Thursday, April 08, 2010

Getting Arboreal Part III

Last year Julie Pritchard started something called "Getting Arboreal" where you post a photo of a tree several times to show how it looks through the seasons. I love trees and this was such a fun project. We're down to the last photo so here are all of mine together.

August 25, 2009....

November 8, 2009....

And here is that same tree today....

It's just starting to get some leaves on it but it's hard to see them as there are so many other trees and shrubs around it.

I had to include this photo, too just to show you the color you missed! This was taken just a week or so after the November photo above and you can see how much more color it has in the autumn. I love this tree plus it provides lots of summer shade and autumn color....and the birds love it, too!

Thanks, Julie! This was a fun project and I hope we do another one like this.


Wearing: jeans and a long-sleeved v-neck tee shirt (this will probably not change much!)
Listening: to a lawnmower in one of the neighbor's yards
Reading: still reading "Absolute Scandal"
Spent: not nearly enough time in the studio lately
Dinner: salmon burgers tonight
Watching: the apple trees burst into blossom in the back yard
Art: see "spent" above for explanation! I hope to get something artsy done today.


  1. I love this idea. Only, I'd never remember!!!

  2. This would have been fun. There's this REALLY big tree that's in my neighbor's yard, and when I sit at my kitchen table--I tend to look at it with the change of the seasons--like right now, it's starting to bud. I hope they never cut it down--it's like an old friend :)

  3. Great Ideal. I too love trees. In Alabama we got rain and now everything looks like hundreds of different shades of green.

  4. Fun post to see the changes that the tree went through.

  5. I did my tree in the front garden in the seasons just for the heck of it...Lots of trees in southern California do not shed their monster tree did and does...peace..

  6. I've really loved watching all of the trees in the collaboration, Janet- and yours is no exception. I think we will play along again next year..with slight changes to the schedule to be able to capture more of those seasonal shots.. Your tree is lovely! Thank you so much, Janet!

  7. I'm going to post in the tree I saw at the botanical gardens in melb today thanks to your idea... enjoying your daily snippets! hmm... salmon sounds lovely.

  8. How cool to see your tree throughout the seasons. It looks so colorful in the fall - they change so subtly, but it's amazing what a difference, just a week or two can make in how they look.
    Our apple tree blossoms are already turning into fruit - ours start blooming really early and are ready to pick super early too (mid-summer), compared to most apples. I wish the blossom time would last a little longer - I love seeing and smelling them.
    Happy apple blossom time!

  9. your tree is great, wow so big. I love the snippets, fun arent they,

  10. So wonderful to see these varied shots of your tree and so glad you took that "unauthorized" picture of your tree in her autumn glory!

  11. Your trees are blossoming?
    Mine are heavy with fruit (not yet ripe).

  12. what beautiful colour in that last photo! I love to watch the progress of trees throughout the seasons..
    what kind of tree is it?

  13. Beautiful tree, over the seasons. I should have done that with our little, now HUGE oak over the years. I've been away so have missed your last few posts. Need to catch up. Hope things are looking up for your son.

  14. Oh what a lovely idea! These pictures are all really beautiful. We have a Coral tree in our front yard that blooms coral flowers in the pring, turns really green, then drops all the leaves completely in the winter. It will be fun to do this project.

    I hope you're having a wonderful week Janet.

    Take care,

  15. Janet - love seeing your tree evolve just like mine did. AND, same thing right now - for your tree and mine - the buds are hard to see. I am giggling since I saw you added a beautiful fall photo - I added my tree in her wintry snowy gown. It was such a fun project! Love your tree.

  16. I'm so glad you included that picture of your tree in FULL COLOR. OMG it's beautiful. I had to laugh when I read your blog. I'm still cleaning out my old fiber studio, in the house and as soon as I am done I'll paint it and then it will be an office space for us. lol We did the garage, last fall when I moved my art studio out of there. HUGE mess to move all my crap but it looks so big now and DH is so much happier to have his garage back.
    Stop by again and thanks for checking out my tree photos. :)Bea

  17. What a great idea. I'll try to do that and remember for next year!

  18. Oh, I'm so glad you shared an extra photo so we can all appreciate that stunning fall color!


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