Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Yikes! Am I Really This Dumb???

Today I've been working on the Photoshop class I'm taking with DJ Pettitt and this is how I feel....

It isn't DJ or the format of the class....those are both very's just trying to remember all the different layers and things you have to do! Remind me again....why did I want to learn this???!!!

Maybe I'll just stick to plain old art done by hand! I haven't even done a page for today yet and I feel like I just want to crawl in bed and pull the blanket over my head. I did do a page in my art journal yesterday....not a very exciting page but here it is....

January 5:

Since most of the people who commented liked the pages laying flat I tried scanning this one. It cuts off a little of the border when I use the scanner but I guess that's ok. As I said, not too exciting. I've been in a "doodle" mood lately so that's what I did here. I do like the colors though.

Now I guess I'll tackle the Photoshop stuff again. Send brain cells! I may need extras to get through this class!!


  1. "Thank you so very much! I needed a good laugh today, your cartoon made me laugh.

    I am enjoying seeing your happy colorful delightful art styles here. Very nice blog.

  2. Good luck with your class, You CAN do it....i know what you mean about photoshop, it can be a bit frustrating! Love the yellow page and so glad to see the doodles :D

  3. Good Luck Janet, I am sure you will master it. I like the colors and doodles on your page too.

  4. Ah Janet remember that old saying--You can't teach an old dog new tricks?
    BUT I have faith in you this time says she that flunked.

  5. Anonymous5:34 PM

    You will get it and when you do you will be thrilled. Which Photoshop are you using. Right now I am trying to learn CS4 but I love playing with Elements.

  6. I really like the colors on these pages. I am still moving along in my Elements prog. (at a snail pace)
    I might add, right now I am trying to understand pixels! Keep plugging
    away at it you'll get there.

  7. Now, can do this. I have had to teach myself, and believe me it has added up to many hours on the computer...Saying thing like,"Oh No and what was that, and some bad words too." But I continue to plug away because I really like doing it.
    I love this yellow Janet, it is really pretty.
    Go for it, Mary

  8. My advice would be to gather all the information in order...then take it slowly step by on an image in only enough stages/layers at a time that you can handle in one session. Work to your own pace and, with practice and repetition, the techniques will stay with you. I have every confidence you can do it, Janet ~ xo

    Lovely journal page, btw ~ :)

  9. Oh dear!! I have been wanting to learn photoshop!!! Maybe I'll put it off a little longer!! :)

    I do love the journal spread!!!

  10. Love the yellow pages. You'll soon be using Photoshop quite intuitively. I bet you thought the same when you learnt to drive - so don't despair. x

    PS - try ArtRage next ^_~

  11. Beth told me about this class. Stick with it, you'll get it. I think I may have to take it next time. Who will be screaming then?

  12. I use my same old Microsoft Picture It program Janet. Photoshop intimdates me so...I just dread learning all that stuff...probably need to take a class as well. I've signed up for a Suzi Blu class though.
    Love your journal pages. I just got my first moleskin...

  13. Don't worry Janet, Your not the only one having issues in there. I am having problems with the cloning and healing brushes. But I had some major dental issues last week and just stopped trying to I felt better. Going to tackle it again this week. It will get easier, I promise. Remember to go to youtube for some good tutorials too.


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