Sunday, April 18, 2010

Food and Bones....

I have a new journal page to show you but first I'd like to bring your attention to something I feel is important to each and every one of us....our food! I mentioned this before but if you haven't already seen the movie Food Inc then check your local PBS channel because they are showing it next week. This is a movie that EVERYONE needs to see, and then we all need to start doing our part to change how our food is messed with and controlled by big corporate companies that don't have our health in mind!

Check out this website to learn about genetically modified food and why it's bad for us. I don't normally get on my soapbox here at my blog but I feel this is something monumentally important to each one of us. We can't live without food and if big corporate America is in control of our food what do you think that means for us??

Why are people so easily swayed to get behind other movements but so lackadaisical about something that is so important to our health?? People, our food is full of chemicals and very little nutrients and it's killing us! If we don't stand up and fight against this we will be giving these big companies the go ahead to go even farther with their experiments....and we're the guinea pigs!! Please, please, please learn about what has happened to the food industry. You'll be shocked. Here is another link that tells about some of the food additives that need to be avoided. There's all kinds of information out there so start thinking about what you're putting into your body! Let's put a stop to this insanity and get back to wholesome, real food.


Changing gears's a little art for you. Recently Krissie had mentioned she hadn't been doing much art and was going to "pioneer the art of the blank page!" I agreed that I was in the same place with my art. Yesterday afternoon I went up to the studio and was sorting through some stuff when I came across a journal that I worked in last year. There are several pages that just have backgrounds on them so I decided to try and use one of them.

I picked one that just had some scrapbooking papers layered on and nothing else. I looked over at the corner of my table and there were some small squares I had punched out for something that never got made (how rare!) I just glued them down without thinking. Then I opened a drawer where I keep magazine images, and without looking reached in and pulled out the red image I used here! I used an "X" to stamp in the eye area. It must have been magic because it all works together and I now have a finished page....unless I decide to add some words later....which I might.

If I write something on this page it will probably be about Bones! I recently "discovered" this series on TNT in reruns and it also airs on Fox. I don't especially like the gruesome parts of the show and usually turn my head but I absolutely LOVE the characters! I record all the reruns each day plus the new one weekly and then watch them whenever there's nothing else I want to see on TV (which is most of the time!)

Ok....that's all I have today. Our weather has been beautiful so I think I'll spend some time outside today. Whatever you do, have some fun!