Sunday, April 18, 2010

Food and Bones....

I have a new journal page to show you but first I'd like to bring your attention to something I feel is important to each and every one of us....our food! I mentioned this before but if you haven't already seen the movie Food Inc then check your local PBS channel because they are showing it next week. This is a movie that EVERYONE needs to see, and then we all need to start doing our part to change how our food is messed with and controlled by big corporate companies that don't have our health in mind!

Check out this website to learn about genetically modified food and why it's bad for us. I don't normally get on my soapbox here at my blog but I feel this is something monumentally important to each one of us. We can't live without food and if big corporate America is in control of our food what do you think that means for us??

Why are people so easily swayed to get behind other movements but so lackadaisical about something that is so important to our health?? People, our food is full of chemicals and very little nutrients and it's killing us! If we don't stand up and fight against this we will be giving these big companies the go ahead to go even farther with their experiments....and we're the guinea pigs!! Please, please, please learn about what has happened to the food industry. You'll be shocked. Here is another link that tells about some of the food additives that need to be avoided. There's all kinds of information out there so start thinking about what you're putting into your body! Let's put a stop to this insanity and get back to wholesome, real food.


Changing gears's a little art for you. Recently Krissie had mentioned she hadn't been doing much art and was going to "pioneer the art of the blank page!" I agreed that I was in the same place with my art. Yesterday afternoon I went up to the studio and was sorting through some stuff when I came across a journal that I worked in last year. There are several pages that just have backgrounds on them so I decided to try and use one of them.

I picked one that just had some scrapbooking papers layered on and nothing else. I looked over at the corner of my table and there were some small squares I had punched out for something that never got made (how rare!) I just glued them down without thinking. Then I opened a drawer where I keep magazine images, and without looking reached in and pulled out the red image I used here! I used an "X" to stamp in the eye area. It must have been magic because it all works together and I now have a finished page....unless I decide to add some words later....which I might.

If I write something on this page it will probably be about Bones! I recently "discovered" this series on TNT in reruns and it also airs on Fox. I don't especially like the gruesome parts of the show and usually turn my head but I absolutely LOVE the characters! I record all the reruns each day plus the new one weekly and then watch them whenever there's nothing else I want to see on TV (which is most of the time!)

Ok....that's all I have today. Our weather has been beautiful so I think I'll spend some time outside today. Whatever you do, have some fun!


  1. Corporate America runs the country ... unfortunately. I'm with you on the same soapbox. There was something else I waned to say!!!!!!!! (Getting old?!!!)

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the food link. I am a fanatic about that stuff! SsoI wil lwatch it. Love your journal page..It is so cool when things just sort of''happen'

  3. Yes, I love this journal page too! I saw the movie, and your right--it's sinful!!

  4. Janet, thanks for the tip on Food, Inc. I'll look for it.

    Love the journal page and LOVE "Bones". Yes indeed, the characters are terrific. I watch it whenever I can in reruns. Current episodes, alas, will have to wait until summer. I wish Angela and Hodgins would get back together.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the food movie I will look for it. The journal page is great! I absolutely love Bones! Yes Angela and Hodgins should get back together and so should Booth and Bones. I don't know why the people who write the shows think it will ruin the show if the main characters get together and be happy, Bones has such great storylines I think it could handle the romances.

  6. Janet,

    I will check out the movie.... I have been a big fan of Bones for some time. They can get pretty gruesome, just remember its fake. Angela is my favorite character, of course she would be she is the Artist... The writing on the show is great.


  7. youre lucky youve found that old journal which you can rework or work on. No such luck here, so will spend some time surfin around art blogs to see if something grabs my attentions.

    keep us posted on the reworked pages!

  8. Don't worry about getting up on your soapbox - keep spreading the word! I'm behind you all the're preachin' to the choir here - the big food corporations scare the heck outta me. A large part of why we started trying to grow as much of our own food as possible with non-GMO, hybridized seeds. And try to buy what we can't grow from local, organic growers at the Farmer's Market (though there's still some things we have to get from Trader Joe's or the local supermarket - but we read the labels big time now). We still sometimes eat out - but it's scary to think about the stuff that's out there. Have you watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I've been watching it online on Hulu. Hopefully between Food Inc and things like Jamie Oliver's program, the tide will start to shift...

  9. Great art page…
    I am not one for skulls but I do like this one…
    I also love the show Bones, I adore Booth and all of the other characters.
    My dh and I watch the reruns each night. Booth and Brennan helped us deal with
    having an empty nest. Those first few months in the evening were rough, it was definitely
    an adjustment period for us.


  10. It is so true what you have said.
    We need to be more aware and concerned.
    I love the journal page. It could not be more perfect..I like the show Bones but I watch it all. LOL

  11. Love the page Janet! Those scrapbook papers are so different but work so well together.
    I am so guilty about not thinking about what goes into my mouth, must change that. Thanks for the info.
    Much Love

  12. Ah, I'll have to show your awesome skull art to Lucas, he loves drawing skulls!! He'll love this one - red is now his favorite color, along with the old blue.

    I'm always so careful about the food I eat and give to my litle witch. Thank the gods he doesn't like hamburguers and other poison stuff, but once a month he still loves going to MacDonalds, because of the toys... Luckly, his favorite snack there consists of coconut water, French fries and nuggets. Not that bad for once a month... I'll check Food Inc. asap, thanks for the tip!

    My nephew who lives with us loves Bones, and records all episodes. I used to watch it but lately I'm more into Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer and Friends. Going to ask him to borrow his episodes, though!


  13. Anonymous9:04 PM

    You know I agree with you about the the journal page!

  14. Love what you are doing. The show Bones, I too love the characters.I am still hard at work in the garden. I have discovered muscles that I forgot I had. LOL Back to work.

  15. Thanks for the reminder about that movie, I so want to watch it. Since this is Earth Day week, there are a lot of good programs being shown on PBS. I'm reading In Defense of Food, it really delves into how we are fooled about the "crap" they call food, and have been for a long time, thanks to Corporate America and the lobbyists!

    I am totally in love with that red skull. I love anything skeleton/skull related!

  16. That DOES work! And yes! Support your local public TV station bringing you "Food Inc." this week! (I saw a preview -- it's very good!)

  17. I have been saying for many years that I wouldn't be surprised if all the crap they add into our food is responsible for why cancer, among other body ailments, is so common nowadays. Scary! I so agree with you, Janet. These corporate food giants need to start taking our health seriously and stop contaminating our food for the sake of the almighty dollar. They have fooled people into thinking diet drinks are the way to go but they are dangerous to the health! Anything with artificial sugars contains Aspartame which is proven to cause serious body ailments. Think twice when you see a label stating something is Sugar Free. People need to research and get a full understanding of what they are actually putting into their bodies. Listed in ingredients, they often put numbers on labels to make it seem less threatening but those numbers hide a real danger. You may be able to tell that I feel quite passionate about this topic too.

    The journal page looks great!

  18. I understand you fascination with Bones. I've been a long-time reader of the Cathy Reich books that the series was based on.

    I will recommend to you "Animal Factory" by David Kirby. He talks about just the issues you mention and the results of these huge farms on the ecology.
    Hope all is well with you Dear Janet

  19. Not a lover of skulls this piece of art commands attention, appropriate for this post. Expressing your passion takes courage!! You have a forum to inform and affect others, good for you.

    I like to shop in a close proximity of my home. We have several produce markets that grow their own veggies. In the winter we are vulnerable to imports.
    Having been in the grocery industry I make a point of shopping the perimeter of the store, as the interior carries the most processed food.

    In Canada we have strict marketing boards and stringent laws surrounding many of our foods, dairy, meat and produce in particular! Sadly it's not enough...I've heard cancer patients advised to shop in there zone during treatment! This is a huge issue....thanks for sharing....I'll watch for that program!

    Hugs Giggles

  20. Your rant is well-founded. It's horrifying isn't it. Here in the UK growing genetically modified food is pretty much banned after many protests, including the destruction of such crops.
    The over-riding problem is the exponentially increasing human population. Food is going to become the nest big issue after climate change unless we start to see that bigger picture. It's both the cause and the solution.

  21. oh lord, don;t get me started on the food dilemma either !!!!!


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