Friday, January 08, 2010

Sunshine and Art....

I've been reading blogs this morning and hearing about all the freezing cold weather everywhere....well, at least in the UK and most of this country. I wish I could send you all some sunshine and a little bit of warmth from sunny Southern California. Here where we live it has been getting into the 60's during the day (not all that warm!) and dropping down into the 30's at night so it isn't exactly beach weather but I must say it's warmer than many other places! And the sun shines almost every day. That's what I like best.

I took this picture of the windows reflected in a picture that hangs on the wall in the dining room....

I have those crappy vertical blinds on the big window in the dining room. I really don't like them but the window is huge and I don't know what else to do with it! I do like how the sunlight plays through them though. And you can see the big arched window above which we cover in the summer to keep the sun out....otherwise we would bake!

Ok, enough of this weather/house report. I am keeping up with my art journal so far this year. This is the spread I did yesterday....

I painted the background with some Golden liquid acrylics then added a border of strips cut from various magazines and papers. The colored squares are cut from scrapbooking paper, too. I added some text from an old book, some stamped images, including some writing and then added the elephant picture. I thought it was so cute....I like elephants. I did some circles with paint and Neocolors II, printed out some day and month letters to use, doodled around the edges, and then found a quote I like and wrote that on the page with a Sharpie poster paint pen and that was it.

I still can't seem to get the colors to show true when I photograph them but if I scan the pages it cuts off the border. So this is the best I can do.

Have you played today? Made any art? Do'll feel better!


  1. I really wish you could send some of the warmth here. While not as cold as other places, I am tired of ice on the ground.

    I am knitting...therapeutic and results in warm wearables!

  2. How clever to use all these neat elements - I like how they all just seem to blend up together like it was just meant to be!

    And if you could, pleeze ~ ! ~ Send WARMTH!! I'm dreading the rest of winter!!


  3. Love your quote and those are the cutest trees! I really like your home, although you may see it's flaws, I adore homes where all that wonderful light gets to shine in!

  4. That's really a cool photo of your home! Looks like layered art! I can't get enough of your journal pages.. all the happy colors talk to me. xo

  5. I LOVE the reflection pic AND your gorgeous journal page, Janet! So much colour and interest....nice work!

  6. Awesome reflection photo. Love the color on your journal pages also, it makes me happy.

  7. i really like your page

  8. We had more snow flurries today which is always welcome. We had a little bit of a dusting but now all of that is ice! Still very cold for the south, but I'm enjoying it tremendously. It feels like winter! Oh but your sun is beautiful. xo

  9. We have the big windows too, but ours came with heavy curtains that insulate in the winter and block out the sun and heat in the summer. I bought some new beads today to redo the bracelet from Tuesday.

  10. Don't you just love the Golden liquid acrylics. I just got some today that I ordered from D. Blick. I can't find them in town anywhere. I treat them like gold, though, because they're not cheap, but they're my favorite. I envy your sunshine. I haven't been out of the house in almost 2 weeks,seriously.

  11. I wish I could say I did some art today, but I cannot. But I did do a little cleaning in the room. Hoping to do some on Saturday

  12. We are lucky the weather has been warm here in the west!
    Cool journal pages Janet.

  13. Janet, I love your art journal!
    we have hot weather at the moment.. swimming weather for us!!

    not much art going on here.. mainly decluttering and some gardening when it is cool.. but I guess you could call my garden, my art :)

  14. I'll take some of that warmth. Glad you played today, those are beautiful pages you did. I worked on several things this morning but nothing is finished yet. Sarah leaves tomorrow so I am sad. I just have to do plenty of art tomorrow.


  15. I really like the abstract quality of that photo. You have a good eye. It would be interesting to use that as a background/blend layer for something in Photoshop. day. LOL

  16. Ohhhhhh Janet, I absolutely LOVE these pages!!!!!!!! They are just so so neat!!!! I'm dying to start my journal, but now am in Suzi Blu's petit doll class and I have to use my moleskin for sketching eyes and noses and such. One of these days! I just bought some Goldens too and the other type from the UK...the name escapes me, but they sounded neat too. Have fun!!! As though I need to tell you that... :))

  17. Hi Janet

    I have not been very good at keeping up with blog reading so far this year. I wish it was my job to just read blogs! I think I'd be very good at it. But, alas, I have other things to do. I did go back and read all your posts I missed. I love all your pages. They are so colorful and happy looking.

    As for the vertical blinds, I, too, can't stand them. Sometimes, though, they really are the only solution when you have a window like yours. I just try to ignore them most of the time and use them when necessary.

    Weather-wise we are sooo lucky here in SoCal. Coronado has been in the 70's (even a couple of 80 degree days lately!) during the days and 50's at night. If only my house wasn't in the 50's in the mornings as well. I love the sunshine and warmth and am so grateful that I live here and not where it is below zero for a high! Eeek.

    Keep up the good work!


  18. I like the journal page.
    Sun what is that..It is freezing and I just want to stay under a blanket.


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