Saturday, February 27, 2010

LuLu is Home!

LuLu is back home with us! Thanks to all of you and your thoughts and prayers. I know they helped.

The veterinarian finally decided that LuLu had gotten something toxic because that's the only way her blood levels could have come back the way they did. Now HB and I are trying to figure out what she could have gotten into because all the things they suggested are things we don't have in our home! No plants, no medications, no we're going room by room trying to figure it out. I told HB the only thing toxic in this house is my cooking and the cats don't get people food! We're just thankful she's home and seems to be improving. She has meds to take and will have to go back in about a week but so far so good.


I know I'm really behind with my art journal pages....I'm not behind in making them, just in showing them to you. I have been able to keep doing them throughout all this chaos with LuLu.

February 22:

This was one of the days when LuLu was very sick and I was sad.

February 23:

I think this one might be called "Weird Scientist"....

February 24:

This began as a postcard but somehow it got some smears of dirty color on it so I just tore off the backing and glued it in my journal! Quick and easy page that day!

I'll try to show you three more tomorrow and then we'll be almost caught up. I don't want to put too many on at one time and overwhelm you!

I've also been posting some photos over on my photo blog if you're interested.

I hope you're not snowed in where you are....we had a little rain earlier today but now the sun is shining. My almond trees are beginning to blossom! Spring is almost here!!


  1. That is GREAT news, Janet!

  2. You must be so relieved!!! How nice that this story had a happy ending....give Lulu a hug for me.

  3. Anonymous3:10 PM

    YEA! LuLu's home!! I'm glad that she is doing well. It's aggravating not knowing what may have caused this problem, I'm sure. Your pages look great...I like the scientist one a lot.

  4. glad to hear Lulu is feeling better and back home! I have cats and sometimes it's hard to figure out what they get into! Love all the journal pages, you have been busy!

  5. What a relief about Lulu!! You cracked me up with your comment about your toxic cooking! I can so relate, and must ask....have you ever burned soup? I have :)

    I love that orange/yellow page with the simple chinese art on it!

  6. Nice pages, love the weird scientist. How'd you manage to find the perfect sad face picture on the day you were experiencing it? So glad they figured out what was wrong with LuLu and she is recovering.

  7. Great news! I know cats can get into anything. They did that with Bev. "Could she have gotten into something?" Well, yes, lol. Good luck in finding what it was.

  8. So happy LuLu is home with her Momma! My cat got e-coli several years ago and we never could figure out where or how she picked it up. None of the usual sources were present. Anyway, it's nice to hear she's on the mend.

    As for the pages, I particularly like the 24th. I bet it's even brighter and move vivid in person! Lovely work, as always!


  9. YeeeeeeHaaaaaw! Miss LuLu is home!

    (Love the pages, too!)

  10. Glad to hear LuLu is doing better, she couldn't have gotten into your art supplies?

  11. I'm so happy for you and Lulu - thank goodness they didn't put her down but gave her a chance. If Lulu doesn't go outside to pick up a poison, maybe she drank from a toilet bowl where you'd applied a cleaner/disinfectant?

    Love the crazy scientist! LOL

  12. wonderful news about LuLu.. I wonder what it was that made her so sick.

    almonds blossoming! they must be beautiful.. what colour are they?

  13. That's wonderful news, Janet! I'm glad LuLu will make a full recovery. Your pages are lovely!

  14. I am so glad LuLu is home. I really got the Sad page, we love our pets so much. I hope no one in your area is hurting cats.
    Have a nice Sunday, Love Mary

  15. Just flying by to see what you are up to. I a mso happy Kitty is better.

  16. That's such good news, Janet!! You must be so happy after last week when it seemed hopeless-Yay!! We probably got about 2 feet of snow this weekend, but it's not so cold, and tomorrow is March!! :D

  17. Great news! That is almost exactly what happened to Henry right after we moved. He had seriously weird liver readings - and I thought he wasn't going to make it... Seems like it was something he got into.

    Henry likes to get into our bathtub and licks up water in there. We decided to start locking them out of the bathroom, and he hasn't been having issues since. I think it was possibly soap residue or something!


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