Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Quick Little Update....

Hi everyone!! Did you miss me? I've been enjoying my blog break but I thought I'd just check in and let you know I'm still here.

Things have not gone as they ever?!! I haven't done as much painting as I thought I'd do but I have been doing some artsy things. I'll show you some of it today.

First off I made a cool little urban journal. I took a class here....quick, easy to make, and fun.

I'm going to use this journal for ideas....I think I might have gotten the letters a little close together but I think you can read it. I made this from an old Nancy Drew book so it isn't very big....about 6" x 8" overall. I like how the pages hang out from the cover and also the use of cardboard on the cover. All in all this was a great little class.

I've also been doing some spray painting again. I managed to have a day last week without any wind and I made use of it....

These are just three of the ones I painted. They're about 15" x 22" and they're done on some packing paper I saved. The papers were all crinkled so that makes them even better. I now have a stack of them for later use.

I also painted and stamped on some newspaper ads....this is one of them....

And here's some tissue paper (still on the waxed paper I used) I painted and stamped....

All of these will be good to tear up and use in collages.

I did lots more things but for now that's all I'm going to show you. It's been fun just playing and doing whatever I want in the studio without any restrictions or "I-have-to" feelings. Oh, and I also received my little journal from the Art House Co-Op so I'll be drawing and working in it. The theme is "This is where I live"....I have some ideas for it already so I'll be showing you that soon, too.

While I was gone I'm sure I missed all kinds of fun things here in Blogland but I also learned that it really does help to just pull back a little bit from time to time.

If anyone is interested I've been putting some springtime photos on my photo blog....the link is over there on the right side of this page.

Have fun and I'll see you soon....


  1. looks like you've been plenty busy! I love all your projects :)

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Hi...I had to laugh to myself when I saw what you have been doing. I just signed up for that urban journal class myself on Thursday. I have the pages all ready but I was thinking I want to paint the pages first...or maybe not. I like your other projects have been busy.

  3. looking good ... like that journal!

  4. You really have been busy. I love all the pretties you have created they will be fun to see pop up in your art later on.

  5. You had a day without any wind? LOL Guess the pills are working then .....

    Janet, you didn't just desert us - you've been very busy it seems. Love your little altered book. Hope your enthusiasm continues. x

  6. I love your idea journal - and that it was made out of a Nancy Drew makes it especially cool. All of your projects turned out great. The wind is blowing here today - though we don't usually get it as strong as up there in your area. Glad you had a wind-less day to spray and play. Looks like you've been having lots of fun!

  7. I love the spray painting! Very neat results! Enjoy your weekend! I'm off to view your photos! ♥

  8. Nice to see that you haven't been just sitting around watching the TV while you have been gone Janet.
    Love the spray painting.

  9. I love your urban journal!!
    You've been creating some great things!!!

  10. Lovely spray painted pieces. I mis being able to do that. I think I need to set up my table and begin again. It is so much fun.... Glad to see you back.


  11. Janet, love your IDEA book!! I like that it's made by you too! Someday I may do one as well!
    The spray painted papers turned out sooooo cool! Glad you stuck your head in to show us some of your artsy-stuff! So fun to see!

  12. Love it all! You've been busy! The journal is adorable and all your papers are just colorful and lovely!

  13. Love your papers Janet - when I make some I prefer to make a stack too so that when in the mood I can just get on with it rather than wait to make new papers.

    ps I am back at winterwood... I didnt like the new blog I made! :)
    sorry for the confusion!

  14. Love that journal, Janet! I can't see alot of your pictures because I am at work. You might have them in flickr and my work filters won't let me see them. I will check them out when I get home. I know what you mean about pulling away and doing something for fun. I have to do that alot.
    Hope you have a great and creative day!

  15. Love the journal and the spray paints are such fun -- they are so cheerful, and we all need that!

  16. It's so fun to watch you nevr ending creative mind! :o)


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