Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It's Spring!

I thought I would show you the blossoms on one of our almond trees....this is for everyone who is still in the grip of winter and needs a little peek at spring....

Everything looks so pretty right now. That horrible decorative plum tree that I hate so much even looks beautiful all decked out in soft pink blossoms. The nectarine tree in the backyard is almost a hot pink and the apple trees are still deciding if they want to join in on the celebration. Up and down the streets I see white and pink blossoms on trees. It's beautiful!! And I wanted to share with you. Doesn't the grass look fantastic? For a few days it smelled to high heaven because we put manure on it! I'm sure the neighbors loved us but that gorgeous green looks great. Who would believe we live in the high desert!!

Now back to my art! The prompt for yesterday was to use this quote by Kurt Cobain - "wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are"....isn't that a great quote? At first I thought it would be difficult to do a page around that but then it turned out to be so easy.

March 8:

It was a no-brainer to use purple! I added a few doodles around the edges because that's what I like to do and Viola! Another page in my art journal!


  1. Lovey page! I want an Almond Tree, that is gorgeous. I have never seen Almond Blossoms before and those are to die for.

  2. A glimpse of your flowering tree is just what I needed today. It's so beautiful!

    Thank you!

  3. it all looks so lovely! your beautiful postcard arrived today and with it some spring time temps!!!

  4. First of all....I am so jealous. We still have snow on the ground here in New England. But I do appreciate you sharing those beautiful blossoms with us.
    Secondly...your journal page is gorgeous. I love the quote and I'm also a "purple girl".


  5. Adventures in Art4:10 PM

    it had to be purple off course! great page... I had no ideas whatsoever with this prompt! so well done. Off to look at more art journla pages for some inspiration hopefully!

  6. LOvely blossoms and you can never go wrong with purple....

  7. Your flowers are lovely! I like the page below that speaks of the beauty of dreams, too. Have a wonderful week! ♥

  8. Spring is beautiful,,It is not here yet in the South..We did have a glimpse of the sun. Love your purple page.

  9. Beautiful blossoms and beautiful page. I really like that quote, your work is always so inspiring to me!
    Much Love

  10. Beautiful blossoms! And that page is perfect for the prompt.

  11. A lovely page and, of course, a perfect colour....love purple!

    What gorgeous blossoms on your almond tree!

  12. It seems that sometimes the pages that come together with ease are often the best, love the saying and the color of course.

  13. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Hi...those blossoms are gorgeous! We can't grow Almond or citrus trees here. I can't wait until the Redbuds start blooming here. Love the purple page!

  14. Just got up on all your news, you have been busy, loving your art journal pages, so much nice colour, love your take on the quote that for sure was a hard one. I love what you did with that stamp image so creative.

  15. Hi Janet!....boy you have been busy... the blogs are really hopping with Spring fever and I love your ALMOND tree blossoms!!!....I've never seen an almond tree!! I have a few fruit trees...the squirrels get all the fruit before I can get it , but I get to enjoy those blossoms! Love all the art you have done!! You have been busy! And I accidentally found your friend Werna's blog ...sweet!! Blessings!! sherry

  16. oh the garden sounds divine! I am glad you posted about it.. true to my heart :)
    do your nectarines & apples bear fruit? and why do you hate the ornamental plum so much?

    love the Kurt Cobain quote.. very wise

  17. Gee, those blosssoms are soothing to my soul! Just like the Kurt Cobain quote...and isn't purple just THE color? Your journal pages rock, kid~

  18. Fabulous tree. I can't think of any better tree to have than an almond tree -- I wouldn't be able to stop eating it! Those blossoms were a total surprise to me. Gorgeous!

    Yes, spring is coming here, too -- not so much as where you are, but the smell. I have a post on that one coming later today!

  19. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I just commented on this photo but on the wrong blog I guess...this is the one I normally visit!

    to reiterate...it's pretty!
    love your journal page too...

    ciao bella

  20. No color here yet, but it is coming. Your blossoms are so beautiful...I am so ready for color and all the wonderful smells.
    I love this page, you have really got into the spirit of these prompts. Love this, Mary

  21. Blooms are beautiful. And grass is so green! We are beginning to see signs of Spring mainly in the form of allergies (haha).


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