Thursday, March 04, 2010

Another Challenge!

We received the BEST news yesterday!!! LuLu is doing great! She had a check-up to see how she did this past week and they did another blood test which came out very good. That means her kidney failure was caused by something she ingested and not for some other problem. LuLu is all finished with her meds and getting back to being herself. Thanks to everyone who sent her good thoughts and prayers.


Now on to some ART! I belong to the Art Journaling group over on ning and this month they are doing a March Challenge. Each day there's a prompt listed to help you with ideas for an art journal page. I need all the help I can get so I joined the challenge. (If you go over to the site the challenge is listed along the left side of the page.)

I was a couple of days behind when I signed up so I've done two pages now for the first two days of March. I posted my own pages earlier in the week and now here are the ones I did for the challenge....

March 1:

The prompt was "start your engines"....I had already glued down some blue paper in my journal and added the diamond stamp along the side so I just used that page. The diamond shapes sort of reminded me of the checkered flag they wave at races.

March 2:

The prompt was "credit cards"

March 3:

The prompt was "blue"....this one didn't come out so good. I used a napkin and it was too close to the color of the background and just disappeared. I will probably write on the light blue areas at the top but haven't done that yet.

March 4:

The prompt was "doodle"....this one has tons of layers but they don't show up. I started by drawing with a black marker on the page. Then added some tissue paper that had a thin coat of gesso on it. After that I stamped on some more tissue paper and added it. Then I used some watered down acrylic paint to add some color. I also stamped some flowers with an aqua stamp pad and finally I doodled with a black pen.

When I have just a little bit of paint left in my craft paint bottles I add water to them to make washes. Then I have them readily available without any hassle. When I add water to a bottle of paint I mark the top with a big "W" so I know it's been watered down. That's what I used on the doodle page.

I'm working on today's page but had to take a little break. I hope you're all enjoying the day and doing something creative....big hugs to everyone!!!


  1. More great pages, Janet--love that doodle one. And you know, I never thought of doing that with the craft paints. I have so many that I don't use, because I'm getting so spoiled with the artist's acrylics, and I have all of these little spray bottles--I could make acrylic washes--thanks for the idea!

  2. I love them all ofcourse but I really love the doodle one. So glad LuLu is on the mend. :-)

  3. Well, I am lovin' the pages~!! Love the "Start your Engines" one! I also like the blue one, it is calm and serene in its beauty!
    Give LuLu a hug from all of us~!!

  4. Gee, my fave is March 3rd! It looks so painterly, so that's definitely my cup of tea.
    Your journal pages are inspiring; I need to check out that Ning group.
    YAY, LULU!!!!
    Hugs and scratches behind the ears to her~
    Whew- I know you're relieved, mom!

  5. Great pages - I love how they look!

    And, I am so happy that Lulu is doing so well!!!

  6. How exciting!!! I <3 LuLu! You are so lucky. Most kitties don't bounce back. Awwwwww. And yes, let's get those engines started!

  7. Anonymous5:50 PM

    hi your pages are inpsiring! love them!!! glad to hear all is well....

    ciao now!

  8. the pages are great I love them all

  9. I love the doodle page. And great tip about the leftover paint! I'll have to try that.
    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  10. I'm so happy for LuLu and you! Great news! You are really enjoying journaling! Your pages are always different and interesting. I loved reading about your daily prompts.

  11. Anonymous9:33 PM

    I like the doodle page in particular...the others are cool too! I forgot about the prompt thing over at the ning journal group.
    Great news about LuLu!!! Have a great weekend!

  12. So glad LuLu is better!

  13. Great pages Janet. So glad that Lulu is doing so well. Oh I may have to check out that Ning site.


  14. I am so pleased to hear that Lulu has recovered from here illness. Your journal pages are super. I like the start your engines best.

  15. Great pages, Janet - I especially love that doodle page.
    So glad to hear that Lulu's 'engine' is running smoothly

  16. So so glad to hear that Lulu is on the mend and that the damage is not permanent!
    Fantastic pages!

  17. such good news about LuLu !! xo

    I love how you have such fun with your journal pages.. they are all brilliant.. must be looking fantastic now with so many :)

  18. My favotrite is the blue one that you said was so simple, but I like the way they all have such a different message. Sometimes, for me, thinking up the message is the hardest part.So relieved Lulu is going to be ok.

  19. Yeah for LuLu!!!!
    She is lucky to have you as her owner!!!
    Love your pages Janet...that engine one is so clever and the credit card one is so TRUE!
    You are so inspiring...xoxo

  20. Wow, you are going to have an amazing journal when you’re done.
    You have a fantastic start.

    Louise Happy to hear that LuLu is doing better...

  21. I don't know which one I love the best... maybe the doodle one with the black ink, but I think the napkin is a delight too! You are amazing! And inspiring ; )!

  22. I LOVE your first one! Wow what great pages. I started... but just jumped in on March 5 rather than catch up!

  23. Love your work! I have been reading my book and will get started on a journal soon, I have not been feeling up to par so haven't been painting.

  24. Wonderful pages, Janet! I particularly love the 'start your engines' page ~ :)


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