Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Mystery and the Art Journal....

Thank you all for the suggestions as to what LuLu might have gotten into that made her sick. She is an inside only cat and has never stepped foot outside so it has to be something in the house. Several suggestions were about the studio and that's a logical choice except my studio has a screen door on it to keep the cats out. I very seldom ever let LuLu into the studio and when she is in there she isn't allowed up on any of the tables where all the stuff is. She has an old sweater under one of the tables and that's where she lays when she's in there with me. I never leave her in the studio if I'm not right there so I doubt it was anything from there. The other common suggestion was about the toilet bowl....but HB and I are methodical about keeping the lids down on the toilets. It's a feng shui thing! The only time a lid is ever left up is if we have company and if that's the case LuLu is nowhere to be seen! It's definitely a mystery what she got into!! We most likely will never know for sure. I'm just happy she's doing better. Improving each day.


Now on to artsy stuff! Here are the three pages that I didn't show you yesterday.

February 25:

This one is just a scrap collage with a few doodles. I may write something on it later.

February 26:

Paint, a strip of wallpaer, an image cut from a magazine, and some birds. Simple.

February 27:

This one has gone through a few different things! I painted the background several days ago but didn't like it. Then I added a face from a magazine and tried to paint over it....turned out terrible! So yesterday I painted the black arch over that face and added the arched paper above it. Then I cut the silhouette from an image in a magazine and added the ball....which is actually very shiny silver cardstock but it doesn't scan.

Today I haven't done any art yet but I'm sure I will. I'm pleased to have kept up my page-a-day goal throughout the recent turmoil. Even if they aren't all winners I feel good that I'm continuing to do something artsy each day.

What will you create today? Give it a try and see what happens. And remember to hug your fur babies just as you hug the people you love.