Tuesday, January 05, 2010

You Won't Believe It...

OK, are you sitting down? Take a deep breath....relax. Are you ready? I actually have some art to show you!!! It felt like years since I had done anything artsy but actually I did an art journal page way back on December 8, 2009....nothing since then until this year. When I say it like that it sounds like a much longer time!

Without further ado here are the pages I've done so far in 2010....

January 2:


No, you're not seeing double! It's the same page, in the first photo it's just open on the desk and in the second it's standing up. Which do you prefer? I'll do all of these that way and you can decide.

January 3:


January 4:


I have my page for today started but it isn't finished yet. Oh, and by the way, I think all these photos are clickable so you can see them larger.

It was fun to finally get paint on my hands (and some other places, too!) and create something bright and colorful and happy. Now I have to get busy on some of my classes! I'm way behind and the teachers might flunk me!! Just kidding about the teachers 'cause they're all very nice.

Remember to smile and have some fun today....and thanks for stopping by all those times when I had nothing to show you.