! :D :D :D

  8. Hi Julia,
    Heheh, just kidding. I know what you mean though, sometimes I can't do anything right and the next night all is well again. I may go for a week just messing up every single thing I make.
    I have a question for you, what do you use for adhesive on your collages. I use acrylic gel medium gloss or matt. I like it because it drys fast and seals well.

  9. Yep - I can see a great quilt in that daily journal page...it's beautiful!

  10. Your journal page does look 'quilty', I reaaly like it.
    As for the cooking, well you know how I feel about that.
    We don't need a dinner bell, not in this house, you just wait for the fire alarm to go off..!
    big hugs

  11. Oh Janet sorry to hear about your cooking disaster. Never mind you will know better NEXT time. Like your journal page, it does look a bit like a quilt but also a super kind of tic tac toe ( nought's and crosses)

  12. Anonymous9:00 AM

    At least you didn't have to call the fire department :) I love to bake but do not do it because we try and watch our sugar and fat intake...Love the journal page and the stamped text is a great touch!

  13. I dont think I like eggplant...but lol that is whay I always do, I think it needs more time...but it doesn't. You are right it does look like an art quilt, I love that look, I just might steal it.

  14. HaHa..I'm like you Janet, love to bake, but hate to cook. Esp. if I have to do it on a regular basis. Hubby and I have come up with a good solution, I cooked and cleaned for the first 25 years of marriage...Now he is going to do it for the next 25. Every time I cook anymore, the smoke alarm goes off! When we bought a new iron and a new vacuum, he picked out the ones HE wanted to use.. Since I have developed shoulder problems, he does the ironing, AND since we have carpets with fringe on them I am NOT allowed to use the vacuum. I am just allowed to use the computer and do artwork. How about that? Love your page, as I always do.

  15. I love this journal page.. I love cooking too.. but my bread making leaves alot to be desired as you know ;)

  16. Ahhhhh....sorry about the eggplant dish!! Glad you could salvage some. Love the Mediterranean dishes!...
    I liked the page and the message written, it was darker than you usually do...but, I love it!


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