Sunday, February 21, 2010

Books, Cats, and Journal Pages....

There are several people who comment here and mention they would like to begin an art journal. Sometimes we need a little nudge to get going or we need some direction before we start down the path. With that in mind I mention to you a great review of a book about journaling. You can read the review here at iHanna's blog. This is the book she reviews:

Take a might just be the gentle push that gets you started. Or maybe you aren't ready yet but either way you might enjoy the review and the book.

This has been quite a weekend for us. Our LuLu has been sick.

We took her to the vet last week and she got three medications....which were almost impossible to get down her! They started making her sick so we called the vet and they changed one of the meds but she's still getting sick every time she eats. So we have stopped giving her the meds because the original problem seems to be if we can just get her over this tummy upset stuff we'll be back to normal. She's such a sweetie. I feel so bad for her....just like a mommie!

I've been keeping up with my pages. Here are the latest ones:

February 19:

This one was a quickie. I wanted to use that big pink rose for quite sometime and that was the day. I like the background and was sorry that I covered up so much of it. I used some of my packing tape along the side, top and bottom.

February 20:

This page looks so much better in person. I LOVE the background on this page!! And it sort of makes me think of Mardi Gras.

So that's what's been happening in my world. I hope you've been doing something more fun than I have.

PS - I have been getting some amazing postcards and I'll be sharing them with you in a couple of days. I'm waiting for the last one to arrive so I can get some photos.


  1. I love your February 19th art work!!

    Poor Lulu, I hope she soon recovers. It's not nice nice when our fur babies aren't well. We do feel like their mommies.

  2. Great pages Janet! That Mardi Gras page is so cool! The black really makes the colors stand out! Hope your kitty gets better soon!!

  3. Love your pages Janet!
    And I agree, that is a great book, especially for beginners, but has great ideas for everyone.

    Sorry to hear about LuLu, hope she feels better quickly. She looks a lot like our Flirt kitty!

  4. I hope Lulu gets better soon. I hate when my poor Diesel gets sick.
    I love the Masque page. Very fun!

  5. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Poor Lulu...hope she's feeling better soon. I like the Mardi Gras page...the mix of the black and the colors. I hope you have a great week ahead!

  6. So glad you stopped by The Open Window and said hello. I am so happy that you found Diana's interview intriguing.

    After taking a look around at your blog, I hope you will consider becoming a follower over at The Open Window as I will be featuring a variety of artists and authors that I think you will love.

    In the meantime, when you have a moment, I hope you will swing by Sarah's blog over at The Art of Moodling. She teaches art journaling in the UK and is so much fun to get to know.

  7. Poor Lulu! Healing thought for her... I thought we are going to loose our cat after giving him antibiotics (he had a horrible and scary reaction to them).
    I dont know anything about the book you recommend, but I do enjoy looking at your journal pages. Love that you are keeping up with them daily.

  8. I hope Lulu is feeling better. I hate when one of my Furbabies are sick. I have that book, Journal Spilling and its a great book. Mom and I both have it! I am trying to get motoviated on my Journals again. We had a beautiful week-end after being snow bound most of Febraury. I think this is the first Monday I have worked in February as the rest of them were snow days.
    Keep on Journaling, Janet. So enjoy seeing your pages,,I LOVE them and your so talented!
    Have a creative Monday!

  9. Thank you for the book suggestion, I will read the review and perhaps get the book. Love the new pages especially the mask, the bright colors are terrific and make me happy.

  10. LuLu is so pretty and she looks so healthy there, I hope she feels better today!
    Your pages are always fun to see. Love that Mardi Gras looking one too!
    I just bought another good journaling book called THE DECORATED PAGE...can't recall the author, but I'm enjoying it.

  11. Both pages are great. I love that rose, and it looks great with the striped pink tape. The Mask page makes me feel like dancin'. LuLu is beautiful, hope she feels better by now.

  12. Oh that rose page is just divine. You're the best advert ofr making journals there is, Janet.
    Journals - sketchbooks - they're all great ways to have fun.

    Your poor pusscat. We've found in the past that giving some cooked chicken helps settle a cat's stomach. Hope all is well soon. x

  13. Thanks for the info about the book, looks like a "must have" and so sorry your kitty is having a bad time, hope she is better soon. Of course I love the page with the! that tape around the edge really brings it all together.

  14. First of all, I love the title of this post!

    Now, about Lulu -- please give her get well wishes from me and Mr. Gyps. I hope you can get her up to par soon.

    And as always, great pages!

  15. Oh Janet! Poor LuLu. I hope she feels better soon. She looks exactly like my new kitty, Inca. Give her a pet for me.

    I love! your journal pages! They are really exciting to look at and, best of all, it looks like a real labor of love. Thanks for the linky. You are sweet,

  16. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Hello...I have just had a look at a lot of your work, and I like your style! I outclicked from art girls blog and found you!

    i'll follow you now...
    come by and see me too sometime...

    actually there's no time like the present...i'm having a small's one of my handmade doilies...and it ends tonight!

    see you soon


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