Thursday, February 18, 2010

Me and My Art Journal

I love creating in my art journal! It's one of the things I look forward to each day. What will I do....what ideas will pop into my head....what can I do that will not be the same thing???? All these questions run through my head each day. Some days the page just creates itself and other days I work at it but I always enjoy the process.

There are many books that I've used as an art journal....I'm not picky about that. I really like how paint goes onto the Fabriano paper but I don't have to use it every day. I would just as soon pick up an old hardcover book and use it, or a sketchbook, or even just loose pieces of paper although I usually don't do that because they tend to get lost in the mess of my studio!

It's the same with paint. I love Golden paints but they tend to be a little pricey for me so I use them sparingly. I use lots of craft paints and Liquitex and any other less expensive brands I find. There again, I'm not picky. In fact there are times I really prefer the cheapest craft paints I can find because they're usually very sheer and I can layer lots of them and it still remains somewhat see-thru.

And I love magazines for images. I have way too many of them right now. Plus I have images I've cut out and they're in drawers....somewhat sorted out but when I'm looking for something and pull out a bunch of things I stick them all back into a drawer and they get mixed up again.

What I'm trying to say is, it doesn't take a lot of fancy supplies to do an art journal. It just takes a little time and some imagination and that's it! I may not be able to keep up with my page a day plan but if I don't I will still have a LOT of pages and I'll be happy.

Here's the page I did yesterday:

February 17:

We're still having fantastic weather out here! But I think some rain is coming this weekend. I hope the sun is shining where you are. Have a fun day!!!


  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Love this page. It is supposed to be in the mid 60's and sunny here for the weekend.

  2. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Hi Janet...I agree about paints and books to journal. Great page, I like that quote! We are having nice weather here too. (Check your email).

  3. I'm catching up on your new pages. I love the one inspired by nature! I am 'shell' crazy right now. It's gorgeous in Florida today! ♥

  4. Super, super cool, Janet!! Your room sounds like mine, although I'm getting organized, since I've cleaned it out. It's almost done with its makeover :)

  5. I like that image.
    The sun's out now. I thought I was going to make hay while the sun shines, clean and clear things out, but so far that hasn't happened today. I think I'm going to have to fire that maid - she never gets a darn thing done around here, lol.
    Maybe I'll get motivated after lunch...

  6. I love the repetition in this page, works really well with the theme.

  7. Hi Janet!
    I sure love your beautiful artwork and journaling. Well you know we are having gorgeous weather here too although rain on Saturday (which I always look forward to).
    Take care,

  8. Great page again, but to me they all are. I am getting inspired to start a journal for myself, Maybe for my next project since I am starting late maybe I will do a Seasons Journal starting with Spring.

  9. love this new pagex l have so many journal books..not quite sure how l come to have so many!Ha. I also love paints, crayons oils anything really!Ha.lynda

  10. Janet, I love this -- I love about the paints and the books and the fact that you don't have to have a lot of "stuff." No one has time, but you make this a priority. I need to look at that with myself.

  11. Speaking of stuff. I went out into the world of used today. A adventure in coming home with nothing sometimes. But today I found (never used) half inch lettering and number stamps. I even had to put the letters on, never touched. I got these for 4 dollars...they would have cost me at least 12 dollars at the store.
    I was so excited! I am easy, I get nuts about the little things.
    I have paints, pens, chalk, paste, glue, glitter, white pens, black pens, Paper, and more paper. I don't need any more than I have, but I do love a bargin!!!!
    Love this post...I remember when I only had one bottle of glue, it was okay. Hugs, Mary

  12. Great post, Janet! You are so right about not needing fancy supplies for art journaling. And I should remember that and start creating in my journal once again. I've neglected it in the past few months. I think that tonight is the night to get reacquainted with my journal.

  13. Great page..I agree on our journal pages we can use what ever we want.
    They belongs to use so we can use the cheap paint. Which most of the time I do also on my journal.

  14. Wonderful art expression of the quote....nice work, Janet!

  15. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, there is snow on the ground and the air is cold.
    All I can think about is spring…
    This is a wonderful art page; maybe I should paint some flowers today…


  16. Hi Janet!
    LOVE this page...and you really make me want to start an art journal!!! Now to stay off this computer!!!LOL

  17. I just love your interpretation of this quote Janet. The more I look at it the more I see. Using quotes as prompts for your art journal is a great idea. Just beautiful


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