Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Busy Making Art....

We have been having problems most of the day with our internet provider. We tried calling them and they had a recording on the phone to say they were experiencing trouble and the technicians were working on it.

So I'm way behind in emails and visiting blogs so bear with me for a little while. Naturally I have lots of things to show you today and the day is almost over!

Recently I was in a one-for-one postcard swap with Mary of Joyful Ploys and this is the gorgeous postcard I received from her....

The scan doesn't do it justice. And I forgot to scan the postcard I sent to her but I can tell you for certain that it was no where near as good as this one!

I did make a few more postcards and remembered to scan them....




This is NOT my drawing. It's from a magazine and I just added the heart, the lips, and the crown. The red at the side is more of that packaging tape I found for $1. If you would like to have one of these postcards just leave me a comment and tell me which one and be sure to also give me a way to contact you and I'll send it out. First comment for each one will receive it.

I also made a bookmark....

I haven't added any fibers at the top....maybe a ribbon or some cool yarn. I'm not sure yet.

And last....here are my journal pages for the past couple of days....

March 1:

I know this is a bit different from some of my things but somehow I like it.

March 2:

I messed up the very first word on the page! It is supposed to be "there"....what is it with me and words?!!!

Ok, I'm really late getting this posted....I hope you had a great day.


  1. Looking good! Love the kitties! :D :D

  2. Sweet LuLu page. I saw it on Flickr first thing this morning. I love your postcards. I collect number 5's so of course that is my favorite, and I'd be delighted to have it. I like what you did with the addition of the red on that black and white one too.

  3. oh how I love # 3...so intriguing

  4. Pretty card...my fave colors too.

  5. I love the post card that Mary sent you! Wonderful colors!


  6. All very nice cards and pages! Enjoy your day! ♥

  7. GEE...You have been busy!
    Janet, I SO want the paper you used for your fur-babies on the journal page!!!!!

  8. That is a great postcard you received, can you tell, did she paint the whole thing? My book came today and I am learning some new things to try. Glad you liked the page I did for us.
    I like all of the writting on the kitty page.My favorite postcard was the one with the 23 on it.

  9. I love the angel heart postcard, if that is not claimed.. would love it!
    it kind of is a message or rather confirmation on the name i have chosen for my new home...

  10. Love the Kitty one.. I like the way the writing flows all around and warps around! I like that!

  11. That postcard is stunning, beautiful colors.
    I also want to wish you a late Happy Blogaversary !
    I am so happy you are here…


  12. Oh Janet I missed your post that LuLu is doing better. I am so glad!

    Yes, Flirt does look a lot like LuLu. :)

  13. OK, I found my way back to your blog. Baby steps.

  14. I Love the postcards,,and so glad Lulu is getting bettter and better.
    I finally did a post today and going to try to do better about that!
    Big hugs to you Janet!

  15. Mary's card is wonderful and I love yours, too. The kitty page is wonderful and oh, I'm so glad she is with us! (My verification is podpiti. Isn't that a good fake word?)

  16. Love the kitties and the postcards are great. Glad to see you are still making lots of art.

  17. The postcard swap looks like it was such fun...Don't you love it when life and art take all of your free time.

  18. Ahhhh, Janet, once again it is a beautiful adventure to tap upon your page! Your LuLu page is is my favorite page so far...You could tell the art came truly from your soul...The postcards are lovely and cheerfully bright...The addition of a heart for the black and white was brilliant. And, that tape was surely a GREAT find when you were "pack-ratting"...lol
    I am still working upon the 2 ATC cards to swap with dear Doreen...
    Lots of ideas, just need to get down to DOING IT!

  19. I know #3 already has a person signed up for it. But it deserves a comment, give away or not. FABULOUS! And I love that packaging tape - I too got it for $1 - man I love Micheals!
    Thanks for the inspiration! Hopefully I will post some of my own stuff up soon!


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