Sunday, March 14, 2010

Art Journal Pages....At Last!

Thanks for all your comments....and, yes, my headache is gone. In fact, it only lasted for the one day and then I was fine. HB and I have just been busy working in the garage....still trying to get it organized! I'm not sure which is worse - my studio or the garage. I've been working on both places and I have to say the studio looks a little better now than the garage does.

I'm behind on posting my art journal pages but here they are....

March 11:

I was trying to make a sad little cartoonish character....the prompt was "orange"

March 12:

The prompt was "Sharpies"

March 13:

This one is my favorite. The prompt was "the one that got away" first the only thing I could think of was fish but then I turned things upside down and thought from a different angle.

The prompt for today is "rubber stamps" so I should be able to have some fun with that one.

I hope your Sunday is relaxing and fun....


  1. My favourite is the last one too. The prompt - the one that got away - makes me think of fishing too...sometimes, it's difficult to think outside of our trained thought patterns. I like what you did for it.

  2. I like them all, they are all pretty good and even the One that got away, I seen a good sense of humor in that one for sure. ha ha

    Orange does have that sad look about her...I like at how you did her eyes.

    I am glad to hear that you were able to get rid of that headache and I can only imagin you must of jumped up for joy after you had finished cleaning up your garage.

  3. Love that 1 that got away! Very clever!
    My studio needs some help too...we won't even talk about the garage!

  4. I am loving all your pages, but The One That got away really got me thinking. It is amazing to me how we can take a short statement or just one word and find so many different idea's. I went to bed last night thinking of this last page, and you can see what my vision was.
    Thank you for your comments,
    Love, Mary
    I am so glad your headache is gone...

  5. Thinking about your garage make me reflect on the big job we are going to have this spring and summer. Our barn is very old, I mean very, very old. It has wood shingles that have beautiful moss on them at this time of year. Anyway...we will be putting on a new one and taking everything out of the barn and doing repairs, throwing away of the STUFF!!!!
    Not much fun, Mary

  6. I love the Orange lady! :)
    Spring cleaning is not fun, but is definately rewarding when finished.
    I can't wait to see what you do with rubber stamps.
    Much Love

  7. LOve the 1 that got away...Clever! a lot of us were using ORANGE ..haha!

  8. I am sorry about your headache, glad it only last one day. And I can relating to cleaning. I am going to be spring cleaning a few days this week as I am off on Spring break. Mom's house tomorrow and mine on Tuesday. The weather has been rainy and gloomy here all week-end and supose to stay that way through tuesday. After Tuesday I am going to have fun and play the rest of the week. Oh, I posted some St. Patrick's day art that I have done this month.
    I LOVE Your Journal pages. My favorite is "the one that got away". You really are good at thinking outside the box!
    Have a wonderful rest of the day!

  9. I like them all but my favorite is the orange lady..She is wonderful.
    Garage cleaning, is no fun.

  10. Janet HI!.............O! IT IS SO NICE TO BE VISITING......YEP! caps!! I am yelling! with excitement to be here to see your beautiful art and to read past posts....(smiles from Australia)


  11. Your journal pages are great... Your sense of humor makes me smile. Thanks for sharing these gems~

  12. OMG!! Janet, I so don't know which one of these I like the best! The lady to start is adorable and she does look sad....aww! Then I'm such a sucker for sharpies, love the doodling in that one....Clever,Clever I'd say about the one that got away :)

  13. You've conveyed sadness so well - but she's very pretty too. Your ladies are all so glamorous. I'm glad the headache cleared - that's no fun.x

  14. LOL at the one that got away! They are all great.

  15. Little Miss Orange Crush looks like she has a headache, but she's adorable anyway. So glad your head is better, Funny Lady.


  16. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Hi Janet...I love the little caroon character!! So cute! Sometimes things have to look worse before it gets better, I reckon. I had a great Sunday, you can read about what we did(same thing as last week) We are just tooo exciting!

  17. Janet, It looks like you are back in your groove... Great pages....

  18. great pages, so funny for the one that got away.....I thought of fish to

  19. I love your Sharpie page!! Sharpies remain my favorite medium :)


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