Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TMI, Dude!!....and Some Art Journal Pages

Jeanie had a meme on her blog several days ago and you all know how I love memes! Since I hadn't done one in awhile I decided to do it.

If I Was....

a color....gee, do you have to ask? Purple!

a verb....observe

a day....Friday

a TV show....LOST

a taste....chocolate

an emotion....love

a month....September

a flower....gardenia

a holiday....4th of July because I love fireworks

a movie...."Shirley Valentine"

an article of clothing....blue jeans

a book....an art book

a car....a Lamborghini

a piece of furniture....a chaise

a scent....cinnamon

an instrument....piano

a store....an art store

a shoe....strappy high heels (even though I can't wear them anymore)

a fruit....watermelon

a song...."Trampled Underfoot" by Led Zeppelin just because I LOVE IT!!!!

a tree....oak

a planet....Venus, the planet of love and beauty

a tool....paintbrush

And since I haven't posted my art journal pages for a few days (again!) here they are....

February 13:

I liked this background and had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do with it.

February 14:

February 15:

These blocks of color are just cut from a magazine as are the thin strips of black. I love this Mondrian style.

OK, that's all I have for today. It's fantastic weather here (sorry!) so I want to get out and enjoy some of it. Have a great day....


  1. love these new pages!!! and learning more about you was fun too...

  2. Wow, I love these pages, the colors really pop! The weather's beautiful, isn't it? (said one purple to another ;)

  3. I ADORE!!!!! "Shirley Valentine".

  4. hey I always wanted a chaise,,,,in my bedroom. Love those pages, esp the mondrian style.

  5. Great choices especially Gardenias, love, chocolate, and a pair of jeans.

  6. I like your journal pages. The last one I love the colors and the look.

  7. Enjoyed all the journal pages, the meme (may have to try it) and the sun is shining here, too! Yeah!

  8. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I liked all your pages but the "Inspire" page is my favorite...great job! We are supposed to have warmer weather by the end of the week. Great meme!

  9. We've been having that awful (HA!) winter weather here, too! I just hate it when it's 80 degrees in February! Okay, not really. I love it! And I loved reading your answers. And your new journal pages! I hope you enjoyed your day!


  10. I love the Mondrian style too. Fabulous, colourful work, Janet. You are inspired lately!

    Hmmmm chocolate .......yum!

  11. enjoy that fantastic weather!!

    purple haahaha.. as if you had to tell us!!
    and Gardenias *sigh* my garden is so heavily perfumed with them at the moment. you would love it

  12. Loved the pages, especially the inspire one. That looked like a fun to do meme. Glad your weather is nice, I'm trying to be paient, waiting for spring.

  13. The Mondrian is my favorite, it is a real change, but I really like it. You can do anything...
    I will have to look for the movie...Shirley Valentine, haven't
    heard of it.
    It is so ugly here and I am getting cabin fever. We have had days and days of gray. It isn't really as cold, so things are starting to bud, even grass. But at any second the temp could drop..
    Have a artie day! Mary

  14. Hi Janet,
    Love the meme and your Journal pages are so awesome. I so admire your ability to do a page every day. I wish I had just half of your tenacity. I miss you and hope to be back to blogging soon.

  15. Loved your meme, Janet...I might do it too.

    Great pages, as always ~ :)

  16. I'm so glad you did this -- I learned new things about you (although I probably could have guessed the purple part!) That heart page ROCKS!

  17. Who would have guessed the color of you, LOL.

    I like the movie "Shirley Valentine"
    seen it a few times.


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