Sunday, March 07, 2010

It's Party Time!!

Regular programming (art) will resume after this brief trip into fantasy land!

I don't know about you but I'm going to have a busy day! Today I have to do all those girlie things like a manicure, a pedicure, and a bubble bath. I have to get ready for the BIG party. What am I talking about, you ask?? The Academy Awards, of course!

If you've read my blog for a few years then you know I usually "attend" the Academy Awards. Three years ago I went with Johnny can read about it here. (You might have to scroll down a bit to find it.) Johnny is always a wonderful date and we had a fantastic evening.

The next year I just couldn't find a dress that I liked so I skipped the awards. You'll find all my dress problems here ....again, you'll have to scroll down.

Then last year I went with Johnny again....if you're still interested in all this you'll find that date here.

I don't want to miss out on all the fun this year so I spent hours finding just the right dress and shoes. I shopped and shopped....and you all know how much I love shopping! Then I had my hair styled, my make-up done and now I'm just waiting for tonight when my date will arrive and whisk me away for an evening of fun, food, parties, and dancing. Are you going to be there??

Here's the dress I chose. (Remember this is all taking place in cyberspace so I can wear anything I want to and look fabulous!!)

here's the back....

It's all sequins....I'll be the glittery-est thing on the runway! I thought about wearing my signature purple and even found a couple of beautiful purple dresses but I decided to be wild and crazy and do silver!

Here are my shoes....

In real life I'd probably fall and break my neck if I wore these!! But aren't they gorgeous? I'll be dancing the night away in these.

Now for the make-up. I want to look my very best so I had it professionally done....

It's just amazing what they can do with make up these days! I don't look a day over 25!

Here's my hair....

Now that was the challenge! I had to have some extensions put in to get my hair to look like that!! And I'm not sure if I'll keep the flower....I think it's a little too much.

Now for the big date! This year I had to tell Johnny no! Naturally he was crushed but I felt that people would be talking if we showed up together again plus I think he's pretty busy with the opening of Alice in Wonderland! So I'll be prancing down the red carpet on the arm of....

one of my bad boys....Josh Holloway. Josh cleans up pretty good after being on that island for so long! Maybe while we're out I can see if he'll tell me how "Lost" ends!

See you on the red sure to say hi if you see me! Ciao, baby! Have your people call my people and we'll do lunch next week!


  1. you are going to look fabulous my darling! oh Josh Holloway, be still my heart!

  2. I will be looking for you on the red carpet...Josh will be a perfect match for you...what a hunk! I love your dress, and you never looked so lovely, they do good work...where did you get your make-up done. I could get happy with this face.
    I will be thinking of you as the curtain goes up, will she be breathless and beautiful dress, or will she fall on her butt in those shoes, can't wait to find out!!!
    I will be in my be at Summit's Birthday will be on DVR! Hugs, Mary

  3. What a fabulous dress - you will definitely hit Joan and Melissa Rivers best dressed list, probably be number one. Have a luscious time dear.

  4. Anonymous12:00 PM

    everything about this post is yummy! the dress, the shoes...the everything the everything!!!

    happy mani and pedi! it's almost spring and we need to keep our nails looking pretty!

    ciao bella

  5. Well you are gonna look mighty fine. Don't turn an ankle in those shoes..teehee..I know I sure would. Darn...I was hoping since you cast Johnny aside this year, maybe he was waiting for me. I'll look for you in the crowd. My favorite part is seeing what everyone wears. You're doing purple fingies and toesies, aren't you?

  6. Janet I am jealous and exhausted as well just thinking about you dancing and partying with that gorgeous hunk.
    Maybe you could pop Lulu in a beautiful silver lame bag and take her along as well.

  7. Oh, I do love that dress - and the hair-do!

    But, the shoes stole my heart away!!! They are gorgeous...

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  8. Well, Janet, you are going to be the best looking gal at the show.

    And your choice of date is EXCELLENT.
    But he will be in your glamorous shadow.

    Wow, send lot's of pictures, will ya.

    I am going to be glued to my TV to see you!

    btw. I left you a message in my blog. the exercise one.

  9. Gorgeous asymetrical dress...
    Did you know it's going to rain? Wait....does it rain in cyber space? Maybe not! In that case and Josh will be da bomb!

  10. FAbulous Fabulous dress! Mmmm tell that date of yours I gushed "hello"

  11. Have a great evening! I'll be watching for you!!!
    [From the sofa at home of course!]

  12. Oh, Janet, you are definitely going to be on the top 10 best dressed list--the shoes are my absolute favorite. Have a great time and make sure that you report back with ALL of the details!

  13. OH look simply DIVINE!! Purple toes and nails would look fab with silver! I can't wait to hear all about your big night out with Josh......sigh ~

  14. DAAAAARLING, that dress goes beautifully with your coloring AS IS!
    I think you'll be DIVINE~
    Do tell Josh I'm sorry I broke his heart, but he's simply too young/inexperienced for me. Harrison Ford called and I told him I'd consider it...I like the film stars more than the TV types, you understand.


  15. Oh no you don't! I saw him first! Hmmm, I'm wondering what HB is doing during all this Depp/Holloway stuff? xoxoxo

  16. Oh I love the dress dahling, I am sure you and Josh will be a most attractive couple. I'll be looking for you on the red carpet....

  17. Love the dress but the shoes are "to die for".
    I'm sure you'll make the top ten best dressed list.
    Josh is a lucky guy.

  18. You look marvelous.....And Josh Holloway...I am so jealous...

  19. I don't care if it is cyber space or not.. if you run in those shoes you would break your neck.. hee, hee.
    have fun Janet !! xo

  20. Janet, you're totally barking mad - I'm pleased to report. LOL. I'm sure you dazzled everyone!

  21. Boy am I out of the loop! I missed it all....
    My DSL has been on the fritz, had the tec. out here already this morning, as you see I am working again but a little slower,he said because of our area?
    Glad you liked the post card with Lulu, I had a lot of hits on my blog because of it, met some great new gals, thanks for showing it.

  22. Anonymous9:53 AM

    lol, you must have looked fabulous!!! I've attended many a gala and seen the rich and famous. It is much better in the cyber world believe me! Thank you for reminding me that sitting on the couch wearing sweats with my sweetie watching lost is priceless! Lisa


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