Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I Have a Date Tonight!!....

First, some of you have asked about the size of my art journal pages. Currently I'm using an old decorating book as my journal and it's about the size of a regular sheet of printer paper. I'm gluing two pages together to make each page more durable. I prefer to work in a larger size than a moleskine, which I know a lot of people use. My previous journal was one I made and it was about 6" x 8"....the size was ok but I still like the bigger journals. In the smaller one I did two-page spreads most of the time. In this current journal I use one page at a time.

Another question I get is what kind of white pen do I use. Most of the time I use Sharpie Poster Paint pens in fine or ultra fine. I buy them at Dick Blick. I also like Signo Uni-ball pens. I think I get them from Jet Pens. Either of these pens works good for me.
Now on to the IMPORTANT stuff! Tonight I'm going to be glued to the TV. Tonight "LOST" returns. If you've read my blog for awhile then you know I'm obsessed with this show. I've watched it from the beginning and have never missed an episode! Personally I think this is some of the best TV I've ever seen. And there's lots of gorgeous scenery, too....

Oh, yeah, and Hawaii looks pretty good, too!

I don't have a picture of my page from yesterday yet and I haven't made a page for today yet so I'll try to get back later to add those. I have a full day ahead of me....I have to be ready for my date tonight!! I'm off to get my hair done, get a manicure, a pedicure, have my make-up done, get a new dress and shoes....I have to look special for my date!!! If you know me you know I'm kidding about all of that except for the fact that I'm excited and I do have a busy day!


  1. Hi Janet!

    I've been meaning to stop by to see how you were doing, and I guess I picked the right day!!!!
    Love those bad boys!

    Enjoy your "date" tonight! I hope you and DH are doing well.

    Hugs and love,

  2. ummmmm yummy, I may have to watch just to catch a glimps of these bad boys. Looking is allowed. I used to live in Hawaii for several years and yes, they have some very nice bad boys there. Kind of an oxymoron huh. Nice Bad Boys?
    Glad to see you are well and staying busy. Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments and visits to my blog.
    Have a great day

  3. Oh yea, I'll be glued to my TV too!!
    Really wondering how it will begin after the bomb!!!

    And - Sawyer grew up in my neck of the woods. Graduated from our local High School. In fact Christmas two years past, we thought we saw him going into Kroger as we were leaving!!! :)

  4. Very nice scenery indeed, I have never watched lost but the senery just may be worth it (winks)

  5. Where are there online art classes? I am interested! I am getting ready to start an online art gallery on ebay...I have a few artists on board...are you interested? I would maintain the store, advertise and market...I am looking for artists that just want to paint and leave the rest to someone else...I would require a small commission fee for costs...let me know...I should have the store up and running within the next few weeks...send me an email if you are interested...no contracts...this is nothing formal...and you can still sell on etsy if you like...

  6. Apparently we have the same taste in TV shows and men. I have every season of "Lost" on blue-ray cd. I need to see all that scenery crystal clear LOL.
    How could such "bad boys" look so good?

  7. Anonymous10:22 AM

    I had no idea...that's what we'll be watching tonight. We got started later...I ordered episode 1and as they say, the rest is history. There's many loose ends that the show will have to tie up...can't wait...but also do not want to see the show come to an end.

  8. Anonymous10:40 AM

    wowsy wow wow

  9. You are too funny! I must admit I never did watch Lost, but there are very few series on t.v. that I have managed to see. I even missed the first couple of episodes of the new season of Leverage because I forgot. There is one cutie on there I kinda like.

    Enjoy your date...tee hee.


    I too is also a fan of Lost and yes I must agree it is one of their best they ever wrote for TV.

    Iam still working my art book yet, sometimes I get frusterated with gluing the pages in right. I am nearly done with gluing all of the pages in. I am using a cash record book to be converted.
    Althouth I did started painting on a couple of pages. I am using both Sharpie ink and paint.
    When I am able to find the time I will open up another art blog explaining all of my frusterations at making this book. ha

  11. Janet,

    I have been thinking of you since I knew you were a big LOST fan too. Can't wait to see that Saywer again. The other boys too.... I am putting everything on hold tonight... I will think of you as I watch..


  12. LOST fans unite! I'm excited too!

  13. Don't let us distract you from your "bad boys"!

  14. hope the date was as fantastic as you hoped!!! maybe your journal page will reflect this :) xo

  15. Okay, that was a little confusing don't ya think??!!

    But it was good!!!! :)

  16. Great pic! Hope you had a good time on your date!

  17. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Well, we put it on the DVR, and this weekend we shall have a good cup of coffee, settle down and watch it!! Yessssss....those bad boys are eye candy! LOST is one of my faves, too, as you know, along with Fringe.....
    Hope you liked the show..

  18. Nice!!!!!! I could enjoy your date night..TEE HEE.
    I have never watched Lost, I don't know why????
    I am hooked on Gray's...Mc Dreamy!!
    Have fun! Mary


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