Monday, February 08, 2010

Gremlins....They Gotta Go!!!

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me in the comments....and most especially to Sharon (All Norah's Art) Yep....I know that little gremlin sits right there on my shoulder and whispers in my ear. Most of the time I can keep her away but sometimes she's more insistent than others. When I get frustrated I usually vent and unfortunately this is where I do it!!

After my meltdown I just couldn't get myself into making any art. Yesterday HB watched the Super Bowl....his team lost, mine won!! But in the end he said my team played a better game than his. I thought that was very gracious of him.

I tried cleaning a little in the studio but it has gotten to that point where it's overwhelming! Maybe that's why I'm struggling with art right now! No room to work and too much clutter everywhere. If you don't see me for a couple of days you know what I'm doing!

Finally in the evening I managed to throw together a page in my art journal. And I mean that....I threw it together with stuff that was on my worktable. But I'm really trying to make a page each day even if some of them aren't all that good. It keeps me thinking ART.

February 7:

Today I want to just play with art stuff....I had some ideas over the weekend and they've been rolling around in my head so I better do something with them before they crash into something and make a big mess! something fun....


  1. Ah - the crowded worktable/dissatisfaction/inertia/procrastination syndrome - I know it well.
    I feel so much better knowing that others go through the same thing. ^_~

  2. Hmm - looks like I also suffer from the old comment gap syndrome too ......

  3. GREAT attitude, Janet!!

  4. Oh, don't go thinkin' that it's wrong to vent on your own blog! ~ Rant away! ~ That way it all get's off your chest, and the relief afterwards will turn you toward your ART - Then you will feel much more like Creating Wonderful Things!! Been there, done that! ~ Go for that work table & Create Away!!


  5. Hey~!! You betcha'~!! OUR team did win, huh, Janet~!! It was a fun game to watch~!! Go Saints~!
    Art pages, works, or reading about art always has to be with organization!! I "hear" you about the clutter and I cannot work with stuff here and there! I liked the Heal Mother Earth! I always get a "shot in the arm" visiting as I can only HOPE to begin each day. Time is the GREMLIN here in this household....arghhhhh Thanks for visiting....

  6. janet - I LOVE your faces... oh my gosh I wish I could draw half as well! My drawing is rubbish and I think youre ebing too hard on yourself especailly as you have so much talent!! Keep going!!! loveing looking at your art n stuff!

    Krissie at winterwood (where not much art is happening at all lol!)

  7. Yeah Saints - even though I am not a football fan it is hard not to be a little involved. I know the grimlin all too well. Must get motivated.

  8. I took a day away from the computer and didn't see your other post till after I read this one. I think we all need to vent some times - especially when that gremlin's piping up.
    I'm feeling kinda overwhelmed by the piles of stuff around here. Think I'm overdue for some cleaning/organizing...
    I'm not really much of a football fan (at all, really), but I was happy for the people in New Orleans that their team won.

  9. the page you threw together looks fabulous. I wish I could throw together pages. I go down to the studio and sit and do nothing, but think I need to clean this up

  10. I know what you mean about a messy studio. I can create in one for a little while but sooner or later i think it tends to stifle creativity. A good cleaning is good for you and the studio is a happy place too.

    About venting, this is the perfect place to vent, where all your friends are.


  11. Janet,

    I have given you the Kreativ blog award. You are always inspiring to me.

  12. THat's right've got it going on. And can let it all loose on your blog... you ca nget some darn good feeback!

  13. yep.. crowded and cluttered, mine is like that - again... I have a tiny little space to work in that is being invaded by bits.. time to tidy up - again.
    and as to throwing out your page.. sometimes you just have to do that. once I was told to keep everything.. but there are some bits that you just don't need to hang on to.


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