Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Art Journal Journey Continues....

First....the important stuff!! I was a little worried about one of my "bad boys" last night but at the very last second I was able to breathe a sigh of relief!! If you don't watch "LOST" then you won't know what I'm talking about and you can just ignore this part! HB went to bed early last night and left me alone with my bad boys. I loved it but the whole time I was watching I was thinking "it will be the end of the story soon"....and I don't want it to end.

OK, enough about me and my obsession with a TV program! Here are my art journal pages for the first two days of February....

February 1:

I didn't start out with anything in mind....just another transfer background from National Geographic. But somehow it all evolved into something red and then it began to go in this somewhat romantic direction so I just went with it. Not one of my better pages but I'm happy that I did it.

February 2:

Yesterday was a busy day for me and then last night I was busy so my page is a little light in the artistic department! I pretty much have to admit I threw this one together. And I think it shows. Some days I'm really feelin' it and others I'm not. Obviously I wasn't feelin' it the past couple of days. I think when I'm doing a page every day there are several blah pages and then I'll have a good one. They can't all be good. I'm sure even Teesha Moore has an off day once in awhile! I'm just happy to be able to do a page each day and to feel a tiny bit creative while doing it. That's the whole point of my daily goal. And I just like playing in the studio!!! I love having paint and glue on my hands. I love getting messy....and ripping paper....and finding just the right thing to make my page come together. It's all fun!

Now I'm off to do a little bit of that! I hope you have some fun today....


  1. mmmmMMM! hershey kisses, it's SWEET to be romantic! I just can't seem to keep a journal! I was tempted to watch LOST but missed how many seasons? soOOOOo I'll just wait for Survivor and Amazing Race! hehe

  2. Hey YOU! I love both those pages. Whadya' mean, just so so? At least you are getting pages done! Your page one reminds me.. the other night I had myself all by meself,a pear, some asiago w/rosemary on a cracker, and a glass of riesling. Now why didn't I make a journal page out of that! On your read page, what are those blue roller/circular things? I love them, very interesting. I want me some of those!

  3. I love those pages. And I am in to Lost watched the catch up issue and the new one last night. And I know which bad boy you like ....

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  5. Your pages look pretty darned good to me, Janet! Unfortunately, Lost was not a series I ever watched but, when I hear you talk about it, I am tempted to get all the seasons and watch it from the start. I don't wanna be missing out on some bad boy

  6. I love both of these. You are really branching out into different styles. I wish you would try to rub off on me so that I would be motivated! lol ♥

  7. I wish I'd started at the beginning with Lost, Janet...I tried once to catch up, but just couldn't get into it. My son watches it though and loves it. Maybe I should rent it from the beginning.
    I love your second page...I don't think it looks's interesting to me.

  8. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I love the red "love" page very much...shows the gifts of romance!! Geezzzzzzz...wish I could just DO ONE!!...(((Guess I had better shut up and do it!!))

  9. as long as you are having fun that is all that matters really.. and those pages that you don't like.. well I do believe that each of your pages is from your soul anyhow and if you look closely, there may be something in that page that helps you sometime in the future..of course, that is my theory!
    I love the first page for February... the month of love already showing in your art pages!!

  10. Janet,

    I think both pages are great. Hey the rumor I hear is that it isn't really Sayid(Sp) that Jacob has entered his body. Now there's food for thought, even if that is true we still get to see the actor on the show. I have a friend who hits the message boards after the show to find out what really happened or what people suppose happened. It looks like a great season to me. My fav Saywer was looking mighty fine.


  11. I'm amazed you can produce such lovely work even when you're not in the groove.
    Me, I hate to get messy, but if I had the right place in which to do so I'm sure I'd manage it!

  12. Whew! I'm releaved to see that I am not the only one who isn't into
    "Lost"....but I watch very little TV. Having fun doing your pages, I think is one of the most important parts of the whole process. And to be able to do one EVERY day that is quite an accomplishment.

  13. Anonymous3:53 AM

    janet!!!! I also love those pages, wow I wish I could some half as good as these! I really like the top one but both are good.

    Krissie at winterwood

  14. Janet, What a couple of neat pages. The Love was is just plain fun! I so adore that READ page! There's so many cool things to look at and your journalling about this reminds me of my own thoughts! Way to go!

  15. I just watched it on Hulu - Whew!
    I hope they really do manage to tell us what all's been going on before the series ends...and keep the boys alive :)

  16. Your pages really talk to me...I am a romantic...and I do read, but not enough. I am looking for a good read right many books...
    Your, Mary


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