Monday, February 22, 2010

Havin' Fun Doin' Nothin"....

Here's the latest kitty update! LuLu went back to the vet's this morning and they're keeping her today and tonight so they can give her an IV for fluids. She isn't eating or drinking very much, still getting sick, and they want to observe her and do a couple of tests. It was terrible to leave her there. She looked so scared. Hopefully they will find out what's wrong with her and we can get her back to her usual sweet self.


Nothing else much happening around here the past couple of days. I've just been having some fun in the studio. I don't have much I can show you yet so I'll just show you my art journal page from yesterday....

February 21:

I haven't put any words on it yet and may or may not. If I think of something I might add it otherwise it will be just as it is. This was another quickie....just a few things cut from magazines and some embellishments. Nothing fancy. Just keeping myself busy creating. I love looking for things in magazines that I can use in some other way. The big red partial circle was the saucer of a big cup....the flowered circle was part of a plate. I try to see things from a different angle or a different perspective and use them in my journals.

HB is working in the garage today....trying to find some space out there! So I better go help him a little bit. Have a great day....


  1. The garage ... the black hole of Calcutta .... :D :D

    Hope LuLu gets well and home soon. Our furbabies are so important! I'll have a post soon about Ms. Riley. When we were at the zoo this weekend, we saw Rocky's brick for the first time.

    Journal pages look great. I love the circles/arcs.c

  2. With my strongest prayers for LuLu I send this message: Be Brave you dear furbaby, it's going to be okay.

    We got snow today. I drew a lot at work on my lunch break.

    I hope all goes well with LULU.


  3. So sad when our babies are not feeling well - get well wished to Lulu. Just about ready to start a Journal. I have a few things to finish up and then I am off to the races, I hope. Love your new page the colors are fantastic.

  4. Sending well wishes to your Lulu. Your journal page is a those colors.

  5. Oh no, Kitty huglettes!
    Purps got sick to this month, it took her a week to get better, not to mention a vet bill (rolls eyes).

  6. Our pet friends are so much apart of our life...I just know LuLu will be just fine.
    This page is really fun, I like the is fun to find thing in mag's. I made a very large mistake before starting to blog...I had a yard sale and sold all of my mag's. I could have had a really good time with them.
    Monday at the Dentist!!! all went well. Hugs, mary

  7. I don't even want to think about my garage right now - maybe after K gets his other hip done, and we can both tackle it...
    Hope your little Lulu is well soon!

  8. Your color choices are my favorites! I think it's pretty in itself! Hope your Lulu gets better soon.


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