Saturday, March 06, 2010

Me, My BFF and the Past

I am such a lucky person! I have the best BFF ever. Just look at this great postcard Gail made for me....

She used the picture I had on here of LuLu at the vet's office. And if you have a minute check out this fantastic page she did about our friendship.

Thanks,'re The Best!


Here's the page I did for the prompt yesterday...."past"

March 5:'s a bit crooked. It wasn't quite straight when I scanned it.

If you'd like to join in the fun you can find the prompts at Art Journaling listed under March Challenge.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Oh that's a beautiful card, with the photo of LuLu. She's such a pretty cat. I'm so relieved she's recovered. I like the journal page a lot.... it really resonates with me today, as I LOST something that meant a great deal to me, and was bemoaning the fact of all the memories attached to it..YIKES.
    I rec'd your great Number 5 postcard today. Thanks!

  2. What a beautiful friend you have, Janet--so glad that Lulu is all better!! I went to her site and saw what she did--wonderful :D

  3. Thats a darling postcard and the page she did of you two was very special. 5th grade wow.

  4. What a great card your friend made for you....

  5. A beautiful postcard for a beautiful lady about a beautiful cat.

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  7. Beautiful card, you have such a sweet BFF. Like your new page, seems you can't make one I don't like.

  8. I didn't know you have known Gail since the 5th grade. How wonderful to still have that friendship! xoxoxo

  9. LuLu looks so pretty in purple! And I like your journal page! I'm off to check Gail's site now.


  10. What a beautiful postcard and page Gail made for you, Janet. Sadly, I lost touch with all my school friends. :(

    Your past page looks great and I so agree with what you wrote.

  11. What a fabulous Lulu card - you're fav colours too!
    I'm intrigued by your 'Past' card. To me it looks like a map and perhaps that's why I was drawn to it - I love maps. I suppose journalling is mapping life, after all.


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