Monday, February 01, 2010

One Month Completed!....

February already! The month of love and hearts and all things romantic....and RED! Do you make valentines? Do you get all wrapped up in the frills and femininity of all things Valentine's Day?

As a kid I loved getting valentines at school. My mom would buy be those big bunches of valentines that you had to tear apart on the perforated lines. I always gave a valentine to everyone in my class....I think that was "the rule"....I wish I still had some of those old cards. But I can't save everything. You all know I give it a good try though!!

Yesterday I puttered in the studio....straightened a few things, threw out a few things, listened to some music, and just had a good day. HB got out in the afternoon but I opted to stay home. I was having fun and didn't want to change out of my "studio" clothes. That means I had paint on my shirt!!

The page I made yesterday made HB cringe! He doesn't like the image I used but I'm happy with it. Maybe a little creepy for some but I hope not too bad.

January 31:

I did a transfer from an old National Geographic, added a little paint, cut a strip of paper for the left side, layered my image on another piece of paper, then added that scrap of "writing" paper along the top and said "that's it"....the words came to me immediately so I added those.

With that page I accomplished the first month of making a page every day! I hope to continue this for the year although I'm also realistic and know that there are some days coming up where I might not be able to make a page each day. Things happen! But my intention is to try for a page a day this year. Wish me luck!!

It's Monday so start your week off right....SMILE at everyone!!


  1. Excellent, Janet--keep going!!

  2. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Who says that art is always going to be pretty? I like the words you makes a statement. Good luck on doing a page every only have eleven more months to go.

  3. A page every day? Good luck! Lucky we that get to see them. (Definitely a different page, I can imagine the look on your husband's face). xo & smile

  4. YeeeeHaaaaw! One month down, 11 to go! :D :D :D

    Well done! Brava!

  5. I am enjoying your journal pages so much ~ congratulations on a full month!!
    valentines day was never really celebrated here when I was growing up.. but of course it is now and has become a hugely over commerialzed day.. yet another one.

  6. Every Day!!! Thanks for sharing them all. I managed to get through January without doing a single journal page at all! LOL Although, I did keep some written notes about what went on for the month, but no ART on them. I guess I get a fresh start for February. I do like making Valentines, have started some.

  7. I love the page, I think it flows all together perfectly.....

  8. Love the page Janet, it does make a statement and makes one think. Congrats on month 1.

  9. I used to love Vday. I think all little girls dream of getting a valentine from the cutest boy every year. They couldn't care less. haha.

  10. Wow!
    A page a day!


  11. I love the quote that goes with the image. Congrats on your amazing productivity! x

  12. Excellent page Janet, I think its easy to make a pretty page and much harder when there is a lot of depth. YOu are doing great on your pages.

  13. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Wow! I did SMILE when I saw that you are so creative EVERY single day~! Don't know how you do it!!
    This fellow on the picture is unique, and love NatG pictures to use on collages..I am so proud of you for being diligent!!!

  14. We are all alike if you take away our skin...I wish more people would think about that more.
    Love this, Mary


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