Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Fun Find and Some More Scrappy Art....

Last week HB and I were at the library and I slipped into the book store to have a quick look around. I just can't help myself! I'm like a drug addict in search of a fix! Well, I'm sure glad I took some time because I found a wonderful little book....looks almost brand new....and it was 50 cents! Take a peek with me at "Sabine's Notebook" by Nick Bantock....

I have another book by this author. It's called "Urgent 2nd Class" and it's all about collage and ephemera.

This envelope holds a letter....the book is described as an imaginary correspondence between Griffin and Sabine.

The page above is the front and back of a postcard.

This envelope holds a red greeting card.

This envelope has another letter and the other page shows the front of a postcard.

This envelope is made from some beautiful patterned paper and the letter inside has a painting of a lionfish on the header.

This entire book is just fascinating. All the envelopes still contain the letters and cards and they don't even look as if they've been read. The art work is incredible. I thought it was quite a find! Our library bookstore always seems to have something good either for cutting up for collages or for inspiration.


Now here's a couple more scrap collages I did....

The above is a two-sided piece....one is the front and the other the back. And here is another one....

These are quick and fun to do and they use up scraps that would otherwise get tossed in the trash. One of these days I hope I'll get inspired to do some more painting but until then I'm enjoying cutting, tearing, and gluing. It's therapeutic!

We've been having fantastic weather but today a front is moving in and by tomorrow it will be very chilly again. Spring this year has been fairly cool here....but I'm enjoying it. I know that hot stuff is on its way!


  1. Oh how cool! Nick Bantock is one of my all-time favorite illustrators and writers! Somewhere around here, I have his whole Griffin & Sabine series, and the Egyptian Jukebox too. (yes we have that many books - we can't find them right away - we need the dewey decimal system or something...guess we're book addicts too, lol)
    Love the collages! And the cooler weather. Better for gardening!

  2. You lucky girl. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nick Bantock. I have several of his books.

  3. fun stuff! Sometimes quick and scrappy is exactly what our soul needs to be nourished by our creativity!

  4. That was a real find--a Nick Bantock for 50 cents! And I know what you mean about just collaging papers--it's like sitting down and putting a puzzle together.

  5. I'm having deadline playing -- a friend is moving and we're having a bash for her Sunday and we each have to make a 6x6 collage! Your work always inspires me!

    Nick Bantock and the Griffin & Sabine books are amongst my very favorites. I revisit them often -- how wonderful to find this at such a bargain price! I remember the first time I saw his books, I was entranced, like someone discovering something very special for the first time. He really introduced me to a new way of collage. (I have his 2nd class book, too!)

  6. What a great book. I love Nick Bantock.

    I also love your collages, they are so bright and cheerful. They make me smile.

  7. I have never heard of Nick Bantock and now I will have to search him out. The book looks wonderful. Love your scrappy art also.

  8. Janet you have a way with those cards, how all the images fit together and look great,

  9. That book looks very inspiring. Lucky you for finding it at such a good prize!
    Your collages are fun. I was wondering what you do with them after. I don't know if you read Artsyville's blog but here are two things she made with such collages:



  10. Janet,

    Your collages are great. I have read all the Griffin and Sabine books and they are wonderful. Enjoy it.

  11. I like your scrappy art pages. Nick Bantock is great!

  12. This book is a wonderful find, I have never seen anything like this.They say you learn something everyday...and now I know about this series.
    I love your scrap collages, I could look at them forever, so much to see in each one. You are so clever Janet, I am amazed at your art. Just when I think you have found one direction, I see other sides that I love too.
    Bog Hugs, Mary
    I am lost right now in the past!!!

  13. Sabines Notebook reminds me of a book i bought my daughter when she was little.. it had little letters and stuff tucked into envelopes... cannot remember the title though.. she did love it!

  14. From one book adddict to another, I understand... :-)
    Awesome collage work, too! Thanks for the eye candy!

  15. I looove this book! I remember I got nuts when I first put my hands on it. It's a forever book...

    Needless to say how I loved your collages, Janet!

    Kisses and love from us.


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