Friday, January 29, 2010

A Quickie Journal Page....

Yesterday was one of those running around days. Once again I stopped at B&N (with my coupon) and left empty-handed! The book I wanted wasn't there (and since then I've changed my mind about it anyway!) and I looked at some others but I think I've finally reached "Full" when it comes to mixed media books! Every one I look at seems to have all the same information....or maybe I'm just getting bored! From there I looked around at Target....nothing caught my eye and I had wasted enough time so it was off to get groceries. It's one of my least favorite jobs.

Speaking of groceries, did any of you watch the Oprah show about Food 101? I loved it! I've been saying, for years, that it's our food that's making us sick! Or rather I should say our fake food! Most of what we eat is manufactured junk filled with who knows what! I ordered the DVD that Opera mentioned....Food, Inc. Amazon has a special deal until midnight can get it for $9.99. You have to go through to do it.

I'm sorry....I got a bit off-track there! Anyway after trudging around the grocery store, loading everything into the car, unloading it at home, putting it all away, washing all the veggies, etc I had very little time left in the day for art! With HB working for a few days I've been having to cook. I made sure all the smoke detectors were in good working order and that we have a fire extinguisher handy!! And thank goodness for left-overs cooked by HB.

By the time I got to the studio, I just slapped down some paint, grabbed a picture and glued it down, then stamped and embellished around it and that was that!

January 28:

This is much more golden looking in real life. I used azo gold as a wash over everything. I had to take a photo of the page because my printer ran out of ink this morning and it wouldn't scan. If the scanner is just "taking a picture" and not actually printing why does it need ink? Oh, well, whatever the reason it didn't work. The light wasn't all that good this morning so the page looks darker and washed out. I tried messing with it but I seemed to just make it worse! My on-going problems with color adjustment!!

So today I thought I would stay home and play in the studio but now I have to go buy ink cartridges for the printer. I have such a tough life!! :-)

NOTE: After I got the ink for my printer I scanned the page and added it. I removed the "bad" picture and this one now shows the colors more like they appear in real life.


  1. You make me smile :) My scanner/printer does the same thing. Although it warns you when it's running low on ink--I use mine alot, so I always make sure I have extra. I loved this page--see how things turn out, when it's just organic? How are you doing in Suzi's class? Tomorrow, we're going to Cleveland--there's a craft store that's very reasonable. It's supposed to be 16 degrees for a high--brrr!

  2. You are so funny.... I was wondering why do you need ink to scan it, and then you explained. Oh yes, I watched Oprah and Food Inc. and it is so true! I've been preaching it for a while now... fake food makes us sick. I hope many people got the message.

  3. I still can't believe you didn't come with a book of some kind, although I do understand that *they* do start to look all alike! I have to plug and unplug my printer/scanner to make the scanner work ... sometimes I give it a little extra *push*!!!

  4. I did watch Opera, it was things we really know but need to hear it over and over. We have really no idea what is in some of this stuff.
    Arney and I have always been homemade kind of people. The meat thing in scary because I believe it is the worst. We used to grow our own steers and chickens...I am thinking about getting chickens again.
    I really love this page, it is really pretty Janet. I love the whole idea.
    Tonight the kids will all be here for Arney's Birthday dinner.
    It is so true, if you go shopping the day is gone and then tired sets in.
    Love Ya, Mary

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  6. Hi Janet....your page is beautiful and you are just so funny. Have a good week-end.

  7. We are way behind in Oprah shows here so I haven't seen the show mentioned but, like you, I have been saying for the past 30 years that we will just keep getting more sick on all the chemical crap they put into processed foods. It's scary! I might go check out Oprah's website and find the DVD you mentioned.

    Btw, lovely journal page!

  8. It looks prett darn cool from where i sit! sometimes just slapping stuff down satys a lot! And I know what you mean about the books all being so much alike..eve nthe covers and style is the same.

  9. I wish I could just sit down and slap on some paint-etc etc and end up with something as wonderful as this page.

  10. that is exactly why I try to eat organic whole foods as much as I can.. anyhow, won't get started on the food thing, could be here forever!!

    I love your journal page..even if it didn't scan properly.. i love it!! and maybe you don't need anymore mixed media books because you are happy & content with your own creative style and are going with that?

  11. ps - that is why home-made bread or at least artisan made is important.. have you seen the chemicals in normal white bread? enough to preserve a body forever like a mummy!!

  12. Janet for a slapped together page it is terrific.

  13. I love this page, the colors are great to me.
    I agree about the book thing, too much of the same thing. Mayne I need to get back to writing mine, I am hoping it will be different.


  14. You might have just slapped down some paint and glued a picture that you then embellished but it still looks awfully good!

  15. Oh I know what we put in our bodies gets us sick. I'm about ready for a cleanse. Seriously! Thanks for the info on the book. Your page is gorgeous! We are having some snow and I'm loving it!!!! Enjoy your weekend!! xo

  16. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Hello...I agree with you about mixed media books...they are starting to repeat themselves. I didn't see the show you mentioned but I have read Fast Food Nation (I think that's the title) a few years ago. Sometimes there aren't enough hours in a day.


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